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Dubliner: We're the oldest boy band ever.

THE Dubliners are officially the world's oldest boy band, according to fiddle player John Sheehan.

For John's 40 year career as a fiddle player is all thanks to Boyzone's Shane Lynch...and his grandfather.

John, from Marino in Dublin, explained: "Shane Lynch's grandfather Paddy Lynch used to come down to Marino school when I was a kid there and he used to teach us the fiddle.

"He would come down to Marino with his fiddle every Sunday morning and teach us in the band.

"So there's a quare one for you now, a little known fact.

"We were possibly the first Irish boyband.

"We did an Austrian tour there in September and for a slogan on our posters they said, 'The oldest boyband in the world' and I suppose we are in a way."

The Dubliners have been part of the Irish music scene for the past 40 years and are still going strong touring throughout the world.

John said: "When we started off, Irish music was looked down on and if you were interested in it you were regarded as a bit of a square.

"But bands like the Chieftans have helped to popularise traditional Irish music and it's very much part of the Irish music scene.

"It's very popular all over Europe. Most of our work nowadays is around Europe.

But with a greatest hits album on release now can we expect the Dubliners to retire to the golf course?

John said: "Even if I did retire, I will still be playing the fiddle at home, because it's part of my life, my blood.

"And the Dubliners are 40 years together next year, which I think has to be a record.

"There aren't too many around that were starting off with ourselves in the early 60s.

"The Rolling Stones maybe, but they haven't rolled as much as we have.

"They've rolled in more cash, but we've done more rolling I think."


ROCK'N'REEL: The Dubliners
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Nov 18, 2001
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