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Du Pont initiates closed loop 'Sontara' wipe delivery.

Du Pont Initiates Closed Loop |Sontara' Wipe Delivery

Du Pont's "Sontara" nonwovens unit has developed a unique closed loop system to assist its customers in dealing with the environmental concerns surrounding its spunlaced wipes. The hazardous materials that Sontara wipes clean up so well make the wipes themselves difficult to dispose of at times.

"The very fact that Sontara industrial wipes absorb solvents and other chemicals means that the used wipes, in many cases, must be disposed of according to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines," said Du Pont's Bruce Rau, speaking in a recent issue of Du Pont magazine (September/October 1991). "Properly disposing of chemical-soaked wipes can be an expensive and often complex proposition."

The process devised by Mr. Rau and his absorbent products group follows this path: Sontara wipes will be shipped to customers in plastic barrels that have been molded from recycled resins from various Du Pont facilities. Once in a customer's plant, the wipes will be removed from the barrel, which then becomes the disposal receptacle for used wipes. When the barrel is full, the customer will call Du Pont to request a pick up. A Du Pont truck will collect the full barrel and deliver it to one of several approved incinerator sites. There the barrel won't even be opened; both it and the wipes will go right into the incinerator.

Mr. Rau estimated this new disposal service will be offered for about half the cost customers are now paying for wipe disposal. "The introduction of this service reflects our entire approach to the disposable wiper business. From manufacture to disposal, we're doing it all," he boasts.
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Date:Nov 1, 1991
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