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Chemical Synthesis, Efficacy, and Safety of Antimalarial Hybrid Drug Comprising of Sarcosine and Aniline Pharmacophores as Scaffolds. Niyibizi, Jean Baptiste; Kirira, Peter G.; Kimani, Francis T.; Oyatsi, Fiona; Nganga, Joseph K. Apr 30, 2020 8596
HIV-1 Drug Resistance, Distribution of Subtypes, and Drug Resistance-Associated Mutations in Virologic Failure Individuals in Chengdu, Southwest China, 2014-2016. Chen, Jiayi; Liu, Yang; Liu, Sijing; Yuan, Dan; Su, Ling; Ye, Li; Gong, Fanghong; Gao, Yushuang; Bal Apr 30, 2020 5768
Plumbagin Enhances the Anticancer Efficacy of Cisplatin by Increasing Intracellular ROS in Human Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Xue, Danfeng; Pan, Shu-Ting; Zhou, Xiongming; Ye, Fangfei; Zhou, Qun; Shi, Fanzhe; He, Fei; Yu, Hui; Apr 30, 2020 9230
RITM halts HIV drug resistance, viral load testing to focus on COVID-19. Apr 6, 2020 263
Dual HER2 Blockade versus a Single Agent in Trastuzumab-Containing Regimens for HER2-Positive Early Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Yu, Liuwen; Fu, Fangmeng; Li, Jing; Huang, Meng; Zeng, Bangwei; Lin, Yuxiang; Mei, Qian; Lv, Jinxing Mar 31, 2020 9224
Clinical Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of Metformin add-on Therapy to Standard ATT in Newly Diagnosed Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients. Abinaya, E.; Meenakshi, N.; Ruckmani, A.; Nisha, A. Nasrin; Lella, Tanuja; Arunkumar, R. Report Mar 1, 2020 6052
Autophagy Inhibition Potentiates the Anticancer Effects of a Bendamustine Derivative NL-101 in Acute T Lymphocytic Leucemia. Gao, Hang; Lou, Siyue; Hong, Huanwu; Ge, Qiufu; Zhao, Huajun Mar 1, 2020 6437
The Use of Clobazam as Add-on Treatment in Resistant Epilepsy: Our Retrospective Clinical Data/Direncli Epilepsi Hastalarinda Ekleme Tedavisinde Klobazam Kullanimi: Geriye Donuk Klinik Verilerimiz. Cetinkaya, Damla; Yeni, Seher Naz Mar 1, 2020 2471
Pentavalent Antimonial Bilesiklere Direncli Vahsi Leishmania Izolatlarinin Leishmaniasis Tedavisinde Kullanilan Ilaclara Karsi in vitro Direnclerinin Karsilastirilmasi/Comparison of in vitro Resistance of Wild Leishmania isolates, Which are Resistant to Pentavalent Antimonial Compounds, Against Drugs Used in the Treatment of Leishmaniasis. Ozbilgin, Ahmet; Cavus, Ibrahim; Kaya, Tugba; Yildirim, Ahmet; Harman, Mehmet Mar 1, 2020 3416
HIV drug resistance an emerging threat, expert warns. Jan 10, 2020 856
Purified CBD May Help Treat Drug-Resistant Epilepsy; Those taking CBD versus placebo had greater reduction in seizures associated with tuberous sclerosis complex. Dec 10, 2019 330
Knowledge, Attitudes, and Prevention Practices of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Fana, Thanduxolo Elford; Ijeoma, Edwin; Sotana, Lizo Dec 1, 2019 9688
Inhibition of the Nrf2-TrxR Axis Sensitizes the Drug-Resistant Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Cell Line K562/G01 to Imatinib Treatments. Xu, Lianrong; Zhao, Yan; Pan, Fei; Zhu, Mengxia; Yao, Liqin; Liu, Yan; Feng, Jiangfang; Xiong, Jie; Dec 1, 2019 7166
Independent data on CytoDyn's leronlimab drug to be presented at the CROI conference in March in Boston. Conference news Nov 19, 2019 605
