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Duterte: Getting entangled in illegal drug trade is like committing suicide. Oct 15, 2020 681
The rest is history. Mar 18, 2016 381
Fingerprints reveal more than identity. Mole, Beth Brief article Jun 27, 2015 232
The human factor risk of athletic scandals. Vazquez, Ray Dec 1, 2014 1093
Justice means savings: the cost of sentencing. Doherty, Brian Brief article Sep 12, 2014 171
Counting victims is a murky business. Schaeffer-Duffy, Claire Feb 28, 2014 1091
Containing the spillover effect: the use of rule of law to combat drug-related violence in Mexico. Durand, Rissel Jan 1, 2014 12415
Kinder, gentler prohibition: will drug courts undermine marijuana legalization? Riggs, Mike Jul 1, 2013 3629
Costa Rica. Report Mar 1, 2013 1958
El Salvador. Report Mar 1, 2013 1964
Guatemala. Report Mar 1, 2013 1865
Mafia Boss Arrested on Venezuelan Island After Being On The Run for Five Years. Brief article Aug 28, 2012 275
The sad truth about 'harm minimisation'. Devine, Miranda Aug 1, 2012 916
Data-driven decision making in the prevention of substance-related harm: results from the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant Program. Orwin, Robert G.; Edwards, Jessica M.; Buchanan, Rebecca M.; Flewelling, Robert L.; Landy, Ann L. Mar 22, 2012 9757
'Let it begin with me': parishioners work for peace in Juarez. Kolb, Joseph J. Feb 3, 2012 695
Border battleground: Mexico's drug violence is state-sponsored--by the U.S. Warner, Ed Feb 1, 2012 2928
Mexico's drug problem: a deadly battle against Mexico's drug cartels has overtaken illegal immigration and trade as the top issue between Mexico and the United States. Archibold, Randal C. Apr 4, 2011 2294
Communicate with the concerned people and speak with one voice to find a solution. Nishtar, Sania Mar 14, 2011 1089
Mexico's drug trafficking organizations: source and scope of the rising violence. Beittel, June S. Report Jan 1, 2011 15857
Mexico: The Bicentennial and Beyond. Moon, Bart Oct 4, 2010 355
An odd couple: journalists and academics: partnering with Harvard's Carr Center gave a freelance journalist the chance to continue her reporting about drug wars in Juarez, Mexico. Campbell, Monica Sep 22, 2010 879
Substance abuse and the criminal law. Loewy, Arnold H. Report Mar 22, 2010 3442
II. crime: "Kid, you're on your own". Report Sep 22, 2009 3554
The death of the war on drugs. Jablecki, Lawrence Sep 1, 2009 1554
Price of prohibition: drug policy and Latin America. Sullum, Jacob Brief article Jun 1, 2009 289
Mexico's drug-related violence. Seittel, June S. Report May 1, 2009 11877
A fighting chance: as Mexico steps up its war against the brutal cartels that supply the United States' drug habit, leaders on both sides of the border face tough questions about how to combat a problem that threatens the very fabric of Mexico's democracy. Corchado, Alfredo Mar 22, 2009 3242
Soccer diplomacy: mission Bolivia promotes sports over drugs. Sellers, Charles Mar 1, 2009 697
Community intolerant with gang activity. Bruner, Thomas J. Aug 1, 2008 943
Weighing up crime: the overestimation of drug-related crime. Stevens, Alex Jun 22, 2008 8263
Drugs trade takes its toll in Middle East region. Land, Thomas Jun 1, 2008 1289
Cyprus. Report Jan 1, 2008 2344
Afghanistan's opium addiction: Afghanistan is the world's first narco-state, with one-third its GDP dependent on narcotics sales. Elliott, Robert Aug 1, 2007 894
"You don't expect your daughter to go to school and come home with drugs in her bag," says Amanda Butterfield. Oliver, Charles Brief Article Mar 1, 2006 97
New direction for drug fight. Gips, Michael A. Sep 1, 2005 319
Talking it over: the case of oral argument vs. printed document. Blears, James May 1, 2005 1855
Innovative initiatives of Treatment Accountabilty for Safer Community programs. Chapple, Karen V.; Shilton, Mary Oct 1, 2004 2444
Alaska's high cost of substance abuse: what is substance abuse costing alaska businesses? The problems--and possible solutions. Williams, Morissa Lou Apr 1, 2004 3035
The Alaska misconduct involving weapons statutes: a history and analysis. Fred, John D. Case Note Dec 1, 2003 8212
Marijuana consumption and violence: is there a bi-directional association? Duarte, Rosa; Escario, Jose Julian; Molina, Jose Alberto Sep 1, 2003 470
The war at home: our jails overflow with nonviolent drug offenders. Have we reached the point where the drug war causes more harm than the drugs themselves? Tree, Sanho Cover Story May 1, 2003 2165
`They do it because they make money'. Transcript May 1, 2003 1001
Early release for New York's drug offenders. Harry, Jennifer L. Apr 1, 2003 380
An analysis of the criminogenic effects of terminating the Supplemental Security Income impairment category for drug addiction and alcoholism. Swartz, James A.; Martinovich, Zoran; Goldstein, Paul Mar 22, 2003 11295
