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Dropping the dead TV programme; Drop the Dead Donkey Channel 4, Wednesday, 9pm.

IT'S the end of the road for the Drop The Dead Donkey crew as this series - and the whole shebang - comes to an end this week.

The satirical show based in a TV newsroom has been on our screens for seven years. After a straight run from 1990 to 1996, it took a break last year, but came back ... to go out with a bang.

DTDD has produced some TV stars in its time, with Stephen Tompkinson (Damien) and Neil Pearson (Dave) both going on to bigger and better things. Pearson recreated the gigolo character in the excellent police drama series Between The Lines and became a bit of a heart- throb.

Tompkinson has become one of TV's biggest stars with the role as Father Clifford in Ballykissaangel. And he found true love as well with co-star Dervla Kirwin who played barmaid Assumpta.

This series hasn't been as inspired as previous and not recording it just a few hours before transmission meant it lost a lot its topical edge. But the last show promises to be a special one.

During the station's dying days, Sally (Victoria Wicks) prepares for her wedding. And rather than argue with Sally, Henry (David Swift) is at daggers drawn with Dave.

George (Jeff Rawle) is preparing for a new life and Helen (Ingrid Lacey) is still frantically searching for a job. Joy (Susannah Doyle) is on the brink of stardom, whilst Damien finds adulation beyond his dreams - and you can bet that's something to see. Gus (Robert Duncan) however, is about to get his fingers badly

The sun always shine on TV Wish You Were Here: ITV, Monday, 7pm

BANISH those winter blues as Britain's favourite travel show returns to the small screen.

Host Anthea Turner visits the exotic Indonesian island of Bali and discovers it's a destination which gives you value for money.

Luxury accommodation is better priced than ever before and there's bargain shopping aplenty to be had in the capital of Denpasar.

New presenter Victoria Fay is young, free and single and looking for a holiday promising lots of fun.

Bodrum in Turkey is her destination ... but the best looking talent she can lay her eyes on is a camel!

After the huge success of their report from Florida Keys, friends Judith Chalmers and Julian Clary team up once more, this time to visit the historic and picturesque city of Prague.

During their sightseeing they bump into Judith's sister Sandy who, by coincidence, happens to be in Prague.

"Look at me," says Julian, "my cup runneth over ... a Chalmers under each arm."

Meanwhile, Martin Roberts visits Bella Italia, a campsite on the banks of Lake Garda in Italy. He tests out the campsite's facilities and joins a family on a visit to Gardaland - Italy's biggest theme park.

Soap watch: Sad Sal's picking up the pieces now

POOR old Sally Webster (Sally Whittaker) has finally cottoned on to the fact that Greg Kelly (Stephen Billington) is a rat.

And now she's been left to pick up the pieces of all the friendships she sacrificed for Coronation Street's sleazy businessman who broke her heart and used all her money.

First off she tries Gail Platt (Helen Worth), but when she reaches the caf, she's not there, then she heads for Rita Sullivan's - although a frosty reception could await her.

Rita being Rita though, can't turn her back on Sally and the girls.

And she and Alec Gilroy start plotting what she should do to at least try and rescue some of her inheritance.

If you think things are bad for Sally, spare a thought for poor Ashley.

Loopy Zoe is about to leave the Street to join the Foundation full-time. And when Ashley ties to stop her going, she stuns him by revealing she has been chosen as one of the daughters of Nirab to have a baby for the cult.

Natalie is still protecting her son Tony, even although Des's brother Colin is pleading with her to change her loyalty and go to the police to reveal the truth about her husband's death.

Just when is this woman going to admit to the world what a rotter her son has turned out to be?

Perhaps after she's raided his pockets and found something that horrifies her.

In Albert Square this week, two of the EastEnders are about to have their lives shattered by a startling revelation.

Annie Palmer's world is rocked as the terrible implications of her father George's revelation sinks in - she's been involved with her half-brother Gianni and another soap opera is about to broach that last taboo ... incest.

Elsewhere in the Square, its a sad week as Tiffany Mitchell (Martine McCutcheon) lies in hospital after a terrible accident most people are blaming on her husband Grant (Ross Kemp).

And you can imagine what happens when he and Beppe Di Marco bump into each other at the hospital...

Not only does Grant have Beppe to contend with, he has Bianca (Patsy Palmer) hunting him down.

God help the man, whatever he's done, to have that fate bestowed on him.

In Brookside this week things aren't too hectic. There's no guns, gangsters and drugs to contend with, but Ron Dixon (Vince Earle) is a man with a mission. He wants Jacqui's baby, Harry, back where he belongs - with the Dixons.

But his custody plans are scuppered by Nathan (Marcus Hutton).

And he gets more than he bargained for when he fights Mike's corner with Anthea (Barbara Hatwell). Just how far will Mike and Megan (Cheryl Mackie) go?

When Mike, Megan and Jacqui (Alexandra Fletcher) learn the truth about Ron and Anthea's affair, his daughter is sickened by his hypocrisy.

Susannah Farnham (Karen Drury) may have had her fill of men after finding out what a rat her husband Max really was, but has she really?

And is there something more than just friendship going on between her and Greg (Mark Moraghan)?

Over in Channel Four's other soap, Hollyoaks, hopeless drug addict Lucy (Kerrie Taylor) has some explaining to do when Carol (Natalie Casey) finds out she's been on the heroin again.

Kurt Benson (Jeremy Edwards) is feeling as uncomfortable as his junkie sister, as he things Kate (Natasha Syms) is planning to rekindle their affair.

He'd be as well to just go with it, as his wife Ruth (Terri Dwyer) overacts her way through another scene as she insists he is out of her life for good.

Down under in Neighbours, you'd think Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) would have realised by now that Susan (Jackie Woodburne) is no longer interested.

This week she wants him to sign an official bank document giving a sure sign she's shutting the door on their relationship once and for all. Time to wake up and smell the coffee, Karl, methinks.
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