RedHill Biopharma Announces FDA Approval of Talicia[R] for Treatment of H. pylori in Adults. Nov 4, 2019 3113
HIV Drug Resistance among Patients Failing Therapy at a Tertiary Center in Oman: A Case Record Review. Omairi, Omaira Al-; Elgalib, Ali; Kindi, Hanan Al Nov 1, 2019 3346
Availability of Injectable Antimicrobial Drugs for Gonorrhea and Syphilis, United States, 2016. Pearson, William S.; Cherry, Donald K.; Leichliter, Jami S.; Bachmann, Laura H.; Cummings, Nicole A. Nov 1, 2019 1754
Targeting Ovarian Cancer Cell Cytotoxic Drug Resistance Phenotype with Xanthium strumarium L. Extract. Fernandez, Marbelis Francisco; Charfi, Cyndia; Piloto-Ferrer, Janet; Gonzalez, Maria Lidia; Lamy, Sy Nov 1, 2019 7347
Application of Computational Biology and Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Cancer Precision Drug Discovery. Nagarajan, Nagasundaram; Yapp, Edward K.Y.; Le, Nguyen Quoc Khanh; Kamaraj, Balu; Subaie, Abeer Moha Nov 1, 2019 12750
RESISTANCE PATTERNS IN PATIENTS OF DRUG RESISTANT PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS. Yousaf Jamal, Jamal Ahmad, Afsar Ali, Mahmood Iqbal Malik, Sultan Mehmood Kamran and Wasim Alamgir Oct 31, 2019 3436
Iranian Scientists Produce Herbal Compound against Drug-Resistant Cancers. Sep 30, 2019 174
Antarctic sea sponge may yield treatment for malaria. Sep 11, 2019 358
Malaria parasites in Kenya can grow drug resistant. Sep 8, 2019 652
Quality of Life in Patients with Drug Resistant Epilepsy Ilaca Direncli Epilepsi Hastalarinda Yasam Kalitesi. Aggarwal, Hari Krishan; Jain, Deepak; Bishnoi, Avina Sep 1, 2019 3304
Phytochemical Constituents, Antioxidant, Cytotoxicity, Antimicrobial, Antitrypanosomal, and Antimalarial Potentials of the Crude Extracts of Callistemon citrinus. Larayetan, Rotimi; Ololade, Zacchaeus S.; Ogunmola, Oluranti O.; Ladokun, Ayodele Sep 1, 2019 10657
Prevalence of extensive drug resistance in bacterial isolates harboring bla NDM-1 in Quetta Pakistan. Aug 31, 2019 3407
FDA Approves New Treatment For Tuberculosis. Aug 15, 2019 688
Drug resistant malaria strain strikes Southeast Asia. Aug 1, 2019 249
Overexpression of DCLK1-AL Increases Tumor Cell Invasion, Drug Resistance, and KRAS Activation and Can Be Targeted to Inhibit Tumorigenesis in Pancreatic Cancer. Qu, Dongfeng; Weygant, Nathaniel; Yao, Jiannan; Chandrakesan, Parthasarathy; Berry, William L.; May, Aug 1, 2019 6130
Prooxidative Activity of Celastrol Induces Apoptosis, DNA Damage, and Cell Cycle Arrest in Drug-Resistant Human Colon Cancer Cells. Moreira, Helena; Szyjka, Anna; Paliszkiewicz, Kamila; Barg, Ewa Aug 1, 2019 7384
Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ: GILD) - Gilead Presents New Data on Biktarvy[R] for the Treatment of HIV in Women and in Virologically Suppressed Patients With Known Resistance -- 22/7/2019. Jul 25, 2019 1472
Drug-resistant malaria threat to thousands; Fear as super-strain spreads across Asia. Jul 24, 2019 340
Drug-resistant malaria parasites 'spreading rapidly in South East Asia'; The strain of drug-resistant malaria was found in Cambodia, Laos, north-eastern Thailand and Vietnam. Jul 23, 2019 435
A Natural Solution to Drug-Resistant Malaria. Visser, Sue Jul 1, 2019 2273