GUATEMALA NOT COOPERATING, BUT... Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 144
Connecting drug paraphernalia to drug gangs. Rosario, Efrain A. Feb 1, 2003 2498
Designer amphetamines in New Zealand: policy challenges and initiatives. Wilkins, Chris Dec 1, 2002 5873
Unleashing the armies of compassion. (Feature). Watts, J.C., Jr. Dec 1, 2002 1558
Waging a battle against myths. (Feature). Alsobrooks, Dan P. Dec 1, 2002 2553
Why act? (Feature). Arthur, Beth; Braxton-Mintz, Robbye; Mahoney, Walt, Jr. Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 2002 2212
Integrating criminal justice, treatment and community agencies to break cycle. (Feature). Terry-McElrath, Yvonne; McBride, Duane; Waal, Curtis J. Vander; Ruel, Erin Aug 1, 2002 4997
The agony of Ecstasy: reconsidering the punitive approach to United States drug policy. Kay, Amanda Jun 1, 2002 26068
Narcoterrorism as a threat to international security. Blank, Stephen Dec 1, 2001 4743
A World of Trouble. GIPS, MICHAEL A. Apr 1, 2001 1167
The Global Village, Pillaged. GIPS, MICHAEL A. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 888
Creating Gender-Responsive Program: The Next Step For Women's Services. Covington, Stephanie S. Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2001 2495
The Clinton Era by the Numbers -- HIS LEGACY: MORE LAW ENFORCEMENT, LESS MONEY FOR A RANGE OF OTHER SERVICES. BURNHAM, DAVID; LONG, SUSAN Statistical Data Included Jan 29, 2001 2320
A conceptual framework for operationalizing the relationship between violence and drug market stability. Brownstein, Henry H.; Crimmins, Susan M.; Spunt, Barry J. Dec 22, 2000 7405
US says Plan Colombia will win war but critics say goals are unclear. Brief Article Dec 21, 2000 680
Investigation shows pervasive impact of drug trade in Brazil. Brief Article Dec 8, 2000 331
WORLD. Malcolm, Teresa Nov 10, 2000 1988
Opening Up Borderland Studies: A Review of U.S.-Mexico Border Militarization Discourse. Palafox, Jose Sep 22, 2000 7408
A Comparison of Male and Female Drug Court Participants. Johnson, Shelley; Shaffer, Deborah Koetzle; Latessa, Edward J. Jun 1, 2000 3926
He Should Remember His Sister. Cockburn, Alexander Brief Article May 22, 2000 1092
Following the Drugs. Kirch, John F. Jan 1, 2000 1202
Guide to the BJS Web Site. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 174
Center for Task Force Training. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 222
New Ideas For Ending The War On Drugs : It's Time For Realism. Massing, Michael Sep 20, 1999 2764
Stones and Roses in North Richmond. cockburn, Alexander Brief Article Jul 19, 1999 1068
The forgotten origins of cannabis prohibition in California. Gieringer, Dale H. Jun 22, 1999 17695
Toxicological investigations of drug-facilitated sexual assaults. LeBeau, Marc A. Apr 1, 1999 2066
The Netherlands: Let's be realistic. Barnard, Herbert P. Oct 1, 1998 1815
The addictive war. Cockburn, Alexander Sep 1, 1998 2300
The improbable transformation of inner-city neighborhoods: crime, violence, drugs, and youth in the 1990s. Curtis, Richard Jun 22, 1998 17088
The social construction of the minority drug problem. Covington, Jeanette Dec 22, 1997 14557
Legalization of narcotics: myths and reality. Califano, Joseph A. Mar 1, 1997 1849
Young adult offenders, alcohol and criminological cul-de-sacs. Parker, Howard Mar 22, 1996 8239
Women, crack, and crime: gender comparisons of criminal activity among crack cocaine users. McCoy, H. Virginia; Inciardi, James A.; Metsch, Lisa R.; Pottieger, Anne E.; Saum, Christine A. Sep 22, 1995 4264
Lock 'em up. Pollock, Robert Oct 1, 1994 196
An empirical study of the relations between drug abuse and delinquency among adolescents. Otero-Lopez, Jose Manuel; Luengo-Martin, Angeles; Miron-Redondo, Lourdes; Carrillo-De-La-Pena, Maria Sep 22, 1994 8530
Can we win the battle for America's streets? Dixon, Sharon Pratt Cover Story May 1, 1994 1205
How cocaine use affects violence. Aug 1, 1993 347
An economic analysis of recidivism among drug offenders. Zuehlke, Thomas W. Jul 1, 1993 7550
The drug war on civil liberties. Baum, Dan Jun 29, 1992 2177
Drugs and crime in the twenty-first century: new approaches to old problems. Stephens, Gene May 1, 1992 2685
Taking back the property: front-line dispatches from the drug wars. Rategan, Cathie May 1, 1990 2249
Introduction: "A deadly plague rages on the streets." (War! The Drug Crisis: The Problem) Aug 1, 1989 980
Charles Rangel: the front-line general in the war on drugs. Norment, Lynn Mar 1, 1989 1658
Paraguay: the Stroessner connection. Bird, Kai; Holland, Max Oct 26, 1985 380
One-way traffic. Primack, Phil column Jun 1, 1985 515
The Miami connection: golden gateway for drugs. Lernoux, Penny Feb 18, 1984 10082

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