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DuPont PPE excels in energy sector.

DuPont Gulf has said sales of its fire safety products were strongest in the region's oil and gas industry.

"The sector is the most safety conscious and compliant in the use of personal protective equipment," said Amr Al Moniem, general manager. "The oil and gas industry follows one of the highest levels of safety awareness procedures along with strict abidance of regulations - DuPont products are quite widespread in the GCC while DuPont Nomex in particular is highly popular in the oil and gas sector."

Al Moniem: region more safety conscious than ever before

A flame-resistant fabric, DuPont Nomex was the top-selling fire-safety product in the region in 2014. The fabric's unique structure is made up of aromatic rings and conjugated amide bonds and blended with DuPont Kevlar - a para-aramid synthetic fibre - to offer additional strength. Its popularity is attributed to superior thermal insulation, durability and freedom of movement.

The fabric is 40 per cent lighter than other flame-retardant-treated (FRT) cotton garments, making it comfortable and convenient for the user. The aramid fibres swell to become thick when exposed to heat, forming a protective barrier on the skin. Its unique dog-bone fibre structure is highly effective in reducing heat. Nomex apparels are reinforced with electrostatic charge dissipative P-140 fibres to quickly dispel static electricity and offer superior anti-static properties.

The company highlights that it lasts five times longer than any cotton-based fabric and does not shrink, fade or wrinkle. Also cited are the garment's inherent protective characteristics which remain unaffected even with age, rough treatment, or repetitive laundering. The company also points out it is 45 per cent cheaper than its cotton counterparts based on average cost per wear.

"DuPont Personal Protective Equipment offers a wide range of proven, science-based solutions to its customers. Our primary customers are firefighters, electricians, and workers from the oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceutical, foundry, and humanitarian sectors," says Al Moniem.

Insulated by DuPont gear against power hazards

The official explained features of some of the personal protective equipment: DuPont Tyvek is most suited for dry particulate hazards. However, it is used in a wide variety of industries for numerous purposes, including protective apparels, printing and packaging, industrial packaging, protective covers, and envelopes, to name a few. DuPont Tychem is ideal for the liquid and gas chemical industry. DuPont Nomex offers protection from thermal hazards and DuPont Kevlar is suitable for protection from cuts and abrasions as well as being a standard material for law enforcement agencies and military organisations because of its ballistic protection properties.


DuPont recently staged a demonstration of its Thermo-Man product in Kuwait, which Al Moniem said could strengthen the company's presence and investments in the GCC area.

The demo centred on the Thermo-Man life-sized instrumented mannequin system, one of the most advanced thermal burn injury evaluation devices. Held at the Kuwait Fire Services Directorate Complex in the presence of a gathering of dignitaries and influential figures, the demo was aimed at providing more safety and protection to the country's oil and gas workers along with those who work in the humanitarian sectors such as fire fighters. The presentation successfully highlighted the ability of the unit to measure second- and third-degree burns and also predict the level, extent and location of potential burns of the whole garment in a simulated flame exposure.

Protective outfit while on a protection mission

After the event, Al Moniem commented: "It is a manifestation of our continuous commitment to provide effective solutions for fire and other occupational hazards in the region through DuPont's innovative technology. Following the success of this demonstration, we look forward to strengthening our presence and investment in the country in order to further secure the working environment for people in the oil and gas field as well as humanitarian workers.

"The presentation aimed to secure the safety and security of personnel working in the humanitarian and economic sectors, especially fire fighters and oil and gas workers. The DuPont Thermo-Man demonstration also provided a burn injury comparison between the flame-resistant protective apparel made of DuPont Nomex with a variety of other flame-resistant garments in order to reflect the difference the quality of material used can make when exposed to an open flame.

"As a world leader in industrial safety, DuPont has always kept pace with the rapid advancements in modern technology in order to provide optimum safety and protection to workers, especially those who operate in hazardous environments such as fire fighters and petroleum workmen."

The highly advanced unit has been used by many industries all over the world.

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