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DroneDeploy partners with SlantRange and Sentera.


DroneDeploy, the drone software platform, has announced new capabilities to help growers perform more accurate plant health analysis and process high-quality maps during all stages of crop growth, the company said.

Growers can now use DroneDeploy to create field maps using sensors designed for agriculture, including Sentera near-infrared and SlantRange calibrated multi-spectral sensors.

In addition, DroneDeploy released improvements to its proprietary map processing algorithms -- just in time to address some of the most common challenges growers face when mapping late-stage crops.

The supported near-infrared sensors from Sentera, including the High-Precision NDVI Single sensor and the Sentera Double 4K, allow growers to create NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) maps to accurately detect crop stress.

The SlantRange 3p sensor captures high-resolution, calibrated, multi-spectral imagery data using patented sunlight calibration algorithms so that growers and agronomists can accurately compare crop data over time.

DroneDeploy is the cloud software platform for commercial drones. Trusted by users in more than 160 countries across a variety of industries including agriculture, construction, mining and insurance, DroneDeploy is transforming how businesses collect, manage and interpret drone data to improve workflows. Scalable image processing, data storage and sharing in real-time form the backbone of the DroneDeploy platform, while a user-friendly interface makes it intuitive to fly and capture drone data, view and analyze maps on any device.

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Publication:Airline Industry Information
Date:Jul 25, 2017
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