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Drug against untreatable forms of TB found.

NATURE has once again provided an answer to man- made problems. Scientists have discovered a new drug from a natural source which has been found effective against even currently untreatable forms of tuberculosis.

Overuse and inappropriate application of powerful TB drugs have made the tuberculosis bacteria resistant to them. Several cases of tuberculosis which does not respond to any known drugs have already been reported from India. The World Health Organisation ( WHO) has declared drug- resistant TB a global health threat.

The new drug is actually a natural product secreted by a soil bacterium called Dactylosporangium fulvum and has been found effective against drugresistant forms of tuberculosis as well.

The results of this promising research appeared in scientific journal EMBO Molecular Medicine on Monday.

The soil bacteria produce a compound called pyridomycin, which in turn, can specifically kill TB- causing mycobacteria.

The new study has deciphered how pyridomycin acts against TB bacteria. It has been found effective against TB bacteria specifically resistant to frontline drug treatment.

" Screening natural products is a powerful way to find possible new drugs," Stewart Cole of Global Health Institute, Switzerland, who led the research team, said.

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Publication:Mail Today (New Delhi, India)
Date:Sep 18, 2012
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