Retracted: Amodiaquine-Artesunate versus Artemether-Lumefantrine against Uncomplicated Malaria in Children Less Than 14 Years in Ngaoundere, North Cameroon: Efficacy, Safety, and Baseline Drug Resistant Mutations in pfcrt, pfmdr1, and pfdhfr Genes. Jul 1, 2019 191
The Utility of Colistin in Multiple Drug-Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Bacterial Keratitis in a Kaposi's Sarcoma Patient. Selver, Ozlem Barut; Egrilmez, Sait; Hasanov, Samir; Dag, Medine Yilmaz; Tunger, Alper Jul 1, 2019 1900
Starving fungus can help beat drug-resistant fungal infection. May 26, 2019 328
Drug-resistant fungal infections could be treated by starving fungus: Study. May 25, 2019 468
Drugs helping cancer sufferers live longer and better lives will be world's first; The drugs could be available within the next decade. May 16, 2019 620
Drugs helping cancer sufferers live longer and better lives will be world's first; The drugs could be available within the next decade. May 16, 2019 620
Drugs helping cancer sufferers live longer and better lives will be world's first; The drugs could be available within the next decade. May 16, 2019 620
Drugs helping cancer sufferers live longer and better lives will be world's first; The drugs could be available within the next decade. May 16, 2019 620
Drugs helping cancer sufferers live longer and better lives will be world's first; The drugs could be available within the next decade. May 16, 2019 620
Drugs helping cancer sufferers live longer and better lives will be world's first; The drugs could be available within the next decade. May 16, 2019 620
Drugs helping cancer sufferers live longer and better lives will be world's first; The drugs could be available within the next decade. May 16, 2019 620
Drugs helping cancer sufferers live longer and better lives will be world's first; The drugs could be available within the next decade. May 16, 2019 620
Drugs helping cancer sufferers live longer and better lives will be world's first; The drugs could be available within the next decade. May 16, 2019 620
Follow Prescriptions To Stop Malaria Drug Resistance a Pharmacist. Apr 26, 2019 273
Scientists Synthesize A Highly Effective 'Anti-Tumor Antibiotic'. Apr 25, 2019 552
Identification of Chinese Herbal Compounds with Potential as JAK3 Inhibitors. Su, Dan; Gao, Yu-Qiao; Deng, Yong-Jie; Zhang, Han-Hui; Wu, You-Ru; Hu, Ying; Mei, Quan-Xi Apr 1, 2019 6314
New treatment plan for multiple drug resistant TB. Mar 20, 2019 792
Primary HIV Drug Resistance among Recently Infected Cases of HIV in North-West India. Chauhan, C.K.; Lakshmi, P.V.M.; Sagar, V.; Sharma, A.; Arora, S.K.; Kumar, R. Mar 1, 2019 4538
Monoclonal Antibody a Promising Treatment for Depression. Akhondzadeh, Shahin Editorial Jan 1, 2019 951
Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Possibilities and Challenges. Nejadmoghaddam, Mohammad-Reza; Minai-Tehrani, Arash; Ghahremanzadeh, Ramin; Mahmoudi, Morteza; Dinar Report Jan 1, 2019 20350
Prescription of Antibacterial Drugs for HIV-Exposed, Uninfected Infants, Malawi, 2004-2010. Ewing, Alexander C.; Davis, Nicole L.; Kayira, Dumbani; Hosseinipour, Mina C.; van der Horst, Charle Report Jan 1, 2019 7910
Drug Resistant Tuberculosis: Pattern Seen among Patients Visiting Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Report Dec 31, 2018 4058
Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Antimicrobial Drug Use, United States, 2014-2015. Olesen, Scott W.; Grad, Yonatan H. Nov 1, 2018 1419
Cancer: New target found for drug-resistant tumors. Sep 15, 2018 362
Human Trials Begin for DesignMedix Anti-Malarial Drug Developed to Overcome Growing Drug Resistance. Sep 12, 2018 576
LivaNova Launches Global Clinical Registry to Assess VNS Therapy Treatment for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy Patients. Aug 24, 2018 448
Combination Antibiotic Therapy in Pan-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae Infection: A Report of Two Cases/Pan-Rezistan Klebsiella pneumoniae Infeksiyonunda Kombinasyon Antibiyotik Tedavisi: Iki Olgu Bildirisi. Emre, Salih; Moroglu, Cigdem; Yildirmak, Taner; Simsek, Funda; Arabaci, Cigdem; Ozkaya, Ozay; Turgut Report Aug 1, 2018 2219
Next-Generation Sequencing May Improve Pediatric Epilepsy Tx; In children with drug-resistant epilepsy, NGS can help establish diagnosis, improve treatment efficacy. Jun 29, 2018 209
University of Tokyo's RCAST, Fujitsu, and Kowa Successfully Create Promising New Compounds to Fight Drug-Resistant Cancer. Jun 13, 2018 937
IMPACT OF DIABETES MELLITUS ON TREATMENT OUTCOME OF MULTIDRUG RESISTANT PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS. Mahmood, Tariq; Verma, Arvind Kumar; Ahmad, Kaleem; Satpathy, Sachi; Akmal, Abida; Gutpa, Ashish Kum Report May 28, 2018 2107
Barriers to treatment adherence of tuberculosis patients: A qualitative study in West Bengal, India. Bhattacharya, Tridibes; Ray, Soumalya; Biswas, Puspendu; Das, Dilip Kumar Report May 1, 2018 4182
Cannabis compound may help siezures in drug-resistant epilepsy. Farham, B. Brief article Apr 1, 2018 107
Potential breakthrough in cancer treatment unveiled. Mar 13, 2018 399
The Effect of Canertinib on Sensitivity of Cytotoxic Drugs in Tamoxifen-Resistant Breast Cancer Cells In Vitro. Gomaa, Hesham A.M.; Ali, Asmaa T.; Gabbar, M. Abdel; Kandeil, M.A. Jan 1, 2018 4366
Study on Biological Characteristics and Mechanism of Paclitaxel Induced Drug Resistance in Endometrial Carcinoma Cells. Ding, Jie; Li, Mengxiong; Deng, Liuzhi; Li, Tian Jan 1, 2018 3903
Negative Regulation of PTEN by MicroRNA-221 and Its Association with Drug Resistance and Cellular Senescence in Lung Cancer Cells. Wang, Ning; Zhu, Chen; Xu, Ye; Qian, Wenliang; Zheng, Min Jan 1, 2018 3450
Electroporation with Cisplatin against Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer: In Vitro Study on Human Primary Cell Culture. Michel, Olga; Kulbacka, Julita; Saczko, Jolanta; Maczynska, Justyna; Blasiak, Piotr; Rossowska, Joan Jan 1, 2018 6907
Antimicrobial prescribing pattern in urinary tract infection in a tertiary care hospital. Naik, Samira Kumar; Samal, Satyajit; Sahu, Susanta Kumar; Rath, Bhabagrahi Report Dec 1, 2017 2261
Observed HIV drug resistance associated mutations amongst naive immunocompetent children in Yaounde, Cameroon. Ikomey, George Mondinde; Assoumou, Marie Claire Okomo; Gichana, Josiah Otwoma; Njenda, Duncan; Mikas Report Dec 1, 2017 3767
Look to the urine when hypertension resists drugs. Otto, M. Alexander Nov 1, 2017 614
