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Drug side effect of java jitters?

Drug side effects or java jitters?

Taking certain drugs can cause irritating, if not serious, side effects--a factor considered by those who approve marketing of a specific drug and by physicians who write drug prescriptions. One such drug is a member of the new class of quinolone agents called ciprofloxacin, an oral antibiotic under study as a treatment for hard-to-treat infections. Some of the minor side effects attributed to the drug are headaches, dizziness and restlessness. But ciprofloxacin may be getting a worse "reputation' than it deserves, suggests preliminary research at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. The culprit may actually be caffeine ingested along with the drug, say scientists studying the effects of ciprofloxacin in the body.

The scientists note that ciprofloxacin inhibits the body's breakdown of a substance called theophylline, which is similar in structure to caffeine. Using 10 fasting volunteers, they tested the effect of the drug on the levels of caffeine in the bloodstream. If both caffeine and ciprofloxacin are in the body at the same time, the caffeine concentration is higher than normal and remains elevated for a longer period of time. If this interaction proves important in additional studies, say the scientists, it may be wise to recommend that patients watch their intake of caffeine when taking drugs like ciprofloxacin.
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Title Annotation:reaction between ciprofloxacin and caffeine
Author:Edwards, Diane D.
Publication:Science News
Date:Oct 17, 1987
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