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Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook talks autonomous cars. Apr 6, 2021 416
CEO of Google's self-driving car spinoff steps down. Apr 3, 2021 289 selects Intralink to accelerate China autonomous vehicle deployments. Apr 1, 2021 151
Polaris, Optimus Ride partner on fully autonomous GEM vehicles. Mar 30, 2021 160
Campus to develop cyber networks for driverless vehicles. SION BARRY Business editor Mar 26, 2021 634
Schiphol tests self-driving baggage tractor. Mar 22, 2021 302
MG Motor India collaborates with IIT Delhi's Centre for Automotive Research and Tribology. Mar 19, 2021 210
Residents lose fight to stop driverless car tests on lane. Mar 8, 2021 391
Volvo Autonomous Solutions partners Foretellix to verify autonomous driving solutions. Anirban Bagchi Mar 3, 2021 421
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Mar 2, 2021 12456
Objects may be closer than they appear: How autonomous vehicles will bring value in a truly intelligent supply chain. Reiss, Michael; Pitts, Bob Mar 1, 2021 1143
Driverless cars? It's time to take back control. MARK ANDREWS Feb 27, 2021 1065
Driverless cars? It's time to take back control. MARK ANDREWS Feb 27, 2021 1065
Motional starts operating driverless vehicles on public roads. Feb 23, 2021 178
CapStone Holdings announces USD10m equity investment in Perrone Robotics. Feb 23, 2021 200
T-Mobile, Georgia Tech, Curiosity Lab To Fuel 5G Innovation in Drones, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics. Feb 22, 2021 466
T-Mobile, Georgia Tech, Curiosity Lab To Fuel 5G Innovation in Drones, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics. Feb 22, 2021 448
T-Mobile, Georgia Tech, Curiosity Lab To Fuel 5G Innovation in Drones, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics. Feb 22, 2021 466
Adasi rolls out armed robotic vehicles, UGVs at Abu Dhabi expo. Feb 21, 2021 486
BlueBotics' ANT drives autonomous vehicles over 10m km. Feb 18, 2021 334
How far has Korea come in self-driving services? Feb 17, 2021 491
Vietnam's Vinfast to test self-driving vehicles in US, plans sales in Europe. Reuters News Service Feb 8, 2021 360
Ford takes fight to Tesla with US$29bn invest into electric and autonomous vehicles. Feb 6, 2021 480
Ford takes fight to Tesla with US$29bn invest into electric and autonomous vehicles. Feb 6, 2021 482
Baidu receives top ranking in 2020 Beijing Autonomous Vehicles Road Test Report. Report Feb 5, 2021 161
Apple Near Deal With Hyundai On Autonomous Cars Say Reports. Feb 4, 2021 261
Where To? Autonomous vehicles are still in various stages of development, but they hold great promise to help people with disabilities travel faster, safer and more easily. Cooper, Rory A.; Dicianno, Brad Feb 1, 2021 1603
Wary travellers.. Studies reveal that drivers aren't quite ready to step into more hi-tech motors. Giles Blair Jan 29, 2021 601
Insurers to play critical role in shift to self- driving -Travelers. Jan 28, 2021 261
Hands-free M-way driving; Motorists could text and watch movies at wheel. MATTHEW YOUNG Jan 25, 2021 326
Britain plans to become first country to have driverless cars with lane-keeping tech; Transport secretary Grant Shapps is pressing ahead with the plan to clear the way for motorists to take their hands off the wheel to check their emails or watch a film. By, Matthew Young Jan 24, 2021 433
Cruise, GM and Microsoft to commercialise self-driving vehicles. Jan 20, 2021 391
GM teams up with Microsoft on driverless cars. MATT OTT AP Business Writer Jan 20, 2021 380
GM unveils electric flying Cadillac and earthbound vans for families and deliveries. Jan 14, 2021 614
Korea to invest heavily in autonomous driving projects. Jan 14, 2021 297
GM unveils electric flying Cadillac and earthbound vans for families and deliveries. Jan 14, 2021 616
Morai to launch Autonomous Vehicle Simulator at 2020 all-digital CES. Jan 12, 2021 190
Town with no vroom for cars; Garden village being built with space for 'self-driving' vehicles. MARTIN FRICKER Jan 11, 2021 250