Apocalypse by superbug; Experts warn 10MILLION people a year will be killed by diseases that are resistant to antibiotics. Oct 13, 2017 301
New strain of malaria 'can beat drugs'. Sep 23, 2017 109
Increasing emergence of drug-resistant gonorrhoea. Farham, B. Brief article Sep 1, 2017 178
FDA Grants Orphan Drug Designation to TP Therapeutics TPX-0005 for Some Non-Small Cell Lung Adenocarcinomas. Jun 28, 2017 265
Profile of adverse drug reactions in multiple drug resistant tuberculosis patients at drug resistant-tuberculosis center--Miraj, Maharashtra. Patil, Shivaji V.; Bhagwat, Rajendra V.; Mohite, Rajsinh V.; Barphe, Shailesh S. Report May 1, 2017 3493
Virological suppression in children and adolescents is not influenced by genotyping, but depends on optimal adherence to antiretroviral therapy. Abreu, Juliana Costa de; Vaz, Sara Nunes; Netto, Eduardo Martins; Brites, Carlos May 1, 2017 4856
Deciphera Pharmaceuticals Touts Translational Research Results for DCC-2618 in GIST Patients with Difficult to Treat Drug Resistant KIT Mutations. Apr 4, 2017 400
Infectex reveals positive results from trial of treatment combating multi-drug resistant TB. Mar 27, 2017 161
Infectex reveals positive results from trial of treatment combating multi-drug resistant TB. Mar 27, 2017 157
An overview of the use of natural compounds to reduce drug resistance in conventional cancer therapy: the role of polysaccharide krestin (PSK). Boyle, Manuela Report Mar 1, 2017 514
Molecular evidence of drug resistance in asymptomatic malaria infections, Myanmar, 2015. Nyunt, Myat Htut; Shein, Thinzar; Zaw, Ni Ni; Han, Soe Soe; Muh, Fauzi; Lee, Seong-Kyun; Han, Jin-He Mar 1, 2017 2395
Seattle Biotech Neovia Starts Clinical Trial for Immunotherapy Enhancing Cancer Drug. Jan 30, 2017 305
Nanotechnology-Based Approach in Tuberculosis Treatment. Nasiruddin, Mohammad; Neyaz, Md. Kausar; Das, Shilpi Jan 1, 2017 9162
Assessment of Antiretroviral Treatment Adherence among Children Attending Care at a Tertiary Hospital in Southeastern Nigeria. Akahara, Cletus; Nwolisa, Emeka; Odinaka, Kelechi; Okolo, Seline Report Jan 1, 2017 2650
A Simple but Accurate Method for Evaluating Drug-Resistance in Infectious HCVcc System. Li, Jian-Rui; Li, Wen-Jing; Cheng, Jun-Jun; Huang, Meng-Hao; Wu, Zhou-Yi; Jiang, Chen-Chen; Li, Hu; Report Jan 1, 2017 5239
Effectiveness of Chinese Herbal Medicine Combined with Antibiotics for Extensively Drug-Resistant Enterobacteria and Nonfermentative Bacteria Infection: Real-Life Experience in a Retrospective Cohort. Cai, Yangping; Zhang, Qing; Fu, Yuefeng; Li, Li; Zhao, Ning; Lu, Aiping; Liu, Qingquan; Jiang, Miao Report Jan 1, 2017 6368
Serological Analysis and Drug Resistance of Chlamydia pneumoniae and Mycoplasma pneumoniae in 4500 Healthy Subjects in Shenzhen, China. Du, Dong; Liao, Shuping; Wu, Yan; Jiao, Yang; Wu, Di; Wu, Weiqing; Yu, Dapeng Report Jan 1, 2017 3464
A Robust PCR Protocol for HIV Drug Resistance Testing on Low-Level Viremia Samples. Gupta, Shivani; Taylor, Tracy; Patterson, Aileen; Liang, Binhua; Bullard, Jared; Sandstrom, Paul; Va Report Jan 1, 2017 4122
Lyme Disease: Designer Drugs Urgently Needed. Sep 13, 2016 428
