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A Lobster Tale. Fletcher, Paul Nov 16, 2018 506
The Mellanby Effect: Why Impaired Individuals Should Not Be Allowed to Be Behind the Wheel. Norman, Miriam Nov 1, 2018 1379
COA: Taxi company not liable for passenger's death. Dryden, Lee Oct 16, 2018 790
No intoxication defense outside of insanity'. Vieth, Peter Sep 18, 2018 922
4th Cir.: Habitual drunkard interdiction laws upheld. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 17, 2018 1343
American Greed: The Eleventh Circuit Analyzes Whether Booze, Babes, and Business Can Tightrope the Line Between Fraud and Deceit. Lee, Raymond Jun 22, 2018 9607
Asiri Doz Siklopentolat Oftalmik Solusyon Uygulamasina Bagli Pediyatrik Intoksikasyon Olgusu/A Case of Pediatric Intoxication Due to Overdose Cylopentolate Ophthalmic Solution Application. Unlu, Canan; Sen, Betul; Devrim, Sibel; Ozturk, Ibrahim; Oner, Esin; Ustun, Yagmur; Celik, Melek Gur Report Aug 1, 2017 1785
Immediate Effect of Alcohol on Voice Tremor Parameters and Speech Motor Control. Krishnan, Gayathri; Ghosh, Vipin P.G. Report Aug 1, 2017 4198
Evaluation of intoxicated patients hospitalized in a newly-opened level two pediatric intensive care unit. Gungorer, Vildan; Yildirim, Nurdan Kokten Report Mar 1, 2016 3623
Resisting tracing's siren song. Agule, Craig K. Jan 1, 2016 11628
Remembering disputed sexual encounters: a new frontier for witness memory research. Davis, Deborah; Loftus, Elizabeth F. Dec 22, 2015 17142
Embodied subjectivities: bodily subjectivity and changing boundaries in post-human alcohol practices. Poulsen, Merete Mar 22, 2015 9626
Mojo rising--evaluation and treatment for synthetic marijuana intoxication. Greene, William; Kinzie, Erik Clinical report Jan 1, 2015 815
The poetics of the "charmed cup" in Felicia Hemans and Letitia Elizabeth Landon. An, Young-ok Essay Jun 22, 2014 9341
Daviault dialogue: the strange journey of Canada's intoxication defence. Baker, Dennis J.; Knopff, Rainer Jun 1, 2014 10539
Case report on lithium intoxication with normal lithium blood levels. Peng, Jing Clinical report Apr 1, 2014 1099
Regime to hang man for a drunken insult. Feb 28, 2014 519
Elements of the b cell signalosome are differentially affected by mercury intoxication. Gill, Randall F.; McCabe, Michael J.; Rosenspire, Allen J. Report Jan 1, 2014 6321
Amlodipine intoxication: a different presentation of overdose of a commonly prescribed anti-hypertensive. Shivakumar, B.R.; Hareesh, R.; Agte, Akshay Case study Dec 16, 2013 1676
Methamphetamine intoxication in emergency departments of hospitals in Iran: implications for treatment. Mehrjerdi, Zahra Alam; Noroozi, Alireza Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2013 810
Sobering-up centres risky. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 263
A child with bradycardia and hypotension related to mad honey intoxication/Deli bal zehirlenmesine bagli bradikardi ve hipotansiyon gelisen cocuk olgusu. Uzun, Hakan; Sari, Ilyas; Gunes, Cemalettin; Kocabay, Kenan; Senses, Dursun Ali; Kandis, Hayati Clinical report Mar 1, 2013 1029
A case with theophylline intoxication/Bir olgu nedeniyle teofilin zehirlenmesi. Sal, Ertan; Kaya, Avni; Temel, Hayrettin; Basaranoglu, Murat; Caksen, Huseyin Clinical report Mar 1, 2013 1114
AGFC vice chair Rick Watkins arrested. Brief article Jan 28, 2013 121
Intoxication by intraperitoneal injection or oral gavage equally potentiates postburn organ damage and inflammation. Chen, Michael M.; Palmer, Jessica L.; Ippolito, Jill A.; Curtis, Brenda J.; Choudhry, Mashkoor A.; K Report Jan 1, 2013 5772
