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Driving hygiene forward in the dry.

The lead screw-driven linear axis Drylin SLT-BB and linear module SLW-25-120 from specialist drive components group Igus are both geared to the specific cleanroom and hygiene demands of the food and beverage industry.

The high capacity, compact design and lubricant-free operation of the Drylin linear axis SLT-BB is for automation applications in food and beverage machinery, including vending machines. A minimum height of 20 mm and width of 45 mm can be achieved thanks to the innovative lateral positioning of the lead screw next to the linear guide system.

The compact design weighs only 0.15 kg, the unit can be driven with either a motor or manually with a handle. Movement is effortless and smooth with maximum rotational speed of 1,000 rpm and a maximum linear speed of 1.5 m/min.

The low-profile and robust Drylin SLW-25-120, shown here, is suited to positioning tasks. This linear module can transport up to 1,000kg radial load, and an axial load of up to 250kg is possible. Despite this high load-bearing capacity, the module has a flat and compact design and is therefore easy to install. It is suitable for manual adjustments as well as for electrical adjustment, where it can be connected to a motor via a flange or coupling.

All bearings in Drylin products are lubricant-free and dry running, they do not attract dirt and debris.

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The outbreak of meningitis that caused more than 40 deaths in the US in 2012 and that appears to be traced back to a pharmaceuticals compounding centre in New England is thought certain to provoke tougher regulations from the Food and Drug Administration on compounding operations.

The Kansas-based JCB Laboratories has decided to be proactive about the forthcoming changes and has installed a continuous cleanroom monitoring system from Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions.

The Lighthouse monitoring system includes devices that continuously measure differential pressure, temperature and relative humidity in the cleanroom, as well as temperatures of all drug storage areas, dry heat ovens, incubators and refrigerators. It is the largest and most comprehensive monitoring solution installed by Lighthouse in a compounding pharmacy in the US.

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Publication:Environmental Engineering
Date:Jun 1, 2014
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