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Driving over the cliff to see what happens.

Regarding Brian Lait's latest blast against the EU in the Sunday Mail, May 22, there is indeed an awful lot wrong with the EU but his accounting analysis with an endless list of questionable 'facts' and 'numbers' certainly does not, of itself, convince me that Brexit is the only sane option.

He is absolutely correct that it is NATO which, militarily, has been the primary deterrence against Russian military aggression for over half a century. However, there are other more subtle forms of deterrence that also operate, such as political deterrence, economic deterrence and even cultural deterrence. For example, Russia needs -- and Putin knows this only too well -- a viable EU to help prop up his own ailing economy. But the stronger the EU, the less manoeuvring room Putin has. Thus, he wants to see the EU weakened but not too much. Brexit plays into his hands.

I am mindful of Churchill's comment 'Democracy might not be a good form of government -- but all the others are so much worse'. The EU may be 'bad' but for the UK Brexit will be so much worse.

I remain a Eurosceptic but one who has no intention of helping the UK damage itself unnecessarily by voting 'Out'. Brexit represents a reckless endangerment to the UK and probably to the EU as well, certainly to the Cyprus economy. Much of the rhetoric of the Brexiteers is of the gung-ho 'Top Gear' boy racer variety of risk-taking, which amounts to 'Let's drive over this cliff to see what happens'.

Dr Alan Waring, Larnaca

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Publication:Cyprus Mail (Cyprus)
Date:May 29, 2016
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