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Duey, Kathleen. Skin hunger.

DUEY, Kathleen. Skin hunger. (A Resurrection of Magic, Book One.) Simon & Schuster. 357p. c2007. 0-689-84093-4. $17.99. SA

Sadima has always been able to understand animals. In her brother's eyes, that makes her crazy. In her father's eyes ... well, she has been too terrified to tell her father, since the only "magician" he has ever seen is the one who killed her mother--while she was giving birth to Sadima--and robbed them blind. Then, a young man named Franklin appears. He not only understands Sadima, but also offers her the guidance of a burgeoning scholar, Somiss, who is working to resurrect real magic in the world. When Sadima's father dies, she follows after the man, determined to discover her talent (and she is a little bit in love). Hahp has never cared for his father, and now the dislike has turned to hatred. A rich merchant who abuses his wife, Hahp's father has decided to rid himself of his second son altogether by shipping him off to be trained as a magician. Not much is known about the wizard school, except that it is hidden deep within a maze of caves and few who enter its doors ever graduate ... or live. As Hahp begins lessons with the kindhearted, ancient Franklin and terrifying, white-haired Somiss, he is forced to examine his humanity, his motives, and, surprisingly, his remarkable talent.

Duey's narrative alternates between Sadima and Hahp, who live an unnamed number of years apart but whose fates are ruled by the same two men, albeit in different stages of their lives and powers. Both tales are compelling enough to have been novels in their own right, and Duey's magical combination will appeal to nearly any semi-advanced audience. The one disappointment in the book is its cliffhanger ending, which assures that readers will be anticipating the clearly foretold sequel, but which does not do the narrative justice in its own right. Cara Chancellor, Hollywood, FL

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Author:Chancellor, Cara
Date:Jul 1, 2007
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