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Drones are immoral.

WILL some of the top brains from the University of Birmingham consider the moral dilemma posed by unmanned drones (Mail, September 24)? Should any state have a licence to kill suspected terrorists or, indeed, any other persons perceived to be a threat to national security by deploying unmanned flying killing machines in foreign lands without permission and in the total absence of any judicial process? Terrorists are guilty of indiscriminate slaughter, as only recently witnessed in Kenya, and need to be eradicated, but there is something grotesque and profoundly worrying when a foreign state can wipe out human beings abroad as if they were part of a computer game, sometimes resulting in the killing of innocent civilians and destroying property.

The United States currently is dominant in this field of weaponry but China is rapidly catching up and has already developed its own highly sophisticated equivalent and how long will it be before these silent bringers of death proliferate? What will then prevent other nations striking anywhere around the globe and killing anyone they rightly or wrongly perceive to be a serious threat, when we in the West have done exactly the same? Far better to get this weaponry the subject of international agreement, just like chemical weapons, before these birds of death, rising above the earth and soaring in the skies, cast their dark shadow over the entire world like the birds in mythology. Peter Henrick, Nortthfield
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Sep 30, 2013
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