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Enjoy a safe and happy Independence Day. Jul 3, 2020 269
Drink-drive speeder who killed 70-year-old jailed; 'Maniac' motorist ploughed into bus stop - then went to the pub. Jul 3, 2020 406
Shoeless hairdresser necks bottle of prosecco and drives car with boy, 4, in the back; Ban and fine for woman found four times limit. TIM BUGLER Jul 3, 2020 376
Drink-driving surge concerns in new survey. Jul 3, 2020 191
Speeding drink driver jailed for seven years. Jul 3, 2020 696
Drink-driving surge concern in new survey. Jul 3, 2020 191
A55 crash driver nearly 4 times the drink limit; HE DROVE OFF FROM ACCIDENT... THEN POLICE FOUND HIM ASLEEP AT WHEEL ON SLIP ROAD. STEVE BAGNALL Daily Post Reporter Jul 2, 2020 353
Drink-driver 'was veering across road'. DANNY MCKAY Jul 2, 2020 359
Drunken driver had wet his trousers during bid to escape; thug found hiding in bushes after ramming police car. NEIL DOCKING ECHO reporter @LIVECHOCOURT Jul 1, 2020 619
Officers catch 10 driving under influence; CRIME. CHRIS MACLENNAN Jul 1, 2020 243
Drink driver ran over man after being hit in fight. philip dewey Reporter Jun 30, 2020 966
Drink-driver was harbour master; IN BRIEF. Jun 30, 2020 212
Don't ever take drink-driving risk. 6 29.06.2020 DOWN LAYING THE LAW WITH DIVISIONAL COMMANDER CHIEF SUPER Jun 29, 2020 590
If 30% of all accidents are caused sober motorists more dangerous? by drink-drivers, does that make; When my wife left, I was so sad that I got drunk and bought a motorbike and two dogs. She'll be furious when she comes back from the shops... MIKE LOCKLEY OPINION BRITAIN'S BEST REGIONAL COLUMNIST 2019 ON THE FUNNY SIDE OF LIFE... Email mike. Jun 28, 2020 890
Nicole Richie: From tabloid antics to saving bees, 'ugly produce'. Jun 28, 2020 1656
drink-driver 'obliterated' van in smash; High-speed crash put 3 men in hospital. TIM BUGLER Jun 27, 2020 259
Driver drinks from club fish bowl, hours later he killed Robyn, 15; family given life sentence, says judge He drove off after hitting only child before changing plates, cleaning then hiding car. WILMA RILEY Jun 26, 2020 484
Abusive ex drove drunk to see wife; RESTRAINING ORDER BREACHED A SECOND TIME. SARA NICHOL Court reporter @SaraNichol10 Jun 26, 2020 467
Sugar Grove woman charged with aggravated DUI, damaging squad car. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Jun 26, 2020 259
Pubs should 'turn car parks into drinking areas' to stop drink driving from July; Pubs will be told to keep lists of everyone who comes in for 21 days in case there is an outbreak -with more outdoor seats and tape to mark distance on the floor, under rules from July. By, Emma Munbodh Jun 26, 2020 628
Drink-driver on wrong side of the road hits mother, teen and two kids .. then flees; MOTORIST FACES JAIL FOR HORROR SMASH And FOUR hours later he is still FOUR times the limit. GORDON CURRIE Jun 25, 2020 319
Family of dad and two kids killed in tragic Father's Day car crash pay moving tribute; Three pedestrians from the same family died in the Dalton-on-Furness crash, as wife and mum Emma Flynn lost her husband Joshua, 37, son Coby-Jay, 15, and daughter Skylar, 12. By, Talia Shadwell Jun 25, 2020 740
Drunk driver to pay Dh200,000 blood money for causing death of a person in UAE. Ismail Sebugwaawo Jun 24, 2020 291
Traffic cop injured after being hit by drunk driver. Jun 23, 2020 328
Man facing charges after Naperville crash. Marie Wilson Jun 23, 2020 177
Naperville man charged after Glen Ellyn woman suffers injuries in crash. Marie Wilson Jun 23, 2020 195
Man charged with DUI, more after crash. Marie Wilson Jun 23, 2020 195
Police: Drunken driver seriously injures woman in Naperville crash. Marie Wilson Jun 23, 2020 204
Six arrests for drunk driving in the Bases. Jonathan Shkurko Jun 23, 2020 213
Victim of drunk-driver lost both legs in crash; KARA, 32, STILL IN HOSPITAL TWO YEARS AFTER HORROR COLLISION. LAUREN WISE ECHO Correspondent @LIVECHONEWS Jun 23, 2020 452
'Drink-drive' smash kills dad and two kids on Father's Day stroll. JEREMY ARMSTRONG Jun 23, 2020 243
