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Dual Boot Your Mac with Boot Camp.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Have you switched to OS X from Windows? You'll find there are Mac counterparts to almost all mainstream Windows programs, or Mac apps that can open files created with them. But perhaps you work in a specialist industry and need to use arcane Windows-only software, or you want to play Windows games.

Don't worry! There are a number of ways you can run Windows software on your Mac. These include virtual environments such as Parallels Desktop and Fusion. Or there's Boot Camp.

Boot Camp is a free utility that comes with OS X, and it takes advantage of the fact that Windows PCs and Macs contain the same family of Intel processors.

With Boot Camp, you can choose to start your Mac in either OS X or Windows. Unlike the virtualisation apps just mentioned, which run both operating systems at once and thus affect performance, Boot Camp really makes the most of your hardware.

Note, though, that you'll need your own copy of Windows to install, and Boot Camp supports only 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 - not Windows XP or Windows Vista.

The Boot Camp Assistant helps you through the whole process of putting Windows on your Mac. It enables you to install Windows on your Mac by 'partitioning' the startup disk - that is, creating a separate area that's set aside just for Windows.

Device drivers

To ensure that all your devices work properly under Windows, you'll need to install the right device drivers for your Mac hardware. The Boot Camp Assistant will guide you through downloading everything that's required for your specific Mac hardware - you won't have to download things individually.

You'll need a Windows installation disc as well, but most modern Mac models don't have CD/DVD drives. In this case you can use an ISO image file - in effect, a file which replicates the structure of a real DVD - to create a bootable USB drive in Boot Camp Assistant. When the assistant downloads drivers and additional software, it incorporates them into the image.

Boot Camp Assistant enables you to decide how to divide up your hard drive between Windows and OS X.

Before you install Windows, Boot Camp Assistant resizes your Mac partition. This process may involve moving data to a new position on the disk, so it's a good idea to have a full backup of your data first. Once you have Windows up and running you'll need to install the downloaded device drivers from the disc prepared by the assistant.

Then when you start up your Mac, just hold down EN to display a menu to choose between booting into OS X or Windows.

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Date:Feb 29, 2016
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