New Essex town where houses don't have driveways and you summon a self-drive car; Homeowners will store their self-driving vehicles in a car park and "summon" them to pick them up. By, Martin Fricker Jan 11, 2021 258
Major advance in technology for self-driving cars from Sense Photonics. Reuters News Service Jan 9, 2021 303
Driverless shuttle bus to be tried out. JOHN ROSS Jan 8, 2021 547
Qatar's first self-driving delivery kicks off at Education City. Jan 5, 2021 492
Qatar's first self-driving delivery kicks off at Education City. Jan 5, 2021 468
AWS Cloud technology offering massive benefits to auto industry, says expert. Dec 28, 2020 845
Lidar Makers Jump After Report on Apple's Autonomous Car Plans. Dec 24, 2020 1474
Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium names new chairman. Dec 22, 2020 174
3 key aviation areas to spur adoption of self-driving. Dec 22, 2020 830
Apple is moving forward with an electric car project, targeting 2024 release: Report. Dec 22, 2020 618
Motional and Lyft to launch multimarket robotaxi service in major US cities in 2023. Dec 17, 2020 176
LG to unveil autonomous robot with disinfecting UV light. Dec 15, 2020 312
China Focus: Self-driving service helps forge "City of Intelligent Driving". Dec 15, 2020 498
Big projects on council wishlist; HUGE MULTI-STOREY CAR PARK AND 200-HOME ESTATE AMONG SEVERAL KEY SCHEMES TO IMPROVE AREA. DAVID IRWIN Local Democracy Reporter Dec 10, 2020 447
GM to deploy driverless cars in San Francisco. Dec 10, 2020 377
CNXMotion introduces Brake-to-Steer. Dec 3, 2020 198
On the road to self-driving cars: my car and how it sees the world: Lidar technology is enhancing the automobile in all ways possible. Dec 1, 2020 719
Autotech Co Hong Kong completes two-year research project on autonomous cars handling rural roads. Nov 26, 2020 180
Msheireb Properties to adopt 'autonomous vehicle' concept. Nov 24, 2020 1368
Jag's plans for smart city hub. ENDA MULLEN News Reporter Nov 18, 2020 501
Honda says will be first to mass produce level 3 autonomous cars. Reuters News Service Nov 18, 2020 262
Jaguar Land Rover to establish smart city 'hub' in Ireland. Nov 17, 2020 158
Jaguar Land Rover develops smart city hub. Nov 16, 2020 388
Waymo seeks to calm doubts about driverless cars with data trove. Ira Boudway and Gabrielle Coppola Bloomberg Nov 8, 2020 889
Strategic Elements subsidiary in new collaboration for autonomous security drones. Nov 6, 2020 805
Waymo seeks to calm doubts about driverless cars with data trove. Nov 1, 2020 960
MAKING THE CASE FOR Safe, Flexible Mobile Platforms Enabled by Intelligent Sensors: By equipping autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles with intelligent sensor technology, companies are developing safe, efficient distribution (DC) and fulfillment center (FC) operations that meet and exceed customer service requirements. Nov 1, 2020 728
Improving Efficiency of Customer Requirements Classification on Autonomous Vehicle by Natural Language Processing. Wang, Hao; Adam, Asrul; Han, Fengrong Nov 1, 2020 3581
Regulating Autonomous Vehicles in a Smart Urban Transport System: Safety, Security, and Privacy Issues. Ljungholm, Doina Popescu Report Nov 1, 2020 2498
The Algorithmic Governance of Connected Autonomous Vehicles: Data-driven Decision Support Systems and Smart Sustainable Urban Mobility Behaviors. Davidson, Robert Report Nov 1, 2020 2962
Smart Transportation Systems: Sustainable Mobilities, Autonomous Vehicle Decision-Making Algorithms, and Networked Driverless Technologies. Nelson, Anthony Report Nov 1, 2020 2976
Urban Mobility Technologies, Algorithm-driven Sensing Devices, and Machine Learning-based Ethical Judgments in a Connected Vehicle Environment. Walker, Amanda; Rowland, Zuzana; Michalikova, Katarina Frajtova; Svabova, Lucia Report Nov 1, 2020 3052
Sustainable and Smart Urban Transport Systems: Sensing and Computing Technologies, Intelligent Vehicular Networks, and Data-driven Automated Decision-Making. Peters, Elisabeth Report Nov 1, 2020 3070
Connected and Autonomous Transport Systems: Deep Learning-based Sensing Technologies, Data-driven Mobilities, and Intelligent Vehicular Networks. Robinson, Rachel Report Nov 1, 2020 2993
Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Mobility: Socially Disruptive Technologies, Networked Transport Systems, and Big Data Algorithmic Analytics. Lazaroiu, George; Machova, Veronika; Kucera, Jiri Report Nov 1, 2020 3106
Big Data-driven Transportation Planning and Engineering: Smart Urbanism, Autonomous Vehicle Algorithms, and Network Connectivity Systems. Clark, Ann Report Nov 1, 2020 3121
Connected and Networked Driving: Smart Mobility Technologies, Urban Transportation Systems, and Big Data-driven Algorithmic Decision-Making. Allen, Margaret Report Nov 1, 2020 3056
Interconnected Sensor Networks and Decision-Making Self-Driving Car Control Algorithms in Smart Sustainable Urbanism. Davies, Shirley Report Nov 1, 2020 3028
Self-driving car trial is launched. DAVID BANNER Oct 31, 2020 299
Self-driving car trial is launched. DAVID BANNER Oct 31, 2020 299
Motional collaborates with Via. Oct 28, 2020 164
UK-first wireless electric van charging trial at Heriot-Watt University; The university on the edge of Edinburgh has received [pounds sterling]1.6 million funding for small commercial vehicle tests next year. Alastair Dalton Oct 28, 2020 622
Cov University starts study on self-driving cars. ELIS SANDFORD News Reporter Oct 27, 2020 308
"Driverless" car trials hit the road in drive towards autonomous vehicles; The cars can drive themselves, but have a wheel and pedals for a driver to take over, during the first trials in Oxford. By, Darren Cassey, PA & Brett Gibbons Oct 22, 2020 299
Tomorrow is here! Are we missing it? Oct 19, 2020 989
Google launches Waymo driverless robo-taxi service in Phoenix. Reuters News Service Oct 11, 2020 548
Waymo to launch fully driverless service to the public - a first just in time for the pandemic. Oct 9, 2020 730
Hyundai Thinking Smartly About Future Of Travel - VP. Oct 6, 2020 791
Strategic Elements advances towards commercialising robotics and printable electronics technology. Oct 2, 2020 901
Intelligent Hybrid Fusion Algorithm with Vision Patterns for Generation of Precise Digital Road Maps in Self-driving Vehicles. Jung, Juho; Park, Manbok; Cho, Kuk; Mun, Cheol; Ahn, Junho Report Oct 1, 2020 5599
Man 'asleep' in speeding self-driving car charged in Canada. Sep 25, 2020 242
Al Habtoor, Mobileye enter mobility solutions deal. Sep 23, 2020 616
Habtoor joins Israeli tech firm on 'robo-taxi' plan. Frank Kane Sep 23, 2020 567
LeddarTech Acquires Phantom Intelligence Assets to Advance Sensing Technologies in Autonomous Vehicles. Sep 23, 2020 189
LeddarTech Acquires Phantom Intelligence Assets to Advance Sensing Technologies in Autonomous Vehicles. Sep 23, 2020 158
Uber investors are pressuring CEO to revamp the self-driving division. Sep 22, 2020 1260
Hyundai thinking smartly about the future of travel. Sep 22, 2020 697
Will Robotic Trucks Be "Sweatshops on Wheels?": The future of self-driving trucks is being shaped by today's policy debates on safety, minimum wage, and truckers'--not trucks'--autonomy. Viscelli, Steve Sep 22, 2020 4332
SELF-DRIVING, NOT SELF-GOVERNING. Flannery, Christopher Sep 22, 2020 2498
QCPD gets new guns, robotic vehicle from Quezon City government. Sep 18, 2020 355
Driverless vehicle centre set to get the green light. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE Sep 14, 2020 280
Self-driving cars in infancy but can make roads safer; LETTERS. Sep 9, 2020 398
SenSen Networks signs MOU to kick-start Australian autonomous vehicles push. Sep 8, 2020 657
Riyadh, Dubai to benefit from AMoD solutions. Sep 6, 2020 739
UAE ranks in top 10 on global AVR Index. Sep 6, 2020 397
Yandex, Uber agree to spin off self-driving vehicles business. Sep 4, 2020 228
China's Anhui Opens 5G-Covered Road For Testing Self-Driving Cars. Sep 3, 2020 154
Complex Track Maneuvering using Real-Time MPC Control for Autonomous Driving. Farag, Wael Sep 1, 2020 6514
Model Contrast of Autonomous Vehicle Impacts on Traffic. Hungness, Derek; Bridgelall, Raj Aug 31, 2020 6338
Research on Model Predictive Control Method for Vehicle Lateral Stability Based on Hardware-in-the-Loop Test. Wang, Jian; Liu, Shifu; Wu, Jian; Yang, Jun; Li, Aijuan Report Aug 31, 2020 5315
