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Legal Briefing; solicitor Juliet Phillips - James casts her expert eye over a range of legal matters and urges anyone with any questions or problems to come forward for help. Juliet Phillips-James. Jul 31, 2021 445
Drink-driver fell flat on his face. Jul 31, 2021 450
Motorcyclist admitted to cops he had six cans of lager before bike crash; Drink-driver hit car after fishing and boozing session. CARLA TALBOT Jul 31, 2021 363
Drink-driving chef hit with road ban for being four times over the limit; Cops called after restaurant worker crashed into kerb. Jul 30, 2021 554
Aurora woman convicted in crash that killed 5 now in work-release program. John Etheredge Shaw Media Jul 30, 2021 310
Aurora woman convicted in Oswego crash that killed 5 teens enters work-release p. John Etheredge Shaw Media Jul 30, 2021 368
Drug driver ran 11 red lights as he fled police; 70mph VAN HAD ONLY THREE TYRES. LYNDA ROUGHLEY ECHO Correspondent @LIVECHONEWS Jul 29, 2021 635
Drink driver fled from cops at 80mph. THOMAS MOLLOY @MENNEWSDESK Jul 29, 2021 395
Drink driver did 100mph in 40 zone. EMILY COLLIS News Reporter Jul 29, 2021 284
Drink-drive arrest after car overturned and caught fire. Jul 29, 2021 158
Woman is arrested after collision left car hanging; 21-year-old charged with drink-driving after crash in hart street. BRAD GRAY @Brad_Gray_ Jul 28, 2021 187
Mum took rap for NHS worker daughter who flipped car while 5 times the drink-drive limit; Karen Ingram and daughter Paige both claimed the older woman was the driver but officers grew suspicious when the mum told them the police 'Don't do this to her, she works for the NHS'. By, Alahna Kindred Jul 28, 2021 814
Drink driver banned; COURT CASEBOOK. Jul 27, 2021 285
Driver arrested after motorhome flips over; police say suspect was three times drink limit. HELENA VESTY @HelenaVesty Jul 26, 2021 223
Drunken driver's PS50 debt attack. GARETH CRICKMER Reporter Jul 24, 2021 399
Road ban for TV star who was caught four times over the limit; Designer Amabile admits drink-driving after smash. RORY CASSIDY Jul 23, 2021 312
Five-metre drink-driving. Jul 23, 2021 182
Dangerous driver sped towards couple and dogs; HE FORCED COUPLE TO JUMP OUT OF THE WAY IN FOREST. DAVID POWELL Daily Post Reporter Jul 23, 2021 513
Naperville police tops in suburbs in DUI arrests. Russell Lissau Jul 23, 2021 247
Man, 28, took his own life after drink-drive arrest. PHILIP DEWEY Reporter Jul 22, 2021 740
TV star Amabile gets banned for drink-driving; Home guru nearly 4 times over limit. RORY CASSIDY Jul 22, 2021 335
No finish to campaign for safe A38. OLIVIER VERGNAULT @OliVergnault Jul 22, 2021 520
Car crash mum was four times over drink drive limit; she left boozy party with daughter in passenger seat after being 'unsettled by violent incident'. LAUREN WISE ECHO Reporter @Laurenwise Jul 21, 2021 473
Drink-driver was in stolen car when he hit another vehicle. KATIE DICKINSON Jul 21, 2021 456
Drunk driver jailed for crash with kids in back. Jul 20, 2021 301
Drink-driver on CCTV trashing garden display. GARETH CRICKMER Reporter Jul 20, 2021 345
Drink-driver hit car pulling onto the road. Jul 20, 2021 172
Driver who left supermarket with boot open receives ban; BLOOD SAMPLE REFUSAL AFTER INCONCLUSIVE BREATH TEST. Gareth Crickmer Reporter Jul 18, 2021 395
Colourful send-off for Kara; 'she had the biggest heart'. LISA RAND ECHO Reporter @lisarandonline Jul 17, 2021 237
Drink-driver repeatedly rammed car owned by ex's new girlfriend. STEPHEN TOPPING @STETOPPINGMEN Jul 16, 2021 630
Driver charged in Lombard crash:. Jul 16, 2021 408
Drink driver crashed his van after police chase. PHILIP DEWEY Reporter Jul 15, 2021 322
Truck driver drunk on whisky drove wrong way down road. Jul 15, 2021 490
Man over alcohol limit crashed on A1. Jul 15, 2021 188
Drink-driver's police chase crash. Jul 15, 2021 205
1m for family of dad killed by drunk driver; Widow & kids of victim in road smash reach court settlement. SEAN MCCARHTAIGH Jul 15, 2021 541
The following information was obtained from the Marion Police Department. Note t. Jul 14, 2021 1123
Vehicle Inspection Mandatory for Registration & Renewal. Jul 13, 2021 387
Four young pals died in 'huge fireball' car crash. Jul 13, 2021 696
Driver left trail of havoc. Jul 12, 2021 214
Police among three seriously injured after they were mowed down by 'drink-driver'; A woman has been arrested after police say a Renault Megane crashed into the stationary 999 vehicle outside the Black Horse pub in Westgate, Wakefield. By, Lucy Skoulding Jul 12, 2021 347
DUI case of Chinese consul in Gwangju sent to prosecution. Jul 12, 2021 315
Army sergeant drove wrong way down A55; DRINK-DRIVE SOLDIER IS SPARED JAIL. DAVID POWELL Daily Post Reporter Jul 10, 2021 429
There is simply no excuse for anybody drink driving. Jul 10, 2021 153
Don't do anything you will regret, police warn fans; DON'T DRINK-DRIVE ON MONDAY MORNING. ALEX GREEN Jul 10, 2021 549
