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Driving for growth: long known for its drive systems, Hagglunds is targeting growth in hydraulic motors for the mobile market.

In much of the equipment industry, the trend over the last several years, particularly when it comes to hydraulics, has been toward systems. As a company that has offered complete packaged hydraulic power units almost from the beginning, Hagglunds Drives Inc. understands the appeal of the systems approach. But in the case of the Columbus, Ohio-based arm of Sweden's Hagglunds Drives AB, the systems message has overshadowed the fact that the company also offers a wide range of discrete hydraulic components.

"Over the years, we've positioned ourselves as a drives company," said John Duncan, President of Hagglunds' U.S. and Canadian operations. "We've been doing complete drive systems for all kinds of industrial applications but we've not been necessarily known as a discrete hydraulic motor supplier.

"Yet we sell many motors that do not go out as part of a complete drive system. We want customers to also know us as a motor supplier."

If they don't, perhaps it's because of the success Hagglunds has had pioneering its packaged drive systems that are used in a variety of market segments, including mining, marine, pulp and paper, chemical processing, etc. The company's integral and open power units have been sold in the U.S. for more than two decades. But over the same span, the company has also developed a new range of hydraulic motors that are becoming increasingly recognized for their capabilities in very rugged mobile and semi-mobile applications such as bucket wheel stacker reclaimers, marine dredges, heavy-duty shredders, C. & D. grinding, piling machines, heavy-duty augers, trenchers and drilling, boring and tunneling machinery.

"Looking at our business, we're into 10 different segments," noted Duncan. "Mining is very strong for us, and you'll see a lot of our orange drives around the world.

"One of the areas where we think we have the most potential to grow is construction. We have a lot to offer the OEMs with our Compact CA/CB line of LSHT hydraulic motors that have a very high horsepower to weight ratio. We also are expanding our North American capabilities by adding additional sales and engineering personnel to enable us to respond to our growing customer base."

Hagglunds' product line consists of an array of recent and well-proven components that span a very wide application range. It includes:

CA motors--the smallest of the company's signature line of LSHT radial piston hydraulic motors, the motors incorporate a stationary housing with a rotating hollow shaft that is connected to the shaft of the driven machine with either an integral mechanical shrink disc or via splines. Motors can be flange or torque arm mounted. Displacements range from 76.6 to 805.5 with rated operating speeds from fractional to 400 rpm and torques to 53,000 lb.ft. They are available in a two speed version with many bolt on valve accessories. A space saving tandem version is available in many combinations, along with integral enclosed brakes.

CB motors--a similar, but larger range of LSHT radial piston motors, the CB model covers a displacement range from 920 to 3220, with operating speeds from fractional to 125 rpm. Torques range to 213,500 lb.ft.

Marathon motors--a range of LSHT radial piston units, the Marathon motors incorporate a stationary housing and a rotating hollow shaft which is connected to the shaft of the driven machine with either an integral mechanical shrink disc or via splines. The Marathon displacement range is from 542 to 15,330 rev. with speeds up to 90 rpm and torques to 1 million lb.ft.

Viking motors--the original Hagglunds motor is a rotating housing version. These motors are used in many winch applications with displacement beginning at 203 to 2319 Maximum torque is up to 110,000 lb.ft at speeds up to 200 rpm.

Hydrex motors--Hagglunds purchased this line of LSHT motors from Flender in 2001. Motors range in displacement from 77 to 2562 The comany offers factory service for the line and sell new replacements where required.

SP piston pumps--Among the company's newest products are a range of eight hydraulic piston pumps covering a displacement range of 2.4 to 45.7 They can be stacked for applications requiring tandem pumps with full through drive horsepower and are used primarily in their power units as well as diesel engine driven mobile applications. The pumps incorporate standard crossover reliefs and flushing.

Valves--Hagglunds offers a wide range of valves designed to work with its Compact motors. Valve types include crossover relief valves; closed loop crossover relief valves that incorporate a shuttle valve and a charge pressure relief valve; counterbalance valves; two-speed valves for shifting displacements; modular four-way proportional valves; free-wheeling/free-circulation valves designed to allow motors to be switched on or off; and constant tension valves for winch applications.

Of course, Hagglunds is best known for its drive systems, which are available in open frame and cabinet configurations. The Power Units incorporate the company's hydraulic pumps, which are typically driven by electric motors They also include the company's Spider customized electronic control system, which allows the drive unit performance to be precisely customized to the application and can be used to operate up to four pumps simultaneously. Hagglunds can also provide custom built diesel engine hydraulic power units.

"One recent success we have had was on a mobile application for a North American manufacturer--Gomaco," noted Duncan. "They were unhappy and failing hydraulic motors on their model 9500 Grade Trimmer. After working with the customer, we replaced two competitive LSHT motors driving the trimmer head with one CA-50. The customer was very happy with the longer life our motor provided along with easier access to the trimmer head and the cost reduction they were able to accomplish by going from two to one motor."

Hagglunds was started in Sweden over 100 years ago and has been active in North America since the early-1980s--its products were actually available through a single distributor prior to that--when it was part of ASEA and was based in Houston. In 1986, Hagglunds purchased Denison Hydraulics, moved its headquarters to a Denison facility near Columbus and renamed itself Hagglunds Denison. In 1993, the two parts were split--Denison was independent until its recent purchase by Parker Hannifin--and two years later, the company moved to its current location, a 35,000 sq.ft. site in Columbus.

Of the facility, 7500 sq.ft. is administrative, with the rest dedicated to production assembly, warehousing and service and repair. The company also has factory service and repair sites in Burlington Ontario, Spring, Texas, and Vancouver, B.C.

"We actually just started building the power units here in July of "02," said Duncan. "We had been having them private labeled for us by a company in Canada before we began production ourselves in Columbus.

"On our power units, "all of the components and systems are locally engineered and purchased. We also do our own pipe bending and hose crimping and we work on a quantity of one, or many, so we can make it as special as required for the application.

"We have been very successful offering our complete hydraulic drive package, but also want to continue to expand and grow our motor business with the range of Compact CA/CB motors and accessories for the mobile market."

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