'Drink drive' smash kills dad & 2 kids on a Father's Day stroll; Mum grieves loss of family. JEREMY ARMSTRONG Jun 23, 2020 312
Police charge man with drink-driving; IN BRIEF. Jun 23, 2020 239
drunk mum could have killed us in 70mph road rampage; Victims tell of 'terror' after 24-year-old avoids jail despite previous conviction. NEIL DOCKING ECHO reporter @LIVECHOCOURT Jun 21, 2020 1020
Drunk driver in Thailand claims to be military officer after ploughing into passersby. Jun 20, 2020 181
Police procedures for breath testing deemed 'suitable' SAFETY. Jun 20, 2020 162
Killer driver could see his 'lenient' jail term increased; SOLICITOR GENERAL TO EXAMINE CRASH CASE. LUKE TRAYNOR Chief Reporter @LUKETRAYNORECHO Jun 19, 2020 501
Cops catch drink-drive paedophile. PHILIP DEWEY Reporter Jun 19, 2020 480
Truckers drove wrong way up A19. Jun 19, 2020 229
89th to die in line of duty. TREVOR QUINN Jun 19, 2020 186
Drink-driver walks free from court despite 'almost killing' couple and dog; motorist, 24, seen slurring words after losing control of car. NEIL DOCKING ECHO Reporter @LIVECHOCOURT Jun 18, 2020 661
Drink-driver spared jail after 'ridiculous' display. Jun 18, 2020 238
'He was the best husband I could ever ask for' heartbroken widow's tribute to husband, 83, killed in hit-and-run. OPRAH FLASH Jun 18, 2020 392
Disqualified drink-driver jailed after car hit pensioner. Jun 17, 2020 216
Judge ups Aurora man's bail in DUI, drug case. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Jun 17, 2020 310
Bail increased for Aurora man after DUI while armed violence case is pending. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Jun 17, 2020 323
Glendale Hts. woman charged with 5th DUI after rollover crash. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Jun 16, 2020 246
Woman charged with 5th DUI after rollover crash in Batavia. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Jun 16, 2020 246
Drink-drive suspect plunges into stream. Jun 13, 2020 301
Mum 'lucky to be alive' after being hit by drink-driver. LIZ DAY Reporter Jun 13, 2020 1674
Mum-of-four 'lucky to be alive' after being hit by speeding drink-driver. LIZ DAY Reporter Jun 13, 2020 1694
Drunk driver hits, kills, boy, 8. Jun 12, 2020 271
Suspended jail term for rapper NO:EL confirmed. Jun 12, 2020 172
Aurora man guilty of DUI, chase, still charged with sexually abusing 3. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Jun 12, 2020 367
Malaysia's drink driving problem: How big is it? What the numbers actually say. Jun 11, 2020 1766
Cyclist badly hurt in 'drink-drive' crash. Jun 9, 2020 206
Drunken dad punched taxi driver in fares row. jason evans Jun 9, 2020 505
AB6IX Lim Young-min leaves group after DUI. Jun 9, 2020 406
Naperville man charged with DUI, reckless homicide in fatal head-on crash. Patricia Babcock McGraw Jun 8, 2020 159
Judge rejects appeal on hit-and-run driver. STUART ABEL @plymouth_live Jun 8, 2020 431
K-Pop's Lim Young-min feels the heat with DUI charge. Samar Khouri, Special to tabloid! Jun 7, 2020 269
Judge tells drink-drive man prison sentence is 'inevitable'. LIZ DAY Reporter Jun 6, 2020 324
Teen drank and drove dangerously. LIZ DAY Reporter Jun 6, 2020 392
Driver caught over limit. Jun 6, 2020 163
Restaurant, bar owners: Ban on alcohol and freezing new licences won't curb drink driving, better enforcement will. Jun 6, 2020 1284
AB6IX member releases handwritten apology for DUI. Jun 5, 2020 367
Knife found after drink drive suspect in car smash; POLICE. Jun 5, 2020 170
Man charged after fatal crash:. Jun 5, 2020 389
Crystal Lake man charged with DUI in fatal crash. Lauren Rohr Jun 5, 2020 205
Senate committee finds 'inefficiencies' in enforcement of law vs drugged driving. Jun 4, 2020 418
Drink-drive arrest after vehicles crash. ALEX GROVE @examiner Jun 4, 2020 195
Drink-driver fled police in car with deflated tyre. DANNY MCKAY Jun 4, 2020 500
Drink-drive mum hit 104mph with 3 kids; ROADS. Jun 4, 2020 227
Perak mulls overhaul of booze sale regulations to curb drink driving. Jun 3, 2020 344
Anwar: How is govt going to amend laws on drink driving without Parliament? Jun 3, 2020 246