Rep smashed into van after bottle of prosecco. AMY WALKER Jul 9, 2021 307
Joiner loses his licence and job after drink driving; Motorist got behind the wheel following heavy session the night before. RON MOORE Jul 9, 2021 391
Despair of model hit by car as drink driver fined. JONATHON HILL Reporter Jul 9, 2021 499
I'm under the influence, severely under the influence; DRINK DRIVER'S CRASH CONFESSION TO COPS Police drag woman away after she refuses to leave her hospital bed. EXCLUSIVE BY ALAN MCEWEN Court Reporter Jul 9, 2021 438
Drunk driver ploughed into couple. Jul 8, 2021 375
From July 4, 1995 Jail term[...]; LETTERS FROM THE ARCHIVES BLAST from the past. Jul 8, 2021 304
Drunk lorry driver hit traffic lights; MAN WAS MORE THAN TWICE LEGAL LIMIT. JENNY MOODY News Reporter Jul 8, 2021 524
10,000 drivers have 12 penalty points and are allowed to drive on; LETTERS. Jul 7, 2021 258
Crash driver was banned and over the alcohol limit. COURT REPORTER Jul 7, 2021 605
Woman 'five times drink-drive limit' in custody after crash with Lamborghini; nobody hurt in afternoon cheapside collision. LUKE GREEN @LUKEGREENGT1 Jul 7, 2021 265
Paphos driver found under influence of drink and drugs, injures officer. Gina Agapiou Jul 6, 2021 190
Drunk driver caused car accident, injuring pensioner. Gina Agapiou Jul 6, 2021 174
Lamborghini worth £250,000 wrecked after crash with driver five-times over limit; The Lamborghini Aventador was wiped out after being hit by an Alfa Romeo on the outskirts of Grimsby with the road closed by police. The Alfa Romeo driver was found to have been drink driving. By, Luke Green & Tim Hanlon Jul 6, 2021 330
TEEN FIGHTS FOR HER LIFE AFTER CRASH; Man arrested on suspicion of drink-driving. OWEN EVANS Daily Post Reporter Jul 6, 2021 256
Coke & booze death crash driver is jailed for 7 years; Trawler skipper banned from roads for 11 years. GRANT MCCABE Jul 6, 2021 303
Drink-driver's breath test 'off the scale', court is told. Jul 5, 2021 399
Drink-driver's breath test 'off the scale' in brief. Jul 5, 2021 321
Court: DUI confession doesn't equal conviction. Jul 3, 2021 854
Court: DUI confession doesn't equal conviction Cops: No proof suspect was driving, judge writes. Jul 3, 2021 854
A confession doesn't equal a conviction, appeals court rules in suburban DUI cas. Charles Keeshan and Susan Sarkauskas Jul 3, 2021 876
'Manc Sinatra' crooner in Merc drink-drive ban. DOUGLAS WHITBREAD AND JOHN SCHEERHOUT Jul 2, 2021 385
Drink-drive alert; Experts advise motorists to keep their water levels topped up for safer travels. Giles Blair Jul 2, 2021 573
Boyfriend of KARA's Park Gyu-ri caught drunk driving. Jul 1, 2021 503
Authorities seek Aurora man who missed sentencing on DUI crash. Susan Sarkauskas Jul 1, 2021 191
Drink drive fears when lockdown is finally lifted. LAURA MEHERS & BEN ECCLESTON News Reporters Jul 1, 2021 406
Driving under the influence of prescribed medication: Many prescribed drugs can impair a person's driving, even when they are being taken correctly. Casey, Georgina; Waterworth, Craig Jul 1, 2021 721
Ban for e-scooter rider over drink-drive limit. STUART ABEL @plymouth_live Jun 30, 2021 343
New court date set for alderman charged with DUI. Russell Lissau Jun 30, 2021 174
Bartlett man accused of DUI, injuring cop in hit-and-run. Miller, By Zack Jun 29, 2021 159
Bartlett man accused of DUI, injuring officer in hit-and-run. Miller, By Zack Jun 29, 2021 159
Drunk motorist's dodgy driving over city bridge. Sara Nichol Reporter @SaraNichol10 Jun 27, 2021 433
Relentless efforts to stamp the authority of the State pays off as over 1000 get arrested in Mpumalanga in a period of a week. Jun 27, 2021 292
Drink driver jailed for killing friend in crash; Man, 32, caged for six years after fatal bid to escape cops. DAVE FINLAY Jun 26, 2021 298
Police hear a very fishy excuse from drunk driver. Jun 26, 2021 412
Four people arrested after man, 19, killed in early morning road traffic crash; Police are appealing for information following the incident in Warton, Lancashire, and are keen to speak to anyone who saw the vehicle described in the moments before the collision. By, Pat Hurst & Lorraine King Jun 26, 2021 306
Drink driver ran red light in city centre. Jun 25, 2021 331
Under pressure A&E doctor threatened to snap patient's jaw; tribunal heard medic has four drink-driving convictions. JONATHAN HUMPHRIES ECHO reporter @JHUMPHRIESECHO Jun 23, 2021 480
Police sergeant in drink-drive dismissal. Jun 23, 2021 169
British man, 22, who 'fired at police in Costa del Sol high-speed bike chase' arrested; The motorcyclist was reportedly suspected of drink-driving when he led police on a chase before firing a revolver, which jammed, in the resort of Marbella. By, Natalia Penza Jun 23, 2021 286
Fleeing teen faces drink drive arrest. Jun 22, 2021 158
Ridesharing and Auto Collisions. Andrea Wells Jun 21, 2021 432
