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Drunken rugby star in late-night city attack.

Byline: Steven Impey

WALES and Ospreys rugby star Andrew Bishop punched a man after being found slumped drunk in a doorway, a court heard yesterday.

Bishop said he was determined to conduct his life with "integrity" after pleading guilty to the assault in the city centre.

The 16-times capped international was ordered to pay PS465 for the incident and a further PS500 compensation to his victim by Cardiff magistrates.

Bishop, 27, of Cadwgan Court, Treorchy, was on a night out with Ospreys teammates, the court heard.

He had drunk five or six pints of beer and several vodka red bulls while at Peppermint Bar and Soda Bar on Mill Lane.

He was seen by a friend of Mr Hornsey sitting in a doorway on Mill Lane about 2.50am with his head slumped against his shoulder.

Friend Arran Harris approached Bishop because he was "concerned for his wellbeing", Stuart Hutton, defending, told the court.

He told Bishop to wake before kicking him in the foot.

Bishop then rose to his feet and called to Mr Harris, telling him to "come here".

Mr Hornsey intervened as a fracas broke out.

Bishop then turned his attention to Mr Hornsey, punching him, cutting his lip and ripping his shirt.

Police were called but Bishop denied he was involved in a fight.

When questioned at the police station, CCTV showed he had been involved in the altercation - although Bishop claimed he had no recollection of it because he had been "intoxicated" at the time.

He said he was "embarrassed and ashamed".

Bishop was given credit for positive references provided by his employer the Opsreys and teammate Ryan Jones, who described him as a "disciplined and exemplary" rugby player who had "not once acted aggressively".

The court was also told how Bishop habitually tried to defuse incidents on the field of play for the Ospreys and walked away from confrontation.

The court also heard that Bishop had received just one yellow card - for being offside - despite playing top-flight rugby for the Ospreys for eight years.

Following proceedings, Bishop said: "What happened does not represent the person I am and I endeavour to conduct my life with integrity and stand by the values that are important."

Bishop was also ordered to pay PS85 court costs and a PS15 victim surcharge.


| Andrew Bishop leaving Cardiff Magistrates' Court and, right, playing for Wales
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
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Date:Sep 28, 2012
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