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Drunk business class passenger got into FIGHT in aeroplane bar; PS3,205 FINE AFTER MAN ALSO USED FOUL LANGUAGE.


A DRUNK business class passenger got into a fight during an Emirates flight to Birmingham, a court heard Sleep-deprived Nicholas Springthorpe had earlier used foul language in the plane's business bar and been involved in a number of arguments.

The 46-year-old insurance salesman was fined PS3,205 and ordered to pay PS185 costs by magistrates in Birmingham after admitting being drunk on an aircraft.

Springthorpe had been travelling with his wife from Dubai in business class on December 21 last year.

They had been in the bar area and his language was becoming louder.

"The defendant was swearing and using words like **** and ****," said Karen Cockitt, prosecuting.

Another passenger, who had children with him, took exception to Springthorpe's language who responded by telling him that children should not be in the bar.

The defendant then got into another argument with the passenger who then returned to his seat.

Springthorpe then had a dispute with another man and, as he was going back to his seat, disturbed yet another passenger who had been asleep, the court heard.

Ms Cockitt said the two men then "grappled" before cabin crew intervened.

The matter was reported to the pilot and both men were arrested when the plane landed.

One member of the crew said she had not seen a worse incident in her eight years of service and that it had left her feeling scared and nervous.

Barry Cuttle, defending, said: "He is extremely sorry and is disgusted with his behaviour and very upset."

He added: "The circumstances were somewhat bizarre. "He had been on holiday to Singapore and was stressed. He had been on a seven-hour flight from Singapore into Dubai and was facing another seven-hour flight.

"He had gone about 20 hours without sleep and he drank too much, there is no half measure.

"He went in the bar area and there were two children crawling about on the floor and causing a danger."

Mr Cuttle said when Springthorpe was returning to his seat a man who had been listening to music had leapt up and grabbed him by the throat and shook him.

The other man had eventually been cautioned while he had been charged.

He said Springthorpe, from Doncaster, was of excellent character and had previously gone th0rough a difficult divorce with a former wife.

'' "He had gone about 20 hours without sleep and he drank too much, there is no half measure. BARRY CUTTLE, DEFENDING


Nicholas Springthorpe

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Publication:Solihull News (Solihull, Birmingham, England)
Geographic Code:7UNIT
Date:Jan 12, 2018
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