Sick drink-driver casually sips a pint just over an hour after mowing down Allan, 70; Victims family: Loss of dad has left huge gap that will never be filled' Victim's '; Drink-driver killed pensioner in crash. KAREN ROBERTS Jun 3, 2020 841
Drink-driver pleads guilty to lethal high-speed crash; Court: Pensioner died when BMW hit bus shelter. Jun 3, 2020 599
Aurora man sent to prison for 4th DUI, drug possession. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Jun 3, 2020 251
The following information was obtained from the Marion Police Department. Note t. Jun 3, 2020 202
No evidence freezing award of alcohol sales licence can curb drink driving, DBKL told. Jun 2, 2020 457
Amid drink driving focus, DBKL freezes new licences to sell alcohol. Jun 2, 2020 196
Transport Ministry finalising Act 333 amendment, promises harshest punishment for driving under influence. Jun 2, 2020 399
psni ordered to delete dna records after case. MICHAEL MCHUGH Jun 2, 2020 162
Places that serve alcohol should be last to reopen; LETTER S Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Post: Unfortunately our office is shut so we are unable to accept posted letters. Letter to the editor Jun 2, 2020 867
Court suspends 21-year-old motorist's driving licence pending fatal drink driving case on KL highway. Jun 1, 2020 270
Van driver caught slurring his words and smelling of alcohol in the early hours after drinking the night before; plumber fined PS300 and banned from driving for a year. MARK NAYLOR @GTMARKNAYLOR Jun 1, 2020 509
Transport minister vows to complete amendments to law against drunk-driving by June. May 30, 2020 274
DUI arrest leads to gun charges:. May 29, 2020 398
Malaysia's law minister: Govt not denying non-Muslims' right to drink alcohol if legal limits complied. May 29, 2020 766
Parti Sarawak Bersatu chief accuses PAS of hidden agenda in proposal to suspend booze trade. May 29, 2020 467
Transport minister: New awareness campaign against drink driving in works. May 29, 2020 416
Sarawak activist: Ban on alcohol won't solve drunk driving; tougher penalties needed. May 28, 2020 311
DAP: Perikatan stopped caring about drunk driving after coming into power. May 27, 2020 306
'Drink-driver' wrecks listed landmark that has stood for 140 years. CHRIS SLATER @CHRISSLATERMEN May 27, 2020 429
Dozen caught driving on drugs by police; CRIME. CHRIS MACLENNAN May 26, 2020 229
Health worker slain in drunk driving incident in Iloilo City. May 25, 2020 261
Just look me in the eye and say sorry for killing my mum; COUPLE FEEL APOLOGY WOULD GIVE THEM SOME CLOSURE AFTER WEDDING CRASH HORROR Son's plea to drunk driver on release from prison. / Jennifer Hyland May 24, 2020 525
Police say drunken driver dragged man in Bartlett. Eric Peterson May 23, 2020 222
Police say driver dragged man. Eric Peterson May 23, 2020 222
Drink-driver died after lorry crash. STEPHEN D'ALBIAC & MILES O'LEARY May 22, 2020 636
Police dog sniffs out drink-driver. May 20, 2020 178
Police Scotland reported to watchdog over breath tests; HEALTH AND SAFETY. NEIL POORAN May 20, 2020 234
Highwood man charged with driving drunk, using emergency lights. Doug T. Graham May 20, 2020 248
Over 130,000 vehicles inspected in two days of new campaign. May 19, 2020 445
Drink driver threatened to smash up ex-wife's house. philip dewey Reporter May 19, 2020 513
Get your facts right on cyclists using the roads; LETTER S Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Post: Letters, The Herald, Studio 5-11 Millbay Road, Plymouth PL1 3LF. Letter to the editor May 18, 2020 767
Garbage truck driver acquitted of drunk driving charges. May 16, 2020 526
Drink driver who spat at a friend could face prison. SARA NICHOL Court reporter May 15, 2020 500
Drink-drive detective sacked from police force. May 13, 2020 262
Detective sacked over drink-driving charge and fleeing. May 13, 2020 254
Detective sacked over drink-driving charge and fleeing. May 13, 2020 254
Jail for angry drink-driver who drove into man; aimed his car at stranger who had invited him home. STUART ABEL @plymouth_live May 12, 2020 516
Police hold man in smash drama; HE'S SUSPECTED OF DRINK-DRIVING. KELLY ASHMORE News Reporter May 11, 2020 232
