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Du Pont Antron Legacy introduced.

At a press conference in New York City on February 20, Du Pont announced a new nylon fiber, Du Pont Antron [R] Legacy, that sets a higher standard of appearance retention for the largest range of commercial carpets.

In his presentation, Grant Hawgood, business manager - Commercial, Du Pont Flooring Systems, began by saying that the company's fiber business was "committed to partnerships that build a better world."

Du Pont Antrono [R] Legacy and Antron [R] Lumena, introduced in 1989, constitute the company's premium offering of nylon commercial carpet fibers. Technologies such as 6,6 nylon polymer and proprietary fiber engineering, and DuraTech [R], a patented soil-resistant chemistry (mill-applied, but supplied by Du Pont), give the Antron [R] Legacy fiber superior soil resistance, stain resistance, and a new standard of appearance retention. In addition, the company certifies that every style of Antrono [R] Legacy meets exact carpet construction and performance standards, carrying a 10-year abrasive wear warranty and lifetime anti-static protection.

Du Pont publicly introduced the Antron [R] Legacy product to the market during Westweek '91, held March 20 through 22 in Los Angeles. The product is available now, and designers can choose from over 600 styles from leading mills, more than all other nylon commercial carpet brands combined.

- Holly Sraeel, Senior Editor

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Title Annotation:E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Inc.'s nylon commercial carpet fiber
Author:Sraeel, Holly
Article Type:column
Date:Apr 1, 1991
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