Vayyar launches ultra-short and short-range imaging radar evaluation kit for production of ADAS and autonomous vehicle applications. Aug 27, 2020 187
SpaceX veterans gaining altitude in self-flying plane race Plane: Flying cargo is first step. Dana Hull Bloomberg Aug 27, 2020 548
RTA, DANS ink MoU to chart 'air corridors' for 'autonomous vehicles'. Anup Oommen Aug 27, 2020 400
StradVision collaborates with Socionext to launch SVNet. Aug 25, 2020 157
All aboard Cov firm's driverless service. JOSH LAYTON News Reporter Aug 21, 2020 615
General Motors China plans to launch vehicle capable of 5G connectivity. Aug 21, 2020 155
Hyundai to speed up development of Level 4 autonomous vehicles. Aug 20, 2020 640
Riyadh, Dubai to benefit from AMoD solutions. Aug 12, 2020 710
UAE, KSA to benefit from autonomous mobility-on-demand. Aug 11, 2020 725
Autonomous Vehicle Design Should Take Nothing for Granted. Jessica Cicchino Aug 10, 2020 702
Jaguar Land Rover teaching driverless cars to minimise motion sickness for best ride. ENDA MULLEN News Reporter Aug 7, 2020 367
Americans Becoming More Leery of Autonomous Technologies. Tina Bellon Aug 7, 2020 633
JLR in bid to cut motion sickness in self-driving cars. Aug 6, 2020 476
THREE THINGS: We ask three people three things about what they see going on in the industry now--and next. Vasilash, Gary S. Aug 1, 2020 829
Simulation Study of Autonomous Vehicles' Effect on Traffic Flow Characteristics including Autonomous Buses. Muhammad, Tanveer; Kashmiri, Faizan Ahmad; Naeem, Hassan; Qi, Xin; Chia-Chun, Hsu; Lu, Huapu Jul 31, 2020 10164
The future of Autonomous cars. Jul 26, 2020 2386
Fiat Chrysler, Waymo sign deal to develop autonomous commercial vehicles. Xinhua Jul 22, 2020 394
Korea joins with Germany to limit Tesla's use of 'autopilot'. Jul 19, 2020 529
Taiwan and German company team up for driverless vehicle certification. Jul 10, 2020 259
UAE among top 10 countries ready to adopt driverless cars. Staff Report Jul 9, 2020 344
There's Still Work to Do Addressing Ethics in Autonomous Vehicles. Jul 9, 2020 736
Mobileye, WILLER collaborate to launch an autonomous robotaxi service in Japan. Jul 8, 2020 443
Autonomous cars: Attainable reality or outlandish dream? Jul 6, 2020 591
Morgan Stanley analysts see Amazon cut $20 bln shipping cost after $1.2 billion acquisition of Senegalese-based self-driving startup Zoox. Jul 4, 2020 625
The Trolley Problem and Ethical Dilemmas in AI. Kompella, Kashyap Column Jul 1, 2020 754
Change in the Automotive Industry Spells Opportunity for Plastics: Electric and autonomous vehicles will dominate automotive offerings and require plastics that meet evolving performance and styling needs. Toensmeier, Pat Jul 1, 2020 1753
A Comprehensive Vehicle-Detection-and-Tracking Technique for Autonomous Driving. Farag, Wael Jul 1, 2020 8734
Can Self-Driving Cars Lead to Sustainability? Autonomous Smart Sensors, Perception and Planning Algorithms, and Data Processing Efficiency. Keane, John Jul 1, 2020 2361
Smart Sustainable Urban Mobility Behaviors: Public Attitudes and Adoption Intentions Concerning Self-Driving Cars. Adams, Claire Jul 1, 2020 2521
Public Acceptance of Autonomous Vehicle Technologies: Attitudes, Behaviors, and Intentions of Users. Scott, Joan; Zhuravleva, Natalia A.; Durana, Pavol; Cug, Juraj Jul 1, 2020 2240
The Design, Regulation, and Adoption of Autonomous Driving Systems in Smart Sustainable Urbanism. Porter, Thomas Jul 1, 2020 2533
The Social Ethics of Self-Driving Cars: Public Perceptions and Predictions of Autonomous Vehicle Safety Risks. Jones, Helen Jul 1, 2020 2484
Risk Perception and Societal Acceptance of Autonomous Vehicle Technologies. Howard, Frank; Kral, Pavol; Janoskova, Katarina; Suler, Petr Jul 1, 2020 2281
The Smart Automation of Urban Governance: Sustainable Mobilities and Data-driven Decision Support Systems. Johnson, Alice Jul 1, 2020 2254
Regulatory and Governance Mechanisms for Self-Driving Cars: Social Equity Benefits and Machine Learning-based Ethical Judgments. Poliak, Milos; Baker, Andrew; Konecny, Vladimir; Nica, Elvira Jul 1, 2020 2318
Smart Urbanism: Autonomous Vehicle Decision-Making Algorithms and Big Data-driven Transportation Networks. Green, Matthew Jul 1, 2020 2479