Cytotoxicity of seven naturally occurring phenolic compounds towards multi-factorial drug-resistant cancer cells. Kuete, Victor; Mbaveng, Armelle T.; Nono, Eric C.N.; Simo, Christophe C.; Zeino, Maen; Nkengfack, Au Jul 15, 2016 6385
Hepatitis B infection in HIV-1-infected patients receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy in Lome, Togo: prevalence and molecular consequences. Patassi, A.A.; Benaboud, S.; Landoh, D.E.; Salou, M.; Dagnra, A. Claver; Saka, B.; Krivine, A.; Meri Jun 1, 2016 5048
Effect and Safety of Shihogyejitang for Drug Resistant Childhood Epilepsy. Lee, Jinsoo; Son, Kwanghyun; Hwang, Gwiseo; Kim, Moonju Jan 1, 2016 5159
Cytotoxicity of three naturally occurring flavonoid derived compounds (artocarpesin, cycloartocarpesin and isobavachalcone) towards multi-factorial drug-resistant cancer cells. Kuete, Victor; Mbaveng, Armelle T.; Zeino, Maen; Fozing, Christian D.; Ngameni, Bathelemy; Kapche, G Report Nov 15, 2015 4813
Cytotoxicity of a naturally occurring furoquinoline alkaloid and four acridone alkaloids towards multi-factorial drug-resistant cancer cells. Kuete, Victor; Fouotsa, Hugues; Mbaveng, Armelle T.; Wiench, Benjamin; Nkengfack, Augustin E.; Effer Report Sep 15, 2015 4987
Cytotoxicity of two naturally occurring flavonoids (dorsmanin F and poinsettifolin B) towards multi-factorial drug-resistant cancer cells. Kuete, Victor; Mbaveng, Armelle T.; Zeino, Maen; Ngameni, Bathelemy; Kapche, Gilbert Deccaux W.F.; K Report Jul 15, 2015 4494
Drug-resistant malaria threatens south Asia. Feb 21, 2015 228
Drug-resistant malaria parasite is spreading. Feb 20, 2015 543
Cytotoxicity of the indole alkaloid reserpine from Rauwolfia serpentina against drug-resistant tumor cells. Abdelfatah, Sara A.A.; Efferth, Thomas Feb 15, 2015 8039
Intensive chemotherapy as salvage treatment for solid tumors: focus on germ cell cancer. Selle, F.; Gligorov, J.; Richard, S.; Khalil, A.; Alexandre, I.; Avenin, D.; Provent, S.; Soares, D. Report Jan 1, 2015 9491
Anti-Diabetic Drug Springs New Hope for Tuberculosis Patients. Dec 17, 2014 1195
Low-doses of fish oil may reduce seizures in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy. Nov 1, 2014 166
Drug-resistant Candida glabrata infection in cancer patients. Farmakiotis, Dimitrios; Tarrand, Jeffrey J.; Kontoyiannis, Dimitrios P. Nov 1, 2014 5820
Cytotoxicity of the bisphenolic honokiol from Magnolia officinalis against multiple drug-resistant tumor cells as determined by pharmacogenomics and molecular docking. Saeed, Mohamed; Kuete, Victor; Kadioglu, Onat; Bortzler, Jonas; Khalid, Hassan; Gretende, Henry Joha Oct 15, 2014 8062
Consider VNS for children with drug-resistant epilepsy. Blum, Karen Oct 1, 2014 470
Profile and treatment outcome among tuberculosis patients retreatment with category II regimen under RNTCP, South India. Siddeswaraswamy, P.; Shubhakara, K.; Gnanendra D.M.; Hoolageri, Mahesh S.; Indushree T.; Daruka K.M. Sep 22, 2014 3219
Efficacy of azithromycin in un-complicated enteric fever. A study from rural north India. Kapoor, Satya Kiran; Tiwari, Pawan; Tiwari, Madhu; Yadav, Yogesh Report Sep 1, 2014 2439
Tuberculosis poses multi-drug resistance. Narine, Shari Sep 1, 2014 145
Evaluation of multi drug resistance tuberculosis in Jabalpur District of Madhya Pradesh province of India. Bhargava, Jitendra; Rai, Rahul; Setiya, Atul Aug 14, 2014 2077