Arrest after car crashes into wall. May 11, 2020 246
Motorist who was five times drink limit banned for eight years. May 9, 2020 268
Motorists warned over perils of drink-driving; 250 arrested on suspicion of being under the influence. TOM DUFFY ECHO Reporter @tabduffy39 May 7, 2020 464
Police: Elgin man drives to wrong house, charged with his 4th DUI. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- May 7, 2020 320
Drunk-driver sped off in stolen car. May 6, 2020 350
Man caught by police drink-driving twice in less than 24 hours. May 5, 2020 164
Drugged-up speeding driver feared someone was in boot of his car; PEDESTRIANS JUMPED OUT OF WAY, COURT TOLD. ROSS MCCARTHY Court Reporter May 4, 2020 473
Drunk-driving cases plummet. May 2, 2020 499
Jail for speeding driver who had Class A drugs. VICTORIA SCHEER @examiner Apr 30, 2020 202
Shane, 25, died after car slammed into wall; babcock worker 'a keen and conscientious worker'. CARL EVE @carlevecrime Apr 29, 2020 523
Police: Man faces DUI, gun charges in road rage case. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Apr 29, 2020 359
My dad will never walk me down the aisle thanks to you; GRIEVING DAUGHTER OF SMASH VICTIM SLAMS 'SELFISH' DOUBLE KILLER. ELEANOR BARLOW and JOE THOMAS ECHO Reporters Apr 28, 2020 742
Speeding drink-driver jailed for killing two in taxi crash. ELEANOR BARLOW Apr 28, 2020 569
Dad's tribute after son dies in crash. CARL EVE @carlevecrime Apr 28, 2020 622
Aurora man charged with 2nd DUI after chase, crash on day he was released from j. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Apr 28, 2020 406
Delivery bike driver killed in Dubai accident. Ali Al Shouk, Senior Reporter Apr 22, 2020 167
DUI accidents up 24% amid pandemic. Apr 22, 2020 520
Aurora man charged with fourth DUI, pot possession. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Apr 21, 2020 262
Aurora man charged with his fourth DUI. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Apr 21, 2020 223
Police: Aurora man 2 1/2 times legal threshold in 4th DUI arrest. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Apr 21, 2020 275
DUI accidents up 24% amid pandemic. Apr 20, 2020 532
Driver almost four times over limit. Apr 19, 2020 222
Stacey's inside job; Reporter Stacey Dooley findsout what life's like for female lifers. Words by: Neil Batey & Tricia Martin Apr 18, 2020 272
Stacey is locked into inside job. Apr 18, 2020 252
Perry County sentences. Apr 17, 2020 260
Drunk driver in 100mph police chase is banned; Motorist crashed car twice, court told. Ross McCarthy Court Correspondent Apr 16, 2020 483
Scooter rider charged with breaching lockdown. Apr 15, 2020 262
Banned driver jailed; Dumfries man arrested while over the booze limit. CONNOR GORDON Apr 14, 2020 314
Nurse left in tears as car rammed by another. Apr 13, 2020 251
Elgin man charged with fourth DUI. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Apr 10, 2020 227
Elgin man charged with 4th DUI, trying to spit on officer. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Apr 10, 2020 268
County top of charts for drink and drug-driving. Apr 9, 2020 577
Suspected drink driver spat in officer's mouth. KATIE DICKINSON Reporter Apr 8, 2020 415
Police: Elgin man is charged with 6th DUI, crack cocaine possession. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Apr 4, 2020 286
PETER RHODES. Apr 3, 2020 471
PETER RHODES. Apr 3, 2020 471
UFC's Jon Jones admits 'unhealthy alcohol relationship' in first statement after arrest; Jones was arrested last Thursday and charged with drink-driving, but has since accepted a plea deal which will see him go under house arrest and complete community service. By, Darren Wells Apr 1, 2020 317
Aurora man charged with DUI with 3 kids in car. Harry Hitzeman Apr 1, 2020 170
Aurora man arrested, charged with DUI with 3 kids in car. Harry Hitzeman Apr 1, 2020 182
Aurora woman charged with DUI after crash. Joe Aguilar Mar 31, 2020 156
