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Dubai incubator shortage needs to be addressed.

The shortage of incubators for prematurely born babies, or preemies as they are called, across hospitals in Dubai is placing severe stress on all stakeholders -- parents, hospitals and the health authorities. For instance, the Dubai Health Authority has projected a shortfall of nearly 100 incubators across Dubai by 2015, a matter of concern for many parents on the verge of starting a family. As experts point out, it is hard to predict if a baby will be born prematurely and when the unexpected happens, the availability of an incubator is critical to the newborn's well-being.

While government hospitals in Dubai are working hard to stay ahead of the shortage, it is equally necessary that private hospitals invest more in the number of Neonatal Intensive Care Units or incubators. This is important as the number of preemies is on the rise. Another issue that needs equal attention is the exorbitant sum of money it costs parents to keep their baby in an incubator. Many of them find it beyond their means. If hospitals could find ways to reduce the financial burden on such couples, it would greatly benefit them as they cope with one of the most trying periods in their lives.

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Publication:Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)
Geographic Code:7UNIT
Date:May 5, 2014
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