Integrating the Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure into Urban Spaces: The Social Dynamics of Data-driven Mobilities. Lewis, Jonathan; Grecu, Iulia; Grecu, Gheorghe Jul 1, 2020 2197
The driving force behind autonomous vehicles: Keely Portway delves into some of the latest lidar developments for self-driving vehicles, and how these are proving beneficial in other applications. Portway, Keely Jul 1, 2020 2332
Lidar: why measuring the measurement system is essential: Dr Simon Rankel and John McCauley, of Ophir, discuss the importance of precisely measuring lidar parameters and its impact on the performance and construction of lidar systems. Rankel, Simon; McCauley, John Jul 1, 2020 830
Cutting through the signal-to-noise: Gemma Church explains how Alluxa's thin-film interference filters expedite cross-industry lidar adoption. Church, Gemma Jul 1, 2020 1238
Embedded Bayesian Network Contribution for a Safe Mission Planning of Autonomous Vehicles. Dezan, Catherine; Zermani, Sara; Hireche, Chabha Report Jul 1, 2020 13115
Freeway Traffic Speed Estimation of Mixed Traffic Using Data from Connected and Autonomous Vehicles with a Low Penetration Rate. He, Shanglu; Guo, Xiaoyu; Ding, Fan; Qi, Yong; Chen, Tao Jun 30, 2020 7336
Traffic Equilibrium for Mixed Traffic Flows of Human-Driven Vehicles and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in Transportation Networks under Tradable Credit Scheme. Zhang, Fang; Lu, Jian; Hu, Xiaojian Jun 30, 2020 12594
Price Regulation Mechanism of Travelers' Travel Mode Choice in the Driverless Transportation Network. Wu, Jianhui; Ji, Yuanfa; Sun, Xiyan; Xu, Yan Jun 30, 2020 5733
Efficient Protection Mechanism Based on Self-Adaptive Decision for Communication Networks of Autonomous Vehicles. Zhao, Min; Qin, Danyang; Guo, Ruolin; Xu, Guangchao Report Jun 30, 2020 5015
Understanding the Impact of the PC5 Resource Grid Design on the Capacity and Efficiency of LTE-V2X in Vehicular Networks. Lopez, Leandro Miguel; Mendoza, Charmae Franchesca; Casademont, Jordi; Camps-Mur, Daniel Jun 30, 2020 9280
Autonomous Trucking Technology Is Here - Are Commercial Insurers Ready? Drew Groth Jun 30, 2020 2766
Amazon acquires self-driving car group Zoox. Jun 27, 2020 250
Amazon acquires self-driving car group Zoox. Jun 27, 2020 248
Siriraj Hospital trials 5G driverless vehicle for new medical era. Jun 25, 2020 625
Strategic Elements files multiple patents on autonomous robotics technology. Jun 24, 2020 808
Beep chosen for Automated Vehicle Transparency and Engagement for Safe Testing Initiative. Jun 18, 2020 177
Tekcapital investee company Guident appoints three new members to scientific board; secures new patent. Jun 17, 2020 301
New Autonomous ITVS to boost operational efficiency at Jebel Ali Port. Staff Report Jun 11, 2020 409
SKT develops 'QRNG mobile chipset'. Jun 11, 2020 599
Strategic Elements part of upcoming autonomous security vehicle presentation. Jun 10, 2020 533
Autonomous ITVs to boost efficiency at Jebel Ali Port. Jun 9, 2020 424
DP World in deal to equip Jebel Ali port with AITVs fleet. Jun 9, 2020 348
Putrajaya to seed innovation such as delivery drones, self-driving cars with RM1.2b allocation. Jun 5, 2020 254
Volkswagen and Ford close self-driving tech deal. Sony Thomas, wheels Editor Jun 3, 2020 333
Hyundai Mobis leads global auto market with smart lamp technology. Jun 2, 2020 432
Optimum Location of Autonomous Vehicle Lanes: A Model Considering Capacity Variation. Movaghar, Sara; Mesbah, Mahmoud; Habibian, Meeghat May 31, 2020 9695
Gartner honours DeepMap as 'Cool Vendor' in Autonomous Vehicle Systems report. May 28, 2020 157
Self-driving car test route in Coventry. ENDA MULLEN News Reporter May 27, 2020 676
Work starting on trial route for driverless cars. JOHN CORSER May 26, 2020 459
Driverless vehicle trials to be staged in region. John Corser Twitter JohnCorser_Star May 26, 2020 457
Work starts on autonomous car route ACROSSWEST Midlands. May 21, 2020 422
Sharjah Holding to deploy driverless car at Al Zahia community. May 20, 2020 406
GM Chief Executive Confirms Job Cuts At Autonomous Car Company Cruise. May 17, 2020 231