Drink-drive suspect arrested after crash. Jun 20, 2021 186
Busy season for delivery drivers during pandemic. Jun 19, 2021 422
Tributes to 'lovely' Kara; WOMAN LOST BOTH LEGS IN HORROR CRASH. ABIGAIL NICHOLSON ECHO reporter @AbigailJourno Jun 19, 2021 375
Arrest after drivers raced each other on seafront; boy racers. WARNED CARS WILL END UP IN CRUSHER IF THEY CONTINUE TO SPEED. PETER CRAIG @GTPETERCRAIG Jun 19, 2021 368
Man said he was drunk and refused breath test. SARA NICHOL Court reporter Jun 18, 2021 414
Woman left with brain injury after crash settles for [euro]15m damages against her dad; Monika in head-on smash as a child with drink-driving father. AODHAN O FAOLAIN Jun 18, 2021 582
Drink-driver no memory of getting in girlfriend's car. Jun 18, 2021 280
ISP District 19 to conduct July patrols in Saline, Gallatin. Staff Report Jun 18, 2021 186
Lorry driver,46, denies drunk driving on A55. Jun 17, 2021 160
lorry death PS500k; Truck driver's family awarded compensation. SALLY HIND Jun 17, 2021 210
Boy, 14, stopped by police after driving his parents' car. Jun 17, 2021 170
E-scooter drink drivers get driving ban. Jun 17, 2021 220
Drink-driver led police on 80mph chase after he was caught driving on New Brighton prom. LAUREN WISE ECHO Reporter @Laurenwise Jun 17, 2021 583
Jail for drink-driver six times over legal limit. Jun 17, 2021 265
Family of lorry driver killed by drink driver who crashed at 90mph get £500,000 payout; Malcolm Easton, 42, died after Michael Hall crashed while travelling at nearly 90mph on the M74 in Lanarkshire, Scotland, in May 2019 -causing him to career down an embankment suffering fatal head injuries. By, Sally Hind Jun 17, 2021 654
Hartlepool quad biker rider warned 'all options' open to court after he admits dangerous and drink driving; A quad bike rider who admitted driving it dangerously while also over the drink drive limit has been warned all options will be open when he is sentenced. Mark Payne Jun 16, 2021 201
Drink-driver jailed after mum-to-be left injured; Woman broke jaw and was knocked unconscious. COURT REPORTER Jun 16, 2021 506
Drink-drive mum told cops her car had been stolen. STEVE ROBSON @MENNEWSDESK Jun 16, 2021 541
Drunk mum who didn't realise her toddler had fallen out of open window spared jail; The woman was four times the legal limit for drink driving when a neighbour heard her daughter screaming after falling 20 feet out an open window. By, Sophie Wheeler & Alastair Ulke & Adam Barnett Jun 15, 2021 449
Bangladeshi Lyft driver killed in NYC road accident. Jun 15, 2021 284
Motorist who drove erratically was three times over limit. Jun 15, 2021 318
Researchers Find Rideshare Use Linked to Decrease in Collisions and Impaired Driving. Andrew G. Simpson Jun 15, 2021 642
Angry shoppers tried to detain Warwick drink driver after his car mounted a pavement outside Lidl; He got away after he threatened them with a metal tool on his key ring - which shoppers thought was a knife. Court Reporter Jun 14, 2021 453
Drink-driving pub worker crashed van. DANIEL MCKAY Jun 14, 2021 443
Motorcyclist seriously injured in crash near Leamington - man arrested for drink driving; Police are appealing for witnesses and dash-cam footage following the collision. News Reporter Jun 14, 2021 198
Drunk driver who seriously injured pregnant passenger in Bellshill is jailed; A drink-driver has been jailed for a year after causing a crash in Bellshill that left a mum-to-be with horrific head injuries. Jun 14, 2021 353
BBC presenter James Naughtie banned for drink driving from Edinburgh bar; BBC radio presenter James Naughtie has been banned from the road after he was caught behind the wheel of his car while over the drink drive limit. Alexander Lawrie Jun 13, 2021 482
Milton Keynes lorry driver jailed for drink driving was found three times over the limit with near-empty vodka bottle; The man has been sentenced after being caught by police. Reporter Jun 11, 2021 409
Sussex Police launch drink and drug driving crackdown in conjunction with Euro 2020; Sussex Police have launched a crackdown on drink and drug drivers on the day of the Euro 2020 launch. Sam Dixon-French Jun 11, 2021 781
Former tycoon given new court dates on drink-driving charge. Jun 11, 2021 344
Drink-driver had to be cut free from her vehicle. Jun 11, 2021 281
South Shields drink-driver, 74, crashed on Commercial Road after Christmas Day wake; A retired engineer who drank with his sister on Christmas Day to mourn lost relatives ploughed head on into an oncoming car the next afternoon. Gareth Crickmer Jun 11, 2021 406
Man run over while lying drunk in the road can seek damages, court says; A man who was run over by a bakery delivery driver while lying drunk in the middle of a road can recover damages, an appeal court has ruled. Conor Riordan Jun 10, 2021 400
