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Drunken man caused chaos in pub.

A YOB was so drunk police found him kneeling in the street with his shirt off.

Joshua Doi, 25, caused chaos inside a pub, smashing a glass panel with a chair.

Doi had been drinking with his dad and pals when he "flipped and lost the plot" inside Lloyds The Resolution, in Middlesbrough.

Prosecutors told Teesside Magistrates Court: "If it was a score of one to 10 in sobriety, he was a nine."

Bouncers turfed Doi out on June 19, 2016 due to a spat but after calming down, he was later allowed him back in.

Just minutes later he unleashed havoc by throwing the chair and shattering the PS280 panel.

Police offered to let Doi fix the repairs but his caution was withdrawn when he didn't pay up.

He pleaded guilty to a sole count of criminal damage yesterday.

His solicitor claimed the incident was a "one-off" for Doi, who has previous for drug possession as well as drunk and disorderly.

Doi, of Fallows Court, Middlesbrough, was ordered to pay for the damage and an PS85 costs bill.

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jul 4, 2017
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