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Drying of Loose and Particulate Materials.

DRYING of LOOSE and PARTICULATE MATERIALS by R B Keey. 504 pages with indexes. Price; 107.00 [pounds]. (UK: Taylor and Francis Ltd)

Book literature on drying technology is not that great but there has been increased attention given to this whole area in recent times. The interest has been stimulated by high energy costs and the need for tighter product specifications and the need to reduce emissions from process plants. However, there is now a biennial symposia on this subject, a specialist journal and a review series of publications, all in this particular field.

Having said that, it follows there is difficulty in assimilating all this information. So, this book is a rather a personal review of the recent literature on drying particulate and loose solids under commercial conditions. Although the book is not a design handbook as such, the text should provide the basis for fundamental design improvements. It provides a structured guide to the principles of industrial drying together with references for further reading. As readers will appreciate, there is now a better understanding of the thermodynamics of drying hygroscopic materials and the evaporation of multi-component mixtures from porous bodies. As a result better process descriptions can now be made, and many of these are made in this text.

The actual chapters have been entitled: Introduction; Particle properties; Moisture in particulate solids; Handling of feedstocks; Effects of drying; Moisture in gases; Heat transfer to particles; Kinetics of drying; Material and energy requirements in drying; Design and specification of a dryer; Process conditions in progressive dryers; Process conditions in non progressive dryers; Hazards in drying; Control of dryers; and Product collection and delivery. There follow an appendix and subject and author indexes.
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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