Coronavirus: Self-driving vehicle distributes masks, gloves to Sharjah residents. Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary, Senior Reporter May 7, 2020 215
A Comprehensive Real-Time Road-Lanes Tracking Technique for Autonomous Driving. Farag, Wael May 1, 2020 8644
The Latest V2I Cooperation For Smart City. May 1, 2020 682
Strategic Elements gains Federal support for Electric Drive Systems and Driverless Vehicles project. Apr 30, 2020 506
Scheduling-Based Optimization for Motion Coordination of Autonomous Vehicles at Multilane Intersections. Guney, Mehmet Ali; Raptis, Ioannis A. Apr 30, 2020 17069
Are Driverless Cars a Good Idea? Bin-Nun, Amitai; Nunes, Ashley Apr 20, 2020 1258
Karma Automotive to launch L4 E-Flex Van. Apr 10, 2020 212
Tekcapital investee company Guident makes significant senior hires. Apr 9, 2020 304
Coating Solutions Enabling Advanced Automotive Technologies. Challener, Cynthia Apr 1, 2020 3813
New IPC Standards Emphasize Performance over Composition: Changes in standards and supply chain are making high-performance materials more accessible. Morgan, Alun Apr 1, 2020 767
Army Pursuing Communication Network For Bradley Replacement. Lee, Connie Apr 1, 2020 441
NEED for Speed: 5G could engineer losses out of insurance, but the technology doesn't come without risks. Smith, Kate Apr 1, 2020 1462
Materials are key to future vehicles' interiors: Durability, personalization, and seamless connectivity are vital to tomorrow's cars. Grace, Robert Apr 1, 2020 2233
A study on the evolution of post-smartphone technologies in the 5G technology environment. Kwak, Jeong Ho Report Apr 1, 2020 6297
Robust [H.sub.[infinity]] Control for Path Tracking of Network-Based Autonomous Vehicles. Chen, Changfang; Shu, Minglei; Wang, Yinglong; Liu, Ruixia Mar 31, 2020 5153
Saab Seaeye's Falcon flies high. Mar 31, 2020 383
Google's Self-Driving Car Unit Raises $2.25 Billion. Mar 31, 2020 383
Moving Object Classification Using 3D Point Cloud in Urban Traffic Environment. Zhang, MingFang; Fu, Rui; Guo, YingShi; Wang, Li Mar 31, 2020 6306
Influence of Lane Policies on Freeway Traffic Mixed with Manual and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. Hua, Xuedong; Yu, Weijie; Wang, Wei; Xie, Wenjie Mar 31, 2020 9711
Data Analysis for Self-Driving Vehicles in Intelligent Transportation Systems. Park, Hyunhee; Piamrat, Kandaraj; Singh, Kamal; Chen, Hsing-Chung Mar 31, 2020 949
Multiaccess Edge Computing-Based Simulation as a Service for 5G Mobile Applications: A Case Study of Tollgate Selection for Autonomous Vehicles. Lee, Junhee; Kang, Sungjoo; Jeon, Jaeho; Chun, Ingeol Case study Mar 31, 2020 6827
Former Google engineer agrees to plead guilty to secrets theft. Mar 20, 2020 413
AXA XL launches cover for autonomous vehicles. Mar 20, 2020 167
AXA XL launches cover for autonomous vehicles. Mar 20, 2020 169
AXA XL Launches Insurance Policy for Autonomous Vehicles. Mar 20, 2020 379
RTA trails autonomous vehicle at Expo 2020 Dubai site. Angitha Pradeep Mar 19, 2020 440
RTA trails autonomous vehicle at Expo 2020 Dubai site. Angitha Pradeep Mar 19, 2020 440
Dubai trials driverless vehicles at Expo 2020 site. Staff Reporter Mar 18, 2020 259
RTA starts trial run of autonomous vehicle at Expo 2020 Dubai site. Staff Report Mar 18, 2020 457
RTA starts trial run of Expo 2020 self driving vehicles. Mar 18, 2020 421
RTA begins trial run of autonomous vehicle at Expo 2020 Dubai site. Anup Oommen Mar 18, 2020 302
AWS on connected cars, cloud and cybersecurity. Adelle Geronimo Mar 17, 2020 686
Report: Testers in California Logged 2.8M Autonomous Miles Last Year. Don Jergler Report Mar 17, 2020 1229
Autonomous Vehicles Market 2020-2026: Market is Projected to Grow at a CAGR of 41.5%. Devin Ford Mar 12, 2020 626
Driving schools of the future. Deepak Karambelkar / Special to GN Focus Mar 12, 2020 979
Bridgestone to invest in tyre innovation for cars of the future. wheels Mar 8, 2020 340
Taipei to test new self-driving shuttles in May. Mar 3, 2020 264
Report: Cellular vehicle-to-everything market to exceed $800 million by 2025. Mar 1, 2020 236