Additional Diagnostic Value of Unenhanced Computed Tomography plus Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Combined with Routine Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings of Early-Stage Gliblastoma. Wang, Hexiang; Liu, Zhenyou; Zhang, Yong; Hou, Feng; Fu, Weiwei; Lin, Jizheng; Liu, Yingchao; Liu, X Mar 31, 2020 4064
In pictures: Bad boys -- the good, the bad and the ugly of sports stars who broke the law. Leslie Wilson Jr, Racing & Special Features Writer Mar 28, 2020 668
North Aurora man charged after Bartlett collision. Eric Peterson Mar 28, 2020 222
Prosecutors: Elgin man charged with DUI after crashing into pole. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Mar 28, 2020 249
N. Aurora man charged with DUI after collision in Bartlett. Eric Peterson Mar 28, 2020 223
Ban for woman caught drink-driving on path. SARA NICHOL Reporter @SaraNichol10 Mar 28, 2020 534
Drunken motorist jailed for biting policeman. Mar 27, 2020 313
Call to respect law at Khmer New Year celebrations. Mar 25, 2020 483
Offenders snub rehab courses. Mar 24, 2020 181
Offenders snub rehab courses; DRINK-DRIVING Calls for law change to increase take-up. JAMES WYLLIE Mar 23, 2020 400
Course aims to change driver behaviour; ALCOHOL. Mar 23, 2020 152
Rhode Island Launches DUI Initiative. Mar 22, 2020 234
BAN FOR A9 DRUNK DRIVER; Cans in cab of car transporter. DAVID LOVE Mar 20, 2020 182
Man charged with 5th DUI after crash. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Mar 20, 2020 189
Man charged with 5th DUI after crash. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Mar 20, 2020 313
'Possibility' of prison for danger driver. Mar 19, 2020 306
Twice-banned driver took to the road while he was over alcohol limit; 20-year-old was pulled over just weeks after last court appearance. SARA NICHOL Reporter @saranichol10 Mar 19, 2020 447
Maniac driver 'could have killed someone' after hitting school bus. RON MOORE Mar 19, 2020 631
Man arrested after driver 'ran from the scene' of crash. Mar 19, 2020 183
Drink-drive businessman went wrong way on street; furniture boss in two-year ban from road `. THOMAS MOLLOY @MENNEWSDESK Mar 18, 2020 505
Franklin County students take part in teen conference. Submitted by Heather Willis University of Illinois Extension Conference news Mar 18, 2020 245
Pensioner caught drink driving on third occasion. SARA NICHOL Reporter Mar 17, 2020 292
Drink drive pensioner banned from roads after being caught for third time. SARA NICHOL Court reporter Mar 17, 2020 276
Driver was more than 3 times booze limit. ELWYN ROBERTS Daily Post Correspondent Mar 16, 2020 307
Drink-driver tried to avoid parking ticket. SARA NICHOL Reporter Mar 14, 2020 435
Drink driver who tried to avoid PS25 ticket gets PS200 fine; crashed as he moved car to steer clear of parking fine. SARA NICHOL Court reporter Mar 14, 2020 396
Drink-driver somehow walked away from this; BUT ANY PASSENGERS WOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED, POLICE SAY. JAYMELOUISE HUDSPITH Daily Post Reporter Mar 13, 2020 204
Sophie 'murderer' Bailey in court on drugs charge; Case adjourned amid extradition battle to France. OLIVIA KELLEHER Mar 13, 2020 279
Reckless driving. Shahzaib Shaikh - Karachi Mar 12, 2020 265
Drink driver is caught in crash. SARA NICHOL Court reporter Mar 12, 2020 356
Volunteer caught drink-driving. Mar 11, 2020 181
Ex-cop spared jail for driving while over limit. KRISTY DAWSON @kristy_dawson07 Mar 11, 2020 617
Drink-driver blames Porsche crash on Storm Dennis; OIL RIG WORKER LOST CONTROL OF SUPERCAR AFTER NIGHT OUT AT RESTAURANT. SOPHIE WHEELER Mar 11, 2020 710
Aurora man charged with 5th DUI, faces prison if convicted. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Mar 11, 2020 223
Aurora man charged with 5th DUI. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Mar 11, 2020 396
Patrols. Submitted by Sheriff David Bartoni Mar 11, 2020 257
Drink driver who crashed his van was caught again. Mar 10, 2020 250
Man charged after OAP is killed waiting at bus stop. KELLY ASHMORE News Reporter Mar 10, 2020 419
MARION -- The Williamson County Sheriff's Office has announced it will conduct sp. SUBMITTED BY BRIAN MURRAH Williamson County Sheriff's Department -CLMN- Mar 10, 2020 268
