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Dry cargo/ammunition ships--T-AKE description.

USNS Amelia Earhart (T-AKE 6), part of the new Combat Logistics Force (CLF), is an underway replenishment vessel. The T-AKE Program calls for up to 12 ships and has a budget of approximately $4B. The program resides within the Navy's Program Executive Office, Expeditionary Warfare--Support Ships Boats and Craft Program Office (PE0 EXW/PMS 325).


As an auxiliary support ship, T-AKE will directly contribute to the Navy's forward presence. As its primary mission, the T-AKE will provide logistic lift from sources of supply such as friendly ports or at sea from specially equipped merchant ships by consolidation and will transfer cargo (ammunition, food, limited quantities of fuel, repair parts, ship store items, and expendable supplies and material) at sea to station ships and other naval warfare forces. In its secondary mission, the T-AKE may be required to operate as a substitute station ship to provide direct logistics support to the ships within a Carrier Battle Group.


The primary goal of the T-AKE program is to provide effective fleet underway replenishment capability at the lowest life cycle cost. To meet that goal, the ships will be designed and constructed to commercial specifications and standards and certified by the American Bureau of Shipping, the US Coast Guard, and other regulatory bodies. The new ships will be operated by MSC, and are being built in San Diego by General Dynamics National Steel and Shipbuilding Company.

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