"Problematic intoxications": conceptualizing "abuse" of illicit drugs in postwar social treatment legislation in Finland. Stenius, Kerstin Sep 22, 2012 8462
Deena Cortese Arrested: 'Jersey Shore' Star Released From Jail After 'Appearing Intoxicated' and 'Slapping Cars'. Brief article Jun 11, 2012 270
Multi-organ failure following severe cocaine-tetramisole intoxication in a body-packer. Giuliani, E.; Albertini, G.; Vaccari, C.; Manenti, A.; Barbieri, A. Clinical report May 1, 2012 818
Superwarfarin intoxication: two case reports and review of pathophysiology and patient management. Watson, Kaylin S.; Mills, Glenn M.; Burton, Gary V. Case study Mar 1, 2012 1907
A patient with clove oil intoxication. Dyrbye, B.A.; Dubois, L.; Vink, R.; Horn, J. Case study Mar 1, 2012 880
Rats given boozing superpowers: drug makes rodents resistant to intoxication, aftereffects. Sanders, Laura Feb 11, 2012 499
Has the boozing Finn been tamed? Changes in the relationships between drinking, intoxication, and alcohol-related harm when turning from a spirits-drinking country to a beer-drinking country. Makela, Pia Dec 22, 2011 5474
Is spirits really the most harmful alcoholic beverage? Evidence from a recent alcohol survey in Sweden. Ramstedt, Mats; Boman, Ulrika Dec 22, 2011 5604
Heaviest drinking locations and the most drunk there predict the likelihood of fighting and being assaulted. Greenfield, Thomas K.; Ye, Yu; Nayak, Madhabika B.; Bond, Jason; Kerr, William C.; Trocki, Karen Jun 22, 2011 7159
Blood metal analysis to define acute vs chronic toxicity. Blaurock-Busch, E. Report Jun 1, 2011 2231
Does caffeine promote sobriety? Dec 22, 2010 256
Raced and gendered reactions to the deviance of drunkenness: a sociological analysis of race and gender disparities in alcohol use. Peralta, Robert L. Sep 22, 2010 10988
Job action: steps taken to remove liquor chief. Jul 2, 2010 363
His father. Doyle, Brian Essay Jun 1, 2010 653
Infrequently-asked questions. Teal, Adrian Brief article Dec 1, 2009 106
What do you do with a drunken DAPA? Sep 22, 2009 579
Underage, intoxicated fans served alcohol at sports events, study finds. Currie, Donya Brief article Nov 1, 2008 245
A curious case study: toxins should always be a suspect. McNamara, Damian Case study May 1, 2008 786
Beta-blocker treatment in an adolescent with amitriptyline intoxication / Amitriptilin zehirlenmesi tanisi alan bir adolesanda beta-bloker tedavisi. Baysal, Tamer; Oran, Bulent; Dogan, Mustafa; Cimen, Derya; Elmas, Sefika; Karaaslan, Sevim Case study Sep 1, 2007 1229
Alcohol consumption patterns of two cohorts of Italian men today and at their moment of maximum consumption. Guidoni, Odillo Vidoni Jun 22, 2007 3442
Consumption patterns of alcoholic beverages in two cohorts of Italian men. Scarscelli, Daniele Jun 22, 2007 7067
Crimes attributable to alcohol exact heavy price. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 212
Alcohol and Islam: an overview. Michalak, Laurence; Trocki, Karen Dec 22, 2006 13183
The attribution of responsibility in acquaintance rape involving ecstasy. Castello, Jennifer; Coomer, Christina; Stillwell, Jamie; Cate, Kelly Leach Dec 1, 2006 3653
Spectacles of sociability and drunkenness: on alcohol and drinking in Japan. Partanen, Juha Jun 22, 2006 8520
The ambiguous excuse: attributing violence to intoxication - young Swedes about the excuse value of alcohol. Tryggvesson, Kalle Jun 22, 2004 10023
