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Dual injection molding press. (Equipment).

Dual injection machines for molders requiring sequential or simultaneous injection of two materials are offered by this manufacturer of injection presses for rubber, liquid silicone, thermoplastic elastomers and other compounds. Molders of electrical, automotive, appliance and aerospace parts will benefit from these dual injection machines, as they can run these high-production presses efficiently and for greater per-part profitability, according to the company. Conductive and semi-conductive insulator materials, even a rubber and TPE compound, can be co-molded in a single operation, owing to the dual and independent injection units on-board these presses. Secondary assembly can be virtually eliminated and, in many parts, a lower-cost material can be used in a non-dynamic section of the part, according to tire company. Bi-compound hoses, engine mounts and various electrical insulators are examples where the company's dual injection machines are said to achieve superior part integrity. Molding can be done in three ways, including two consecutive shots into adjacent cavities, simultaneous or sequential shots into a single cavity, or simultaneous shots into two separate cavities.(Rep)

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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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