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Drug/explosive detectors. (Americas' Security Expo Product Showcase).

Ion Track Instruments of Wilmington, Massachusetts, makes drug and explosive detection instruments that secure facilities and events from terrorist attack. They are widely used for drug interdiction at ports, border crossing checkpoints, and postal inspection facilities. Using patented Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer technology, a sample is heated in the desorber to create vapors that are drawn into the detector and electrically charged by a patented ionization process. Narcotics and explosives easily pass through a semipermeable membrane, but inorganic materials and water vapor cannot. Once they pass through the membrane, the vapors become charged and react with dopant gases, which ensure that contraband substances are fully ionized. An electrical field propels ions to the collector electrode at the other end, creating peaks that are displayed as a Plasmagram. Measuring the "time of flight" of the ions identifies them.

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Publication:Security Management
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Date:Jul 1, 2002
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