North-East football clubs join Euro 2020 anti-drink drive campaign; The region's biggest football clubs have joined a road safety campaign to boot drink and drug driving out of Euro 2020. Tom Patterson Jun 10, 2021 274
Road safety campaign aims to kick drink-driving out of Euro 2020; A road safety campaign to boot drink and drug driving out of Euro 2020 is being backed by the region's biggest football clubs. David Sedgwick Jun 10, 2021 280
Sunderland drink driver who fled from cops caught after passers-by helped police; A driver almost four times the limit fled from police but was caught when witnesses pointed them in his direction. Gareth Crickmer Jun 10, 2021 438
Road safety campaign aims to kick drink driving out of Euro 2020; A road safety campaign to boot drink and drug driving out of Euro 2020 is being backed by the region's biggest football clubs. David Sedgwick Jun 10, 2021 280
Theft, assault, drink driving and other recent Hartlepool court cases; The following cases from the Hartlepool area were dealt with recently at Teesside Magistrates' Court:. Newsroom Jun 9, 2021 332
Fired driver seen drinking while off sick was wrongly sacked, tribunal finds; Colin Kane, 66, was fired from his job of almost eight years at Debmat Surfacing in Ryton, Tyneside, after he was seen smoking outside a bar while he was off work. By, Tom Wilkinson & William Walker Jun 9, 2021 464
Man took to the roads while three times over limit. SARA NICHOL Reporter Jun 9, 2021 512
Man arrested for alleged attack on officer after being stopped. Jun 9, 2021 191
Campaign to kick drink driving out of Euro 2020 backed by North East football clubs; The region's biggest football clubs have joined a road safety campaign urging fans not to drink and drive during Euro 2020. Poppy Kennedy Jun 9, 2021 658
Fired driver caught drinking while off sick was wrongly sacked, finds tribunal; Colin Kane was fired from his job of almost eight years after he was seen smoking outside a bar while he was off work. By, Daniel Smith Jun 9, 2021 461
Operation O Kae Moloa nabs suspects. Jun 8, 2021 207
Wine-drinking driver caught after three-car crash at the Nook in South Shields; A wine-drinking driver involved in a three-car smash has been banned from the roads. Gareth Crickmer Jun 8, 2021 400
Crash drink-driver called police herself. Jun 8, 2021 180
Drunk dad crashed into parked cars; MAN NEARLY FOUR TIMES LIMIT AS HE CELEBRATED SON'S BIRTH. SARA NICHOL Court reporter @SaraNichol10 Jun 8, 2021 457
Driver allegedly spat at and tried to bite a police officer when he was arrested for drink driving in Leamington; This is just one of 15 cases of assaults on Warwickshire Police officers since the start of June. News Reporter Jun 8, 2021 641
Educating motorists to make our roads safer. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE INVESTIGATIONS EDITOR Jun 7, 2021 854
Educating motorists to make our roads safer. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE INVESTIGATIONS EDITOR Jun 7, 2021 854
Drink-driver who caused crash said his Mercedes was carjacked. ROSS MCCARTHY Court Reporter Jun 7, 2021 515
Banned drink-driver jailed after being caught AGAIN three times over the limit in Northampton; Magistrates' 16-week sentence for serial offender. Kevin Nicholls Jun 7, 2021 168
Stopped driver drank vodka in front of police; VEHICLE WAS MISSING TYRE FROM A WHEEL. Sara Nichol Reporter Jun 6, 2021 577
Detectives stunned after finding drug dealer had stashed almost [pounds sterling]200k of ill-gotten cash in 'Cops and Robbers' arcade machine after raiding his bolthole; Anthony Stephenson was arrested and later pleaded guilty in court to money laundering and drugs offences. Andy Moffatt Jun 5, 2021 336
Motorist caught twice drink-drive limit on Northern Spire Bridge on way to pick up friend kicked out by wife; The breath of a salesman has led to a driving ban. Gareth Crickmer Jun 4, 2021 438
Crash driver told cops he'd had 12 pints; HE'S JAILED FOR DRINK DRIVING AND DANGER DRIVING AFTER TWICE FLEEING ACCIDENTS. STEVE BAGNALL Daily Post Reporter Jun 4, 2021 528
Drink driver was carrying cocaine and cannabis in Hucknall; A drink driver who was stopped while carrying cannabis and cocaine has been hit with a heavy fine, a court has heard. Tim Cunningham Jun 4, 2021 280
Drink-driver stole ambulance called to treat girlfriend. DANNY MCKAY Jun 4, 2021 402
IN COURT: Who's been sentenced from Northampton, Brixworth, Blakesley and Potterspury; Offences include drink-driving, criminal damage ... and stealing chocolate worth [pounds sterling]160. Court Reporter Jun 4, 2021 703
OnlyFans model 'left unable to work' after being 'mowed down' by 'drink driver'; WARNING -GRAPHIC IMAGES: Finley Taylor, 27, suffered gruesome injuries and needed 15 stitches to close a wound after the horror collision in Ammanford, Wales. By, Jonathan Coles Jun 4, 2021 590
DRUG-DRIVING NOW WORSE THAN DRINK; Arrests alert ahead of Bank Holiday checks. TREVOR QUINN Jun 3, 2021 296
Traffic wardens get prizes for offering cold drinks to road users. Jun 3, 2021 154
