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Drought afflicts U.S., Arkansas.

Although drought conditions in Arkansas and throughout the country have eased somewhat recently, the worst drought in 50 years has reduced crop projections for corn and soybeans in the United States. The nation's corn harvest is three weeks ahead of schedule because of the warm and lengthy spring, but hot, dry conditions have whittled down the bumper estimates forecast earlier this year. Forty-five percent of the state is experiencing "exceptional drought," according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, and the USDA has declared all 75 Arkansas counties drought disaster areas. Throughout the U.S., the USDA has designated 1,670 counties disaster areas because of drought.

In Arkansas, Gov. Mike Beebe announced a $2 million fund designated to help the state's ranchers, who are finding it hard to pay for hay and other forage devastated by drought. The state Agriculture Department is administering the Livestock Assistance Grant Program. Producers of cattle, sheep and goats can apply for help through Wednesday, Aug. 29. The dry conditions have caused low water levels on the Mississippi River, reducing shipping, according to the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Drought Impact Types

Delineates dominant impacts

S = Short-Term, typically <6 months (e.g. agriculture, grasslands)

L = Long-Term, typically >6 months (e.g. hydrology, ecology)
 None Abnormally Dry- Drought-Moderate-
 Drought- Drought-
 Exceptional Exceptional

Current 0.00 100.00 99.79

Last Week 0.00 100.00 99.79
(08/14/2012 map)

3 Months Ago 5.59 94.41 11.63
(05/22/2012 map)

Start of Calendar 86.20 13.80 3.95
Year (12/27/2011

Start of Water Year 1.21 98.79 75.99
(09/27/2011 map)

One Year 4.36 95.64 76.88
Ago (08/16/2011map)

 Drought-Severe- Drought-Extreme- Drought-
 Drought- Drought- Exceptional
 Exceptional Exception

Current 96.55 74.38 45.30

Last Week 96.79 80.93 53.60
(08/14/2012 map)

3 Months Ago 0.02 0.00 0.00
(05/22/2012 map)

Start of Calendar 1.06 0.23 0.00
Year (12/27/2011

Start of Water Year 39.48 18.92 1.53
(09/27/2011 map)

One Year 33.17 15.78 2.17
Ago (08/16/2011map)


D0 Abnormally Dry
D1 Drought-Moderate
D2 Drought-Severe
D3 Drought-Extreme
D4 Drought-Exceptional
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