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Drum, roll lathe for cylindrical straight surfaces, mirror finishes.

An ultra-precise drum and roll lathe is specifically designed for diamond turning of rolls to achieve cylindrical straight surfaces as well as mirror finishes. The lathe can directly machine a complex micro-structured surface on the drum using single point diamond tooling.

The lathe is oriented vertically to eliminate any sag in heavy rolls suspended between centers. The part, which can weigh up to 4,400lb, stands on end during machining. As a result of this and other precision construction features, the lathe can hold straightness within 0.000 08" over full X and Y travel, 0.000 002" X-axis repeatability, and 0.000 004" Z-axis repeatability. A passive air damping vibration isolation system combined with a massive granite structure eliminates all chatter to ensure the required mirror finish. Control is a PC-based Nanotech control system.

Two models are available. The smaller handles workpieces up to 1m long by 350mm in diameter and offers 1,030mm Z travel and 350mm X travel. The larger accommodates workpieces up to 2m long and 450mm in diameter with respective Z and X travels of 2,030mm and 350mm. Options include a hydrostatic spindle, fast tool servo, balance sending, air/oil sprays for workpiece temperature stabilization, LVDT and optical tool setters, and spray mist cutting fluid dispensing. Moore Tool Co., www.

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Title Annotation:product spotlight
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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