Drink-drive mum's car hit child, 5; over limit when tot ran into side of vehicle day after she downed two bottles of wine. ETHAN DAVIES @MENNEWSDESK Jun 3, 2021 323
Traffic wardens get prizes for offering cold drinks to road users. Jun 3, 2021 154
Serial drink-driver had child in car as he swerved in road. KAREN ROBERTS Jun 3, 2021 375
Drink-driver had child in the back while swerving. KAREN ROBERTS Jun 3, 2021 367
Derbyshire drink-driver banned from roads after Christmas Day crash; A drink-driver who was seen stumbling out of her crashed car on a Derbyshire road on Christmas Day has been banned from getting behind the wheel. Michael Broomhead Jun 3, 2021 295
Here are the latest convictions from Doncaster Magistrates' Court; These are the latest convictions at Doncaster Magistrates' Court from May 21 to May 27, 2021.The addresses are all Doncaster unless stated otherwise. Barbara Craythorn Jun 2, 2021 826
Sheffield man, 27, drove into officers during police chase; A 27-year-old drunk driver from Sheffield has been put behind bars for 23 months after he crashed into officers during a police pursuit in April. Rahmah Ghazali Jun 1, 2021 196
Drunken brawl lands young driver in prison. Jun 1, 2021 292
Police claim 'drunk driver was 4 times the legal limit'. MAURICE FITZMAURICE Jun 1, 2021 161
Lancaster and Morecambe MPs back son's call for Bay Gateway safety measures after cyclist's life-changing collision with HGV; The MPs for Lancaster and Morecambe have issued their support for a petition for a safe cycling route on the Heysham bypass. Gayle Rouncivell Jun 1, 2021 425
Brazen drunk driver takes a last sip before arrest. May 31, 2021 540
Drink-driver arrested and charged after car crash near Leyland railway station; A woman was charged with drink-driving after crashing her car near Leyland railway station. Sean Gleaves May 31, 2021 251
Fire engulfs three businesses in Accrington as firefighters battle blaze overnight; Six fire crews and an aerial ladder platform rushed to a blaze which involved three commercial buildings in Accrington. Sean Gleaves May 31, 2021 210
Audi flips onto roof after suspected drink-driver crashes in Blackburn; Shocking images have been released of an Audi on its roof after a suspected drink-driver crashed in Blackburn. Sean Gleaves May 31, 2021 275
Five-time teen drink-driver is locked up. May 31, 2021 412
Suspected drink-driver 'lucky to be alive' after ploughing through lamppost and concrete bollards in Thornton; A "drink-driver" hurtled through a lamppost and concrete bollards before narrowly missing a bus stop in Thornton. Sean Gleaves May 31, 2021 209
Missing Great Harwood girl, 15 found 'safe and well' An urgent appeal was launched to help find a missing 15-year-old girl from Great Harwood. Sean Gleaves May 31, 2021 159
Drink driver asks judge to lift ban after landing lead role in BBC TV series; A drink and drug-driver told a judge he had landed "a leading role" in a BBC period drama in the hope of overturning his driving ban. Ben McVay May 31, 2021 512
Man arrested on suspicion of drink driving and stealing a car after horror Sheffield crash; A man has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving and stealing a car after a horror crash in Sheffield. Dan Windham May 31, 2021 194
1043 Suspects arrested for various crimes during police operations in Gauteng over the weekend. May 30, 2021 270
Drink-driver who led police on terrifying 130mph chase across three counties disqualified from driving for five years; Footage of the incident shows him weaving through traffic across lanes on the M25. By, Daniel Smith May 30, 2021 283
Drink-driver in stolen truck. May 29, 2021 197
Derbyshire drink driver asks judge to lift ban after landing lead role in BBC TV series; A Derbyshire drink and drug-driver told a judge he had landed "a leading role" in a BBC period drama in the hope of overturning his driving ban. Ben McVay May 29, 2021 572
Stealing joints of beef from Lidl and other recent Hartlepool court cases; The following cases from the Hartlepool area were dealt with recently at Teesside Magistrates' Court:. Newsroom May 29, 2021 374
Authorities: Woman hit another with car during argument. Russell Lissau May 29, 2021 374
First offender could lose his job after drink driving Engineer is hit with roads ban; Engineer is hit with roads ban RON MOORE. May 28, 2021 368
Drink driver caught after trip to pick up pizza; A judge said a man caught drink driving after going to collect a pizza in Ballymena "should have got it delivered". May 28, 2021 321
2 accused of street racing in fatal crash They're also charged with reckless homicide after two Judson U. students were killed Crash: One also faces charges of DUI with THC in his system. Susan Sarkauskas May 28, 2021 581
Who's been sentenced from Northampton, Daventry, Long Buckby, Brixworth and Bugbrooke; Offences include drink-driving, running red lights, dodgy tyres and no mirror. Court Reporter May 28, 2021 1954