How malaria parasites resist drugs revealed. Jul 25, 2014 244
Tuberculosis drug could also help treat other diseases. Apr 18, 2014 287
New method to fight Malaria drug resistance discovered. Apr 18, 2014 223
Activity of three cytotoxic isoflavonoids from Erythrina excelsa and Erythrina senegalensis (neobavaisoflavone, sigmoidin H and isoneorautenol) toward multi-factorial drug resistant cancer cells. Kuete, Victor; Sandjo, Louis P.; Kwamou, Guy M.N.; Wiench, Benjamin; Nkengfack, Augustin E.; Efferth Report Apr 15, 2014 5875
Minimal diversity of drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains, South Africa. Gandhi, Neel R.; Brust, James C.M.; Moodley, Prashini; Weissman, Darren; Heo, Moonseong; Ning, Yumin Author abstract Mar 1, 2014 5875
UCLA research could enhance treatments for drug-resistant melanoma. Feb 1, 2014 165
Potential treatment for drug-resistant H7N9 influenza virus comes closer to reality. Jan 17, 2014 260
New compounds that can fight against drug-resistant malaria designed. Jan 16, 2014 228
RNAi-mediated knockdown of FANCF suppresses cell proliferation, migration, invasion, and drug resistance potential of breast cancer cells. Zhao, L.; Li, N.; Yu, J.K.; Tang, H.T.; Li, Y.L.; He, M.; Yu, Z.J.; Bai, X.F.; Zheng, Z.H.; Wang, E. Report Jan 1, 2014 5485
How melanoma can become drug resistant. Oct 20, 2013 352
New tests could help detect drug-resistant malaria. Sep 11, 2013 266
Protein behind drug-resistant tumors identified. Aug 7, 2013 305
Two daily doses eased aspirin resistance in diabetes. Zoler, Mitchell L. Aug 1, 2013 717
Ciprofloxacin-resistant Campylobacter spp. in retail chicken, Western Canada. Agunos, Agnes; Leger, David; Avery, Brent P.; Parmley, E. Jane; Deckert, Anne; Carson, Carolee A.; D Jul 1, 2013 2508
Parasites resisting anti-malaria drugs. Apr 30, 2013 397
Drug-resistant malaria parasites found in Cambodia. Apr 29, 2013 253
Treating TB in Tajikistan: Christchurch nurse Cindy Gibb in Tajikistan on her first field placement with Medecins Sans Frontieres, writes about the tuberculosis treatment project she is working on. It is aimed mainly at children and those with drug-resistant forms of the disease. Gibb, Cindy Dec 1, 2012 885
Resistance is rising to second-line tuberculosis drugs. Sullivan, Michele G. Clinical report Nov 1, 2012 894
New computer model offers 'realistic' tool to predict HIV drug resistance. Sep 3, 2012 415
Predicting Best Treatment for HIV Patients. Sep 3, 2012 808
Drug resistance can be managed, study finds. Currie, Donya Sep 1, 2012 230
Potent first-strike influenza drug target identified. Aug 4, 2012 825
Poor-quality drugs threaten malaria fight. Currie, Donya Aug 1, 2012 147
'Master switch' drug could treat different cancers. Jul 11, 2012 284
TB BECOMING MORE RESISTANT TO DRUGS; Main antbiotics failing to keep disease in check. Jul 7, 2012 436
Poor quality or fake malaria drugs pose threat to vulnerable populations. May 22, 2012 488
In vitro study of the effect of a probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus rhamnosus against herpes simplex virus type 1. Khani, Soghra; Motamedifar, Mohammad; Golmoghaddam, Hossein; Hosseini, Hamideh Mahmoodzadeh; Hashemi Report Mar 1, 2012 5246