Grandad lost toes in crash caused by drink-driver. ANDREW BARDSLEY @ABARDSLEYMEN Mar 9, 2020 363
Woman found hiding in cupboard during crime crackdown; POLICE ARREST 29 IN SERIES OF RAIDS. JENNY KIRKHAM ECHO Reporter @PJ_Kirkham Mar 7, 2020 573
Driver arrested after collision with police car; woman is held by officers on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. HELEN JOHNSON @helenj83MEN Mar 7, 2020 290
Drunk smashed into wall; driver heading home from the pub. SARA NICHOL Reporter @SaraNichol10 Mar 7, 2020 249
Enjoy ladies' nights responsibly with RM10 e-hailing vouchers from Carlsberg and Riding Pink. Mar 6, 2020 424
Drink-drive council boss in foul-mouthed rant at police; mum-of-one banned from roads after blaming behaviour on 'hypo attack'. SIMON SMITH Mar 6, 2020 601
Driver arrested after car rolls onto roof. Mar 5, 2020 166
Chef caught at over 4 TIMES drink-drive limit; mum spared jail after hitting parked car in her merc following afternoon in pub. SOPHIE WHEELER Mar 5, 2020 688
BMW driver killed on New Year's Day crash was 'three times over drink-drive limit'. KELLY ASHMORE News Reporter Mar 5, 2020 445
Aurora man pleads guilty to DUI, gets 5 years in prison after crash into squad car. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Mar 4, 2020 326
Macon County beginning no-refusal program for DUI arrests here. submitted by Macon co. state's attorney Mar 4, 2020 221
The following information was obtained from the Marion Police Department Note th. Mar 4, 2020 196
Aurora man pleads guilty to fourth DUI, gets 5 years prison after crash into squ. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Mar 4, 2020 342
Drink driver crashed into parked car; Given 12 month driving ban. TOM MACK Mar 4, 2020 346
Drink driving among cases at magistrates. LAUREN BALLINGER @REPORTERLAURENB Mar 4, 2020 890
Driver crashed into cars parked outside school. JAMIE BRASSINGTON Mar 4, 2020 367
Driver hit eight cars parked near school. JAMIE BRASSINGTON Mar 4, 2020 274
Driver arrested as car crashes and lands upside down in canal. Mar 4, 2020 201
Driver crashed into cars parked outside school, crown court told. Mar 4, 2020 301
Drink-driver attempted to choke officer when caught; Court: Man was three times over limit. ANA DA SILVA Mar 4, 2020 371
Road ban for driver, 24, after car chase. Mar 4, 2020 206
Police multiple errors set drunken driving accused Kanye man free. Mar 3, 2020 323
Quantitative assessment of diffusion kurtosis imaging depicting deep myometrial invasion: a comparative analysis with diffusion-weighted imaging. Song, Jia-Cheng; Lu, Shan-Shan; Zhang, Jing; Liu, Xi-Sheng; Luo, Cheng-Yan; Chen, Ting Mar 1, 2020 6444
Ambulance stolen with patient. Mar 1, 2020 178
Heeley shooting: Boy, 16, seriously injured after being blasted as he sat in car; A 16-year-old boy and a 30-year-old man were shot in Heeley, Sheffield, with the adult victim later arrested on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon and drink driving. By, Matthew Dresch Mar 1, 2020 315
Amended law to require severe drunk drivers to use ignition interlock. Mar 1, 2020 244
Zoom, Zoom: Amp up your cool factor with these hot car accessories. McDonald, Megan Mar 1, 2020 336
Synthetic Apparent Diffusion Coefficient for High b-Value Diffusion-Weighted MRI in Prostate. Sahoo, Prativa; Rockne, Russell C.; Jung, Alexander; Gupta, Pradeep K.; Rathore, Ram K.S.; Gupta, Ra Mar 1, 2020 3979
MADD Rates States on Drunk Driving Laws. Mar 1, 2020 540
Deputy is hit, then makes DUI arrest Arrest: Deputy, other driver both treated, released from hospital. Mick Zawislak Feb 29, 2020 352
Authorities: Deputy tracks down drunken driver after squad car was hit head on. Mick Zawislak Feb 29, 2020 365
'Lucky' driver banned. Feb 29, 2020 296
Grieving mum holds up urn with son's ashes in court as killer driver jailed; Sobbing Renee Mack showed the tiny container to the courtroom, explaining that it was all she had left of her 18-year-old son's body. By, Kara O'Neill Feb 29, 2020 607
Drinking could make OAP 'lose everything'. Feb 28, 2020 236