Banned Otley driver who crashed sister's car had lost licence after taking dad's car; A banned driver who crashed his sister's car after taking it without her consent had lost his licence after taking his father's car while over the drink drive limit, a court heard. Mark Lavery May 28, 2021 306
Banned drink driver was stopped on school run. SARA NICHOL Reporter May 27, 2021 548
A serial vandal, a fight on a railway line and someone with a meat cleaver without good reason; A cavalcade of criminals who appeared at grimsby mags court. MARK NAYLOR NEWSDESK@GRIMSBYTELEGRAPH.CO.UK @GRIMSBYLIVE May 26, 2021 2027
Jail for callous driver who left student to die; DEFENDANT 'SEEMED MORE CONCERNED ABOUT HIS CAR' THAN LIFE OF WILL, 19 LOSS 'IMPOSSIBLE TO EXPRESS'. CIARAN FAGAN News Reporter May 26, 2021 822
Hero risked his life to save girl, 8. May 26, 2021 442
Driver over the drink limit reversed into front of police car. May 26, 2021 300
Speeding drivers test positive for drugs and alcohol. Staff Reporter May 26, 2021 208
Careless driving worries Maun police. May 24, 2021 302
O kae Molao operations nab 1070 suspects. May 24, 2021 356
Drink-driver left car after crash; HIT WALL THEN WENT TO FIND MORE BOOZE. Sara Nichol Reporter May 23, 2021 457
Air steward sentenced at home for drink-drive theft. GORDON CURRIE May 22, 2021 191
Crash driver high on drink and drugs. GRANT MCCABE May 22, 2021 628
Court told driver leapt over a wall. May 21, 2021 293
Drink-driving chef downed six pints then crashed car. KATHRYN WYLIE May 21, 2021 436
Drink-drive biker arrested after falling off vehicle. SARA NICHOL Court reporter May 20, 2021 310
Drink driver caught after ignoring red light. May 20, 2021 195
Man who works for police drove motorbike over limit. SARA NICHOL Court reporter May 20, 2021 387
Drunk drove wrong way before smash. May 20, 2021 185
Drink-driver almost four times limit in BMW after she downed white wine; spared jail after court told she had been 'coerced' into car. DOUGLAS WHITBREAD May 18, 2021 580
Men held in drink-drive crash probe. SHAUNA CORR May 18, 2021 211
Man jailed for 45 days for drug driving. Staff Reporter May 18, 2021 180
South Shields drink-driver warned she faces jail after being caught almost four times the limit in Honda Civic; A South Tyneside motorist caught almost four times the drink-drive limit could be jailed. Gareth Crickmer May 17, 2021 235
'Substantial' number of vehicles stopped in Leamington and Warwick - with one driver caught almost three times over the drink drive limit; Another driver was spotted wheel spinning and driving on the wrong side of the road during the operation today (Sunday). News Reporter May 16, 2021 261
5 pedestrians struck by car. May 16, 2021 234
Van driver caught three times over limit at 9am. Sara Nichol Reporter May 16, 2021 526
Drink-driving carer found slumped at the wheel by cops after crashing into a parked car in Sunderland; A carer was spotted by police after she crashed into a parked car in Sunderland while more than twice the limit. Karon Kelly May 15, 2021 357
Judge tells drink driver he's a danger to public. SARA NICHOL Reporter May 15, 2021 730
Drunken gesture leads to road ban. May 15, 2021 188
Drink-driver used his car 'as weapon' JAILED... 29-YEAR-OLD WHO DROVE VEHICLE AT MAN AFTER BEING GOADED BY BYSTANDERS. DAVID POWELL Daily Post Reporter May 15, 2021 561
Drunk crashed car then racially abused cabbie. SARA NICHOL Court reporter May 15, 2021 480
IN COURT: Magistrates dish out fines and prison sentences to offenders from Northampton and Daventry; Charges include assault, theft, criminal damage and drink-driving. Kevin Nicholls May 15, 2021 635
Drink driver to be sentenced; COURT CASEBOOK. May 14, 2021 319
Boozed-up driver was almost seven times drink limit; Motorist was caught out after crashing into a HGV. RON MOORE May 14, 2021 555
Drink-driver banned after e-scooter crash. May 14, 2021 259
Drink-drive woman crashed in garden. DANNY MCKAY May 14, 2021 422
Drink-driver, 45, smashed into garden. DANNY MCKAY May 14, 2021 422
Man accused of murder of Hull woman Samantha Class was first arrested by police for drink driving, court hears; A man accused of the murder of a Hull woman in 1997 was only arrested by police after he was caught drink driving, a court heard. Lucy Leeson May 13, 2021 532
Drink driving trucker banned from the roads after crashing into central reservation on A1(M) at Peterborough; A lorry driver who collided with the central reservation on the A1(M) at while almost twice the legal drink drive limit has been banned from the roads. Stephen Briggs May 13, 2021 270
Assault, using stolen credit cards and other Hartlepool court cases; The following cases from the Hartlepool area were dealt with recently at Teesside Magistrates' Court:. Newsroom May 13, 2021 370
Driver jailed for causing death of much-loved dad. DAVID HUNTLEY @davey_huntley May 12, 2021 379
