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Dublin brothel cameras spark blackmail fears.

A gangland sex plot to blackmail some of Ireland's top citizens has been exposed.

Up to 100 people were caught on camera having sex with hookers at three Dublin massage parlours.

And among those filmed with their pants down were several politicians and celebrities.

The brothels were partly owned by runaway criminal John Traynor - the gangster who has denied involvement in the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin.

The girls there offer oral sex for pounds 45 and full intercourse for pounds 60.

The video cameras were installed on his orders after staff revealed some of the influential names on their books.

Traynor ordered all bonking sessions be filmed in case he ever needed "a favour" from the clients involved.

But the prostitutes kept the cameras secret and nobody who went to the sex dens knew they were being taped.

But now the tapes have gone missing.

Detectives are desperate to find them in case Traynor and his associates pass them on to other criminals.

A Gardai source said: "We have established that sex sessions at the brothels were filmed.

"A number of girls have spilled the beans.

"We know John Traynor masterminded it. He was hoping to blackmail some of the clients.

"Politicians did frequent these premises."

Traynor is now in hiding on the Costa Del Sol in Spain.

The Gardai are anxious to talk to him about Veronica Guerin's murder and the potential brothel blackmail scandal.

Traynor fears the IRA are out to kill him because of his association with Dublin's biggest drug cartel.

The Gardai source added: "We believe these tapes were made to try and blackmail certain people.

"Obviously, the people caught on camera are too embarrassed to talk.

"The last thing we need is for pillars of Irish society to be blackmailed.

"We would like Mr Traynor when he returns home to tell us where these tapes are."
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Author:Kierans, John
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 27, 1996
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