Research on Curved Path Tracking Control for Four-Wheel Steering Vehicle considering Road Adhesion Coefficient. Liu, Runqiao; Wei, Minxiang; Sang, Nan; Wei, Jianwei Mar 1, 2020 7381
An Efficient Solving Method to Vehicle and Passenger Matching Problem for Sharing Autonomous Vehicle System. Li, Ming; Zheng, Nan; Wu, Xinkai; Li, Weihua; Wu, Jianhua Mar 1, 2020 8065
Safety Evaluation for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles' Exclusive Lanes considering Penetrate Ratios and Impact of Trucks Using Surrogate Safety Measures. Zhang, Jian; Wu, Kunrun; Cheng, Min; Yang, Min; Cheng, Yang; Li, Shen Mar 1, 2020 7907
Predictive Path Following and Collision Avoidance of Autonomous Connected Vehicles. Abdelaal, Mohamed; Schon, Steffen Technical report Mar 1, 2020 5680
Jaguar Land Rover unveils the future of driverless cars which will be on Cov streets city, packaging all its battery and drivetrain. ENDA MULLEN News Reporter Feb 21, 2020 664
Foresight wins the QuadSight Prototype order in Japan upon successful technological demonstrations in the nation. Feb 18, 2020 194
Kia Motors announces 'Plan S' strategy. Feb 17, 2020 674
Questioning driverless cars. Feb 13, 2020 229
How to build a morally ethical self-driving car. Feb 10, 2020 772
PIE IN THE SKY? With e-scooters, driverless cars and even flying taxis on the horizon, Alex Danieltakes a look at the technology that could shape the future of your commute. Alex Daniel Feb 10, 2020 2812
Meet Umar, the Malaysian engineer in Finland working at bringing a driverless bus to life. Feb 7, 2020 710
Uber Approved to Restart Autonomous Vehicle Testing in California. Feb 6, 2020 277
Look! This electric car drove 370km autonomously. Sony Thomas, wheels Editor Feb 5, 2020 458
Dubai's RTA enacts laws for trial runs of autonomous vehicles. Anup Oommen Feb 5, 2020 444
Dubai enacts rules for trial runs of self-driving cars. Feb 4, 2020 555
Road cleared: Trial run for driverless vehicles to start on Dubai roads soon. Ashfaq Ahmed, Associate Editor - Online Feb 3, 2020 633
Dubai enacts legislation for trialing autonomous vehicles. Staff Report Feb 3, 2020 568
Waymo: Self-Driving Vehicle That Crashed in Arizona in Manual Mode, Wamo says. Feb 3, 2020 379
PD Steering Controller Utilizing the Predicted Position on Track for Autonomous Vehicles Driven on Slippery Roads. Alekseeva, Natalia; Tanev, Ivan; Shimohara, Katsunori Report Feb 1, 2020 6779
First testing of driverless cars is a step closer; Planning application submitted for West Midlands' testbed. TOM DARE Local Democracy Reporter Jan 31, 2020 229
Driverless vehicle tests to move step closer. Jan 31, 2020 167
John Yellowlees: There's a long way to go before robots take over the wheel. Jan 31, 2020 809
Driverless cars move a little closer. Jan 30, 2020 253
UAE residents likely to buy self-driving cars in five years: study. Adelle Geronimo Jan 27, 2020 517
Detroit-Hamtramck to be GM's First Assembly Plant 100 Percent Devoted to Electric Vehicles; $2.2 billion investment will support 2,200 good-paying manufacturing jobs. Jan 27, 2020 574
Autonomous Vehicle Development Platforms (AVDP) Market 2020 Global Trend, Segmentation And Opportunities Forecast To 2025. Jan 23, 2020 1300
Today's Pickup: Waymo To Run Self-Driving Trucks In Texas, New Mexico. FreightWaves Jan 23, 2020 863
Is it a MORAL or MORALE hazard? Patrick Wraight Jan 22, 2020 1085
GM's Cruise to unveil its first driverless car. David Welch Bloomberg Jan 22, 2020 444
GM-Backed Cruise's Self-Driving Robo-Taxi Revealed. Amit Nag Jan 22, 2020 373
Kia Motors Announces 'Plan S' Strategy to Spearhead Transition to EV, Mobility Solutions by 2025. Jan 21, 2020 668
Questions rise over Level 3 autonomous vehicle operation in Korea. Jan 19, 2020 685
Volkswagen chief says firm faces trouble without urgent reforms. MICHELLE MARTIN Jan 17, 2020 146
Netradyne Analyzes 1 Billion Minutes, 500 Million Miles Of Driver Video. FreightWaves Jan 16, 2020 547
Dataspeed receives USD 1.77m grant from Michigan Department of Transportation. Awards list Jan 15, 2020 222
Dataspeed receives USD 1.77m grant from Michigan Department of Transportation. Awards list Jan 15, 2020 220
