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Drought-tolerant, easygoing garden packed with ideas.

Water conservation and versatility characterize this small garden in Southern California. The 1,250-square-foot space brims with ideas for displaying plants in camouflaged pots--an especially useful idea in the West's semi-arid climates. Landscape architect Ken Smith created his Newbury Park garden with three objectives in mind: "I wanted a garden that would be mostly drought tolerant, would need very little maintenance--and would be a place where I could indulge my interest in out-of-the-ordinary plants." The heart of the garden is a small, 6- by 8-foot deck that tucks into a curve in the sinuous raised-bed island pictured above. The bed's retaining wall is made of 3-foot lengths of redwood 2-by-12s with ends buried 18 inches. About 3 inches of each upright plank overlaps the next, allowing the wall to curve gently. The bed is planted with 1/2-inch-tall Sedum dasyphyllum (blue-green leaves), which will eventually fill in; in colder areas such as Denver, consider bergenia.

Cover-ups for pots, gallon cans

At several points in the garden, Smith uses container plants (with containers cleverly hidden) to add seasonal color. Near one end of the island, a 15-gallon can sunk into the ground holds different small trees during the year; he masks cans with sphagnum moss or river rock. Sinking containers not only conceals them, but also reduces water needs by preventing soil from drying out too quickly. Near the entry, a cluster of 12 random-length redwood 4-by-6s buried 18 inches forms two 6-inch-square pockets--perfect spots to drop in blooming plants in 6-inch pots. In spring and summer, French marigolds go here; in fall, these are replaced with |Majestic Giant' pansies or |King Henry' violas. Drip irrigation water most of the garden. Pots and small areas of ground cover the hand-watered. Paths are covered with 3/4-inch stone in a gray to brown mix.
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Date:May 1, 1990
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