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Drummond Brewing uncaps two brews.

Drummond Brewing uncaps two brews

The Drummond Brewing Co., a regional brewery in Red Deer, Canada, recently announced the introduction of two new brands - its third and fourth in seven months.

Drummond Light is a low-calorie version of the brewery's dry beer that was launched in April. The second newly-released brew, Wolfbrau, is a natural amber ale.

"The difference between us and [Labatt and Molson] is that they can spend millions on advertising; to battle that we have to bring in new products," said Rob Pearce, vice president, Drummond.

The next step for the brewery, Pearce said, is to decide whether to expand the brewery's production facility. The company has already withdrawn from several markets in the U.S. because demand was causing supply problems in Alberta, Pearce said.

"The last thing we need is to be sold out in Alberta," said Terry Meyers, president, Drummond. "The next step in the U.S. is the kind of expansion that would mean having full sales operation down there, and to do that we need more production capacity. It will be next fall before we take that next step."
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Title Annotation:Drummond Lite, Wolfbrau
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Dec 25, 1989
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