Michigan Department of Transportation awards USD1.77m grant to Dataspeed in collaboration with AM General, Comet Mobility, Easterseals, and Michigan State University. Awards list Jan 14, 2020 227
Tier IV collaborates with DeepMap. Jan 10, 2020 163
New U.S. autonomous plan lets industry regulate itself. Tom Krisher Associated Press Auto Writer Jan 10, 2020 357
2020 CES: Mobileye Raises the Bar. Jan 9, 2020 859
2020 CES: Mobileye's Global Ambitions Take Shape with New Deals in China, South Korea. Jan 8, 2020 910
2020 CES: Unedited Ride in Mobileye's Camera-Driven Autonomous Vehicle. Jan 8, 2020 149
FLIR at CES 2020. Jan 8, 2020 674
Big 6 Automotive Sensors Market, Forecast to 2024 - Sensor Fusion Technology will Drive Growth in Autonomous Vehicles. Jan 8, 2020 901
Call for clarity over development plans for the Hippodrome. Jan 8, 2020 475
Hyundai, Toyota stage battle over future mobility ecosystem. Jan 7, 2020 578
Qualcomm launches new platform for self-driving car. Jan 7, 2020 331
Robotic Research to unveil new Pegasus Mini drone. Jan 7, 2020 222
Robotic Research to unveil new Pegasus Mini drone. Jan 7, 2020 233
Graduates send robot vehicles on patrol; NEWS: BRIEFING. Jan 7, 2020 194
Driverless cars guided by satellites coming to streets near you. Jan 6, 2020 413
Technology is in the driving seat and there's a futuristic road ahead for the car. Keith Rankin Jan 6, 2020 534
Bosch to launch LiDAR sensor for autonomous cars. Jan 3, 2020 146
Sony To Develop New Vision Sensor For Self-Driving Vehicles. Amit Nag Jan 3, 2020 309
Volvo Group. Jan 1, 2020 162
Vehicle Safety Features Aimed at Preventing Alcohol-Related Crashes. Voas, R.B. Report Jan 1, 2020 18076
Video on the Move: Cars and airplanes are now moving entertainment platforms. Here's how you'll be connecting to your favorite video on the road and in the air. Pennington, Adrian Jan 1, 2020 2823
Modern Meals on Wheels: Autonomous vehicles can open new branding and eating occasions for food marketers. Oller, Samantha Jan 1, 2020 1147
The other driverless VEHICLE: Trials of autonomous cars by Uber and Waymo are grabbing the headlines, but this kind of technology also promises to transform industrial machinery. Jan 1, 2020 2508
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Data Analysis for Emotion Classification Based on Bio-Information in Self-Driving Vehicles. Kim, Tae-Yeun; Ko, Hoon; Kim, Sung-Hwan Jan 1, 2020 6547
Traffic Oscillations Mitigation in Vehicle Platoon Using a Car-Following Control Model for Connected and Autonomous Vehicle. Gao, Zhijun; Wang, Jiangfeng; Zhang, Xi; Dong, Jiakuan; Chen, Lei; Yan, Xuedong; Zhang, Wei Dec 31, 2019 7371
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Driverless vehicle firm's delay sparks uncertainty for theatre. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE Dec 31, 2019 261
Starsky Robotics Seeks Potential Buyers As Autonomous Startup Struggles To Raise Funds. FreightWaves Dec 26, 2019 639
On the road to a traffic-free future in UAE. Angel Tesorero Dec 25, 2019 902
United States Autonomous Car Market Analysis, Competitive Landscape, Growth Trends, and Forecasts 2019-2024. Dec 23, 2019 899
Sidewalk Last Mile Delivery Robots: a Billion-Dollar-Market by 2030? Dec 23, 2019 1869
Identifying Critical Contextual Design Cues Through a Machine Learning Approach. Cummings, Mary L. "Missy"; Stimpson, Alexander Dec 22, 2019 7783
Mock skyscrapers, simulated rain at Singapore self-driving test centre. Compiled by Nathaniel Lacsina, Digital Content Producer Dec 22, 2019 562
The Bracknell M4 to M3 bypass, bus lanes and driverless cars that could completely transform Berkshire; You can have your say on how roads, trains and cycle lanes should change. Alex Seabrook Dec 22, 2019 528
Patent Reveals Rivian's Plan Of Providing R1T With Driverless Transportation Tech. Nica Osorio Dec 22, 2019 528
California To Approve Autonomous Delivery Vehicles -- With Or Without A Safety Driver. FreightWaves Dec 20, 2019 369
Innovations in Radar-on-Chip, Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and In-vehicle Sensing Solutions, 2019 Study. Dec 18, 2019 527

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