Breath test fail for driver a day after drink binge. SARA NICHOL Court reporter Feb 28, 2020 382
Driver four times the legal limit 12 hours after drinking session. SARA NICHOL Reporter Feb 28, 2020 401
Merc show-off jailed for killing taxi driver and injuring four pals. ANDREW BARDSLEY Feb 27, 2020 626
Drink driver told cops sword was to cut up fruit; 37-YR-OLD WITH 10" SAMURAI WEAPON IN CAR SPARED JAIL. ELWYN ROBERTS Daily Post Correspondent Feb 27, 2020 298
INTERVIEW - Zoleka Mandela: A story of a fighter for road safety. Nourhan Magdi Feb 27, 2020 831
St. Charles man pleads guilty to 2017 DUI that killed DeKalb teen. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Feb 26, 2020 285
St. Charles man pleads guilty to 2017 DUI that killed DeKalb teen. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Feb 26, 2020 300
Prison for drink driver who crashed; More than twice the legal limit. COURT REPORTER Feb 26, 2020 316
Elgin man charged with DUI after crashing into Carpentersville squad car. Lauren Rohr Feb 25, 2020 275
Mum drove to shop while over the limit. Feb 25, 2020 153
Woman guilty of drink-drive offences after sea plunge. MIRROR REPORTER Feb 25, 2020 153
Arrest after drunk driver leaves the scene of crash. Annette Chrysostomou Feb 24, 2020 159
Ex-teacher in drink-drive ban. ian lewis Reporter Feb 24, 2020 470
Litter lout in court after spitting at Metro driver while drunk. Feb 24, 2020 325
Suspected drink driver caught in McDonald's by parked up cops. ANDREW ROBINSON @Andrew_Examiner Feb 24, 2020 328
Drink-drive rampage cop is sacked; SHAMED SHAW REFUSED TO RESIGN Officer had to wear tag after careless driving conviction. KEITH MCLEOD Feb 24, 2020 430
TWIN TRAGEDY; Thinking of drinking & driving? Read this firs; tDrink driver killed my sister two days later heartbroken Mum ended her life; EXCLUSIVE. Liz Dunphy and Kelly Jenkins Feb 23, 2020 1182
Drink-driver reversed BMW into parked car. Feb 23, 2020 326
What will it take for Malaysians to heed drink-driving laws? More severe punishments? Feb 22, 2020 1213
Drink driver flipped car; CRASHED AS HE LOOKED FOR HIS CIGARETTES. SARA NICHOL Reporter @SaraNichol10 Feb 22, 2020 481
PICKLED ONIONS; Drink-driver caught on trip to allotment to dig up veg for his favourite sandwich. STIAN ALEXANDER Feb 22, 2020 269
'I lost my twin sister and my mum in a matter of days because of a drink driver'; EXCLUSIVE: Kellis Hood, 18, hopes her heartbreaking story will stop people from driving while under the influence -there is simply too much to lose. By, Kelly Jenkins & Liz Dunphy Feb 22, 2020 1223
Drunk motorist caught out by ropey driving. RON MOORE Feb 22, 2020 348
Driving ban after man flipped car. SARA NICHOL Reporter Feb 22, 2020 478
Bukit Aman holds nationwide 'Ops Mabuk' daily to arrest drink-driving. Feb 21, 2020 597
Lawyer Kay,34 found dead hours before drink drive court case; colleagues stunned at sudden loss Troubled brief faced up to a year in prison and possible curfew. SALLY HIND Feb 21, 2020 496
Drink-driver called police to report he had crashed; Court: Man handed ban after he was later found drinking cider in house. DAVID MACKAY Feb 21, 2020 425
Retired judge fought for victims, families. Katlyn Smith Feb 21, 2020 795
Law firm director found dead hours before she was due in court for drink-drive crash; Kay McFarlane, 34, crashed into railings outside Crosshouse Hospital near Kilmarnock while she was five times over the limit, and faced up to a year in prison when she died. By, Sally Hind & Ryan Merrifield Feb 21, 2020 525
From drinking and driving to none for the road - a boozy journey. Feb 21, 2020 612
Driver nearly four times drink limit. Feb 20, 2020 224
7 Makati City jeepney drivers test positive for illegal drugs. Feb 19, 2020 217
OLD FIRM RADIO RENTAL; Rangers fan jailed for losing the plot in taxi Lout lost the plot at driver. EXPRESS REPORTER Feb 19, 2020 391
Car forfeiture; COURT CASEBOOK. Feb 18, 2020 516
Drink driving charge denied; COURT CASEBOOK. Feb 18, 2020 414
Over 2,000 arrested for drink-driving. Feb 17, 2020 297
Drink driver refused to do breath test - twice. Feb 17, 2020 280
Drink-drive arrests in Wales top 2,300 in single year. ROB HARRIES Reporter Feb 17, 2020 791
