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Driving the bus.

Scholastic Media, a division of New York-based Scholastic, is bringing The Magic School Bus to the Nintendo DS system. The Magic School Bus: Oceans invites gamers to hop on the bus and explore an ocean teeming with life. It will be available at retail this fall for $ 19.99.

"For twenty five years, The Magic School Bus has allowed children and families to experience the joy of discovery," says Deborah Forte, president of Scholastic Media, executive vice president of Scholastic and executive producer of the television series. "We are delighted to bring The Magic School Bus to the Nintendo DS so kids can 'get out there and explore' through a truly immersive and interactive field trip experience that only The Magic School Bus can provide."

Players step into the driver's seat of The Magic School Bus to unlock six levels of the ocean--each time transforming into a new marine vehicle. With seven games and nearly 200 ocean interactions, players engage in open exploration to navigate ocean areas and sea life. Players apply knowledge learned throughout the game to answer questions posted by the teacher, Ms. Frizzle. As levels are unlocked, players can return to the bus to play additional games and to discover more than 100 facts and more than 100 sea animals.

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Author:Mendelson, Seth; Levitt, Craig
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Date:Aug 1, 2011
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