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Dubel, I.; Vintges, K. (Eds.). 2007. Women, Feminism and Fundamentalism.

Dubel, I.; Vintges, K. (Eds.). 2007. Women, Feminism and Fundamentalism. Amsterdam, the Netherlands: SWP Publishers. Translated from Dutch into English by HIVOS. 160p. See: www. Tel.: +31 0 20 33007200.


Featuring authors who argue that a struggle for women's rights is possible within non-secular contexts, Women, Feminism and Fundamentalism is divided into three sections: "Concepts and theories," wherein articles reflect on the relationship between fundamentalism and feminism in religious contexts; "Islamic feminism," which provides a link between theory and practice; and "Strategies." The latter chapter includes articles comparing strategies of feminists working for women's rights within Iran vis-a-vis those of secular feminists in the diaspora, striving for women's liberation in a religious idiom in Latin America, global cooperation of feminists of different religions, and the diversity of feminist strategies as practiced by members of Women Living Under Muslim Laws.
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Publication:Arrows For Change
Date:May 1, 2008
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