Preventing phenytoin intoxication: safer use of a familiar anticonvulsant. Glick, Thomas H.; Workman, Tom P.; Gaufberg, Slava V. Mar 1, 2004 2793
Suspected moonflower intoxication--Ohio, 2002. Goetz, R; Siegel, E; Scaglione, J; Belson, M; Patel, M Aug 22, 2003 1087
Connecticut police find .08 has negligible impact. Feb 10, 2003 378
New York senate votes to mote to .08 BAC. Dec 30, 2002 146
Too drunk to be guilty. (On First Reading). Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 216
Between culture and nature: intoxication in cultural studies of alcohol and drug use. Sulkunen, Pekka Jun 22, 2002 6747
Intoxication and rite of passage to adulthood in Norway. Sande, Allan Jun 22, 2002 8174
A seamless continuum of services for those in need. (CT Feature). Vaults, Lawrence Apr 1, 2002 3000
From sin to disease: differences and similarities between past and current conceptions of chronic drunkenness. Ferentzy, Peter Sep 22, 2001 9261
Louisiana legislature passes .08 BAC. Brief Article Jun 25, 2001 411
Preventive interventions for on-premise drinking: a promising but underresearched area of prevention. Graham, Kathryn Sep 22, 2000 17914
Monarch Airlines flight diverted after 'air rage' incident. Brief Article May 3, 2000 112
U.S. Appeals Court: FALSE IMPRISONMENT FALSE ARRST. Brief Article May 1, 2000 150
Senate votes for tough nat'l BAC standards. Mar 16, 1998 701
Implicit redefinitions, evidentiary proscriptions, and guilty minds: intoxicated wrongdoers. Sweitzer, Brett G. Case Note Nov 1, 1997 23756
Foreword: Montana v. Egelhoff - reflections on the limits of legislative imagination and judicial authority. Allen, Ronald J. Mar 22, 1997 26489
Just say no excuse: the rise and fall of the intoxication defense. Keiter, Mitchell Jan 1, 1997 18791
Self-induced intoxication as a defense in the criminal code of Canada: issues and discussion around Daviault v. R. Bondy, Susan J. Editorial Dec 22, 1996 3475
A summary of public consultation on reform of the Criminal Code of Canada as related to a defense of self-induced intoxication resulting in automatism. Bondy, Susan J. Dec 22, 1996 2876
The intoxication defense in Canada: why women should care. Sheehy, Elizabeth Dec 22, 1996 11548
Intoxicated automatism: legal concept vs. scientific evidence. Kalant, Harold Dec 22, 1996 5341
Drinking, violence, gender and causal attribution: a Canadian case study in science, law and policy. Room, Robin Dec 22, 1996 12071
Self-induced intoxication: balancing principles of justice and responsibility. Onn, Andrea Dec 22, 1996 6140
Alcohol consumption and the liability of offenders in the German criminal system. Fischer, Benedikt; Rehm, Jurgen Dec 22, 1996 7018
The Charter and intoxication: some observations on possible Charter challenges to an Act to Amend the Criminal Cide (Self-Induced Intoxication), 1995, C-72. Shain, Martin Dec 22, 1996 1009
The varied meanings of drinking and intoxication - a review. Paton-Simpson, Grant Jun 22, 1996 13011
Canadian courts accept drunkenness defense in crimes against women. Dilworth, Donald C. Brief Article Feb 1, 1995 440
Defining "drunk" in early modern Germany. Tlusty, Beverly Ann Sep 22, 1994 7978
Do drinkers know when to say when? An empirical analysis of drunk driving. Mullahy, John; Sindelar, Jody L. Jul 1, 1994 6562
'Party Smart' program earns national award from NCADD. Dec 21, 1992 103
Drunken driving: at plague on all our houses. Editorial Nov 18, 1991 558
Getting MADD in vain; drunk driving: what not to do. Ross, H. Laurence; Hughes, Graham Dec 13, 1986 1559

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