A NEW CANCER DRUG; Scientists stop treatments becoming resistant to disease. Dec 1, 2011 584
Molecular approaches for individualized tumor therapy with standard drugs, phytochemicals, and medicinal herbs. Efferth, Thomas Report Oct 15, 2011 539
Confirmatory viral load reduces HIV treatment switches fourfold in 6-country African study. Leach-Lemens, Carole Clinical report Jul 1, 2011 990
New drug target could effectively treat breast cancer. May 23, 2011 279
Cancer 'roadmap' could help fight resistance to targeted drug therapies. Mar 26, 2011 303
Child specialist warns against multi drug resistant TB among children. Mar 25, 2011 574
New genetic signatures of breast cancer drug resistance identified. Jan 12, 2011 336
HIV-1 drug resistance genotypic profiles in children with undetectable plasma viremia during antiretroviral therapy. de Angelis, Daniela Souza Araujo; Tateno, Adriana Fumie; Diaz, Ricardo Sobhie; Succi, Regina Celia d Jan 1, 2011 3820
How 'chameleon-like' HIV virus eludes treatment by mutating. Dec 16, 2010 230
How melanoma tumours evade drug treatment. Nov 25, 2010 340
Therapeutic drug monitoring for slow response to tuberculosis treatment in a state control program, Virginia, USA. Heysell, Scott K.; Moore, Jane L.; Keller, Suzanne J.; Houpt, Eric R. Clinical report Oct 1, 2010 5854
A dimeric high-molecular-weight chymotrypsin inhibitor with antitumor and HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitory activities from seeds of Acacia confusa. Lam, S.K.; Ng, T.B. Report Jul 1, 2010 3781
More medications for malaria in the offing. Brief article Jul 1, 2010 293
Expected surge in HIV drug resistance. Currie, Donya Apr 1, 2010 204
Genetic clues to counter malaria drug resistance. Feb 22, 2010 242
Novel way to trace HIV mutations that lead to drug resistance. Jan 12, 2010 282
Use of Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) to monitor the efficacy of anti-malaria therapy in Gezira, Sudan- a prospective, assessor-blind comparative study. Nour, Bakri Y.M.; Schallig, Henk D.F.H.; Mens, Petra F.; Elbushra, Sayid M.; Saeed, Osman K.; Mohama Clinical report Jul 1, 2009 2372
Drug shows promise in treating drug-resistant prostate cancer. Jun 1, 2009 188
Novel drug shows promise in treating drug-resistant prostate cancer. Apr 11, 2009 247
Novel drug shows promise in treating drug-resistant prostate cancer. Apr 9, 2009 247
Novel drug shows promise in treating drug-resistant prostate cancer. Apr 8, 2009 247
Drug resistant HIV 'spreads between people without anti-retroviral treatment'. Mar 30, 2009 204
Impact of resistant pathogens on the treatment of otitis. Coates, Harvey Nov 1, 2007 2807
Tuberculosis drug resistance and HIV infection, the Netherlands. van Soolingen, Dick May 1, 2007 2590
Novel HIV drugs show high efficacy in resistant disease. Kirn, Timothy F. Clinical report Mar 15, 2007 544
First treatment for drug-resistant HIV. Oct 1, 2006 441
Drug pipeline for hepatitis B treatment said to be prolific. Jancin, Bruce Mar 1, 2006 572
Drug resistance factors into HIV treatment failures. Splete, Heidi Nov 1, 2005 562
Patented method could overcome drug resistance in cancer. Oct 1, 2002 470

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