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Drug addiction.


Drug addication is one of the mOst parlous of any society. MOreover, drug addication has been a serious hazard in our country as many teenagers have been suffering from this mortal disease state.

Sadly, drug and narcotics trade has become order of the day in Balochistan, where narcotics is being traded publically.

Consequence, many people have been fallen casualty to this odious , speically the youngstere , almost no any area of the province is free from drug addicts and dealers.

It seems that government and Anti-narcotics departments have totally been failed to crub the dealing of narcotics in the province.

It is a general fact that a drug user cannot work regularly at any place and they are not in the situation to earn money for drugs, honestly. When they don't get enough money for drug, then they start rubbing, begging or sell their property. Consequently, street crimes has increased rapidly in Balochistan in past few years.

The United Nation office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) 2013 report disclose that there are more than 800, 000 people who are addicited to narcotics on a regular basis in Pakistan including BalOchistan's 280, 000 are between the ages of 15 to 65.

Futhermore, Drug addict can neither play an positive role for his family nor for the improvement of country.

Additionaly, there should be proper advising on such social issues.where people are awarded of its negative impact and awful signifiance.

Therefore, i beg, the authoritiesconcerned to conceive mechanism to get rid of this evil from the society.

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Publication:Pakistan Today (Lahore, Pakistan)
Date:Sep 10, 2020
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