Drink-driver killed 'cherished' dad after row with girlfriend. DAVID HUNTLEY @davey_huntley May 11, 2021 554
More than 40 suspects driving under the influence of alcohol among 1090 suspects arrested by Gauteng police over the weekend. May 10, 2021 279
Banned drink-driver jailed for being caught behind the wheel AGAIN in Northampton; Mlynovskis, 26, was on a suspended sentence when he was stopped. Kevin Nicholls May 10, 2021 286
Son's call for cycle safety measures on Bay Gateway after Lancaster dad's life-changing collision with HGV; The son of a cyclist who suffered severe life-changing injuries after a collision with an HGV as he cycled along the Bay Gateway is calling for a safe cycling lane along the stretch of road. Gayle Rouncivell May 10, 2021 524
Sunderland man charged with drink driving after car crashes into bus stop; A man has been charged with drink driving after a car crashed into a bus stop on a busy Sunderland road. Fiona Thompson May 10, 2021 233
Drink and drug drivers banned from roads by Peterborough magistrates; Drink and drug drivers have been banned from the roads after appearing in front of magistrates at Peterborough Magistrates' Court. Stephen Briggs May 10, 2021 635
Man arrested in Doncaster after picking up takeaway three times over drink drive limit; A man was arrested in Doncaster last night after picking up a takeaway while three times over the drink drive limit. David Kessen May 9, 2021 178
DRIVER FLIPS CAR WHILE 4 TIMES LIMIT; Boozed-up motorist admits north-east smash Drink-driver called police after crash. DANIEL MCKAY May 8, 2021 317
Drink-driver banned after horror crash. DANIEL MCKAY May 8, 2021 307
Suspected drink driver arrested after car crashes into pole and bus stop on busy Sunderland road; This was the aftermath of a collision on a busy Sunderland road which led to the arrest of a man on suspicion of drink driving. Fiona Thompson May 8, 2021 380
Taiwanese DUI victim's parents reject apology from South Korean driver's wife. May 7, 2021 215
Drink-driver told police his driving would pass test. PHILIP DEWEY Reporter May 7, 2021 646
Drink driver caught after hunt for different suspect. SARA NICHOL Reporter May 7, 2021 390
Who's been sentenced from Northampton, Daventry, Towcester and Earls Barton; Offenders include thugs, drink-drivers, a fly-tipper and chocolate thief. Court Reporter May 6, 2021 970
Cops stop drink driver at more than three-and-a-half times the limit in Sunderland; A drink-driver is facing a lengthy roads ban after being caught behind the wheel at over three times the limit. Gareth Crickmer May 6, 2021 247
Drink-driving chaplain gets one-year ban. DANIEL MCKAY May 6, 2021 398
Wrong suspect turned out to be drink driving; ex-soldier caught following police confusion. SARA NICHOL Court reporter @SaraNichol10 May 6, 2021 393
Drink driver back behind the wheel. KATIE COLLINGS Reporter May 6, 2021 380
Arrest after car crash chaos. May 6, 2021 248
Woman injured as drink-drug-driver crashed pal's car. PHILIP DEWEY Reporter May 5, 2021 767
Mum-of-five in court on charge of drink-driving. SARA NICHOL Reporter May 5, 2021 443
Shoplifters, drink-drivers and domestic abusers all appear before magistrates; SOME CRIMINALS LOCKED UP IN DEPRESSING ROLLCALL. HANNAH CORKEN @hannahcgy May 5, 2021 1574
Drug-driver left woman with broken neck following crash. PHILIP DEWEY Reporter May 5, 2021 773
North Yorkshire sees drink-driving spike since pubs were able to re-open, police say; Drink driving offences have risen 75 per cent year-on-year in North Yorkshire, police figures have revealed. Victoria Finan May 5, 2021 238
Drink driver was caught in act twice in a month. SARA NICHOL Court reporter May 5, 2021 453
Drunk driver arrested for doing doughnut manoeuvres in West Lothian; A drunk driver has been arrested after being spotted doing doughnuts in a West Lothian car park. David Mclean May 4, 2021 206
Drug and driving offenders tackled in Selsey; Police have been targeting drug and driving offenders in Selsey following concerns from residents. Joe Stack May 4, 2021 409
Drunk driver is fined and banned. May 4, 2021 360
Hungry drunk-driver caught at pizza shop with a child in the car. MARK NAYLOR @GrimsbyLive May 4, 2021 167
Arrest as parked cars hit in crash. May 3, 2021 160
FRSC cautions against reckless driving, as 7 die in auto crash. May 3, 2021 215
7 die in Lagos auto crash as FRSC warns against drunk driving. May 2, 2021 269
drink driver is fined and banned. May 1, 2021 188
Predictive value of DWI-FLAIR Mismatch in patients with Ischemic Stroke and receiving Endovascular treatment beyond Time Window. Shan Cao and Hui Dong Apr 30, 2021 2634
Driver left badly injured in hospital after collision with van. Apr 30, 2021 233
DPD driver twice over drink-drive limit when he crashed van; MAN GIVEN A THREE-YEAR DRIVING BAN AND 18-MONTH COMMUNITY ORDER. Apr 30, 2021 183