Drink drive arrests in Wales top 2,300. Feb 17, 2020 306
Drunk taxi driver in Dubai abuses on-duty cops, assaults woman. Marie Nammour Feb 17, 2020 438
Drink-drive menace blinded by bonnet. Feb 16, 2020 214
Man's rally team career ruined by drink drive rap. SARA NICHOL Reporter Feb 15, 2020 360
Drunk bus driver took passengers on three-mile trip of terror; February 15, 2020 MORE AT DAILYRECORD.CO.UK INCIDENT LEFT WITNESSES SHAKEN Court told accused was more than three times limit. SALLY HIND Feb 15, 2020 604
Mum's agony after drink-driver who mowed down son gets just 10 months in prison; Devastated Charlotte McConnachie has blasted the courts after her son died after being knocked down by Lewis Seaman who then fled and torched the car, saying he's surely 'worth more than 10 months'. By, Stuart Abel Feb 15, 2020 1565
Boozy bus driver so drunk he forgot what route he was on in 30 minutes of 'terror'. By, Sally Hind Feb 15, 2020 631
The former armed robber heading back inside to help others escape lives of crime; Ben Kearney is bridging gap for others with criminal convictions after working way up from prisoner to company boss. By, Josh Layton Feb 15, 2020 1524
Woman drove to work while three times over limit. SARA NICHOL Reporter @SaraNichol10 Feb 14, 2020 350
Drink driver is banned from roads for fifth time. Feb 14, 2020 258
Drink driver caught for fifth time. Feb 14, 2020 157
A tale of two DWIs. Feb 14, 2020 161
Teenager crashed car while drink driving; COURT. KAITLIN EASTON Feb 13, 2020 247
The following information was obtained from the Marion Police Department Note th. Feb 12, 2020 873
Drink driver nearly six times the limit; COURT. ALASTAIR GOSSIP Feb 12, 2020 240
Wigan drunk driver with no license or insurance raced along roads chased by police. Feb 10, 2020 289
Man guilty of beating up partner. RON MOORE Feb 10, 2020 232
Stuck-in-mud drink-driver called 999 to ask for help. Feb 9, 2020 174
Drink-driver 'feared he would never walk again' FRACTURED HIS SPINE AND RUPTURED HIS ORGANS IN HORROR SMASH. Sara Nichol Reporter Feb 9, 2020 339
Horrors of drink-driving: Man suffers serious injuries after crashing into a tree in Northumberland; Anthony Parker was initially told he might not walk again after he crashed while drunk and fractured his spine, ruptured multiple organs and broke his ribs. Sara Nichol Feb 9, 2020 378
Cary police: Drunken driver crashes over retaining wall. Marie Wilson Feb 9, 2020 200
Cary police: DUI driver crashes over retaining wall, curb and through fence. Marie Wilson Feb 9, 2020 271
Drunk Dubai taxi driver abuses on-duty cops, assaults woman. Marie Nammour Feb 9, 2020 438
Man who got probation in fatal crash could have recent DUI case dismissed. Harry Hitzeman Legal Affairs Writer -CLMN- Feb 8, 2020 509
Taxi driver launched brutal attack on his ex-partner; Thug dodges jail term over violent rampage. RON MOORE Feb 8, 2020 424
Drink driver, 46, three times over the legal limit; he used alcohol as 'crutch' after his family kicked him out. EMMA DAVISON @EmmaDavison10 Feb 8, 2020 378
Driver who led police on high-speed chase is jailed. Feb 8, 2020 220
Northwich dad nearly three times over drink-drive limit failed to stop after accident; Man appeared in court today charged with four separate offences. Finvola Dunphy Feb 8, 2020 454
Whitley Bay drink-driver caught after he dialled 999 - because he'd got his car stuck in mud; George Bond had been out with friends in Whitley Bay when he decided to take a shortcut home and drove his dad's BMW across a field. Sara Nichol Feb 8, 2020 416
Northwich dad nearly three times over drink-drive limit failed to stop after accident; Man appeared in court today charged with four separate offences. Finvola Dunphy Feb 8, 2020 454
Drink-driver abandoned her car at busy junction. SARA NICHOL Reporter Feb 7, 2020 501
Van driver spared jail for drink driving chase at 60 in 30 zone; FIVE-MILE PURSUIT SAW HIM RUN RED LIGHT, HIT A BIN AND GO WRONG WAY ON ROUNDABOUT. ERYL CRUMP Daily Post Chief Reporter Feb 7, 2020 423

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