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DuPont distributes Aurum thermoplastic polyimide. (Your Business Pricing Update).

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. in Purchase, N.Y., has appointed DuPont Vespel Parts and Shapes to be the exclusive distributor for Mitsui's Aurum thermoplastic polyimide resin in the U.S. and Europe. DuPont's Vespel business, based in Wilmington, Del., will provide distribution and technical support for injection molders using Aurum.

Traditional Vespel parts and shapes are cold-formed and sintered from a thermosetting polyimide. Injection-moldable grades open the door to manufacture parts with greater geometric complexity at lower overall manufacturing costs, DuPont says. Since 2000, DuPont has incorporated Aurum into its injection molded Vespel TP parts and shapes. Tel: (800) 972-7252, vespel
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Comment:DuPont distributes Aurum thermoplastic polyimide. (Your Business Pricing Update).(in US)
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Date:Apr 1, 2003
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