Suspected drink-driver injured in horrific crash; MAN LUCKY TO ESCAPE WITH MULTIPLE FRACTURES AFTER HIS CAR COLLIDES WITH A VAN. Apr 30, 2021 203
Mum flipped her car over after date; WOMAN IS BANNED FROM DRIVING AFTER BEING TWICE OVER LEGAL LIMIT. JAMIE LOPEZ ECHO Reporter @jamie_lopez1 Apr 30, 2021 486
Drink driving arrests surge as beer gardens reopen across North Yorkshire; North Yorkshire Police have reported a huge 75 per cent increase in drink driving arrests within just a fortnight of beer gardens reopening. George Buksmann Apr 29, 2021 309
Drink-driver 'swilled gin' to help toothache. Apr 28, 2021 400
Mother: Life was ruined by crash; Woman describes family's ordeal as drink-driver sent to jail. NICK HUMPHREYS Apr 28, 2021 410
Mum-to-be struck by drink-driver. Apr 28, 2021 405
Woman's near miss after M60 crash drama. Apr 27, 2021 164
Drink driver nearly fell as she left car; was found to be three times over alcohol limit. KRISTY DAWSON @kristy_dawson07 Apr 27, 2021 421
Drink driver smashes car into shop; NEWS WIRE. Apr 27, 2021 164
Lights-out drunk driver smashed into mum-to-be; Pregnant woman's horror injuries. MICHAEL MCQUAID Apr 27, 2021 276
Police investigating 12 drug-driving incidents. Staff Reporter Apr 27, 2021 261
Woman left trapped after van flips over. Apr 26, 2021 204
Gamer was three times drink drive limit after boozing all night. RON MOORE Apr 26, 2021 444
Drink-driver fled scene after car crash. Apr 26, 2021 190
Witnesses sought; 5 MINUTE BRIEFING. Apr 26, 2021 162
Police seek to adopt auto-lock systems for DUI offenders. Apr 25, 2021 196
HGV driver hit bridge while over drink limit. Apr 24, 2021 275
Foreign driver loses latest stage of case against expulsion after DUI. Apr 24, 2021 302
Cafe owner's 'sustained assault' on taxi driver he had told to 'speak English'. NEIL DOCKING ECHO reporter @LIVECHOCOURT Apr 23, 2021 448
RAF man was over drink-drive limit. Apr 22, 2021 335
Men who posted 'drinking and driving' video on social media tracked down by police. Apr 21, 2021 182
Police officers hurt as lorry driver rams roadblock on Thika Road. Apr 20, 2021 433
Deliverywoman killed by truck right after handing driver drink in southern Taiwan. Apr 20, 2021 357
Tory leader blasts Plaid independence referendum plan. Apr 20, 2021 446
'Independence vote like giving drunk car keys'. Apr 20, 2021 450
Drink-driver's 10yrs' jail for killing family; Widow's grief for husband, son, daughter and pet dog. JEREMY ARMSTRONG and PAT HURST Apr 20, 2021 433
Mum says 'nothing will fix' her broken heart after drink driver killed husband and kids; Josh Flynn, Coby-Jay and Skylar lost their lives when they were hit by a car driven by drink-driver David Logan in Dalton, with witnesses reporting that their bodies were thrown into the air. By, Amy Fenton Apr 20, 2021 582
Student, 19, died after rugby initiation drinking game 'went tragically wrong'; Sam Potter died from alcohol toxicity after taking part in a four-hour drinking session while a student at the University of Gloucestershire. By, Rod Minchin Apr 20, 2021 817
Drink-driver loses his bid for switch to French jail; PARTNER WELCOMES PRISON TRANSFER SNUB Yacht officer must serve rest of sentence in Scotland after death of island vet in crash. Jennifer Hyland Apr 18, 2021 558
Random alcohol breath analyzer testing at expressway entry/exit points. Apr 18, 2021 166
Kenyan facing murder charges in the US. Apr 18, 2021 302
Jock Tamson was at the door. Apr 17, 2021 197
Man charged with drink-driving and driving without insurance -on an e-scooter; E-scooters are treated as motor vehicles by the Department for Transport. By, Max Channon Apr 16, 2021 283
Driver is fined and given road ban after tests showed use of cocaine. Apr 16, 2021 181
Drink-driver had child in her car. Apr 16, 2021 185
Bill would make injuring or killing a police dog while driving under influence a felony. JERRY NOWICKI Capitol News Illinois Apr 16, 2021 284
Elgin 20-year-old charged in DUI crash that injured woman. Barbara Vitello Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Apr 15, 2021 345
Drunk driver sentenced to 8 years in prison for hitting and killing Taiwanese student. Apr 15, 2021 415
Driver taken into custody after car hits town railings. Apr 14, 2021 163
Dangerous driver crashed into van while on wrong side of A46; 23-year-old over the limit after a night on the booze. SUZY GIBSON Court Reporter Apr 14, 2021 684
Court in South Korea sentences drunk driver to 8 years in death of Taiwanese student. Apr 14, 2021 198
This tiny rustic coffee shop is thriving amid the pandemic. Apr 13, 2021 445
Crash man tried hiding from police in bushes. Apr 12, 2021 189
Driver tells court her 'insurance ran out'. Apr 12, 2021 160
Drink driving 'surge' predicted as pubs reopen in North Yorkshire; Police in North Yorkshire are predicting a surge in drink driving as pubs reopen. Sarah Fitton Apr 12, 2021 310

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