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Driverless cars on our roads will be a 'death trap' for cyclists and pedestrians.

WITH driverless cars being tested on a BBC Breakfast report, they begged the question: Would we be happy travelling in a driverless car? More importantly, would I be happy sharing the roads with one? After a woman was killed by an Uber self-driving car in Arizona, USA, on March 18, their use has been banned pending further testing. So what do driverless cars mean for pedestrians and cyclists in the UK? Rail workers on Merseyside are striking over fears of safety and loss of jobs because of driver-only trains. Can pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and disabled road users etc, strike over a fear of safety and loss of life posed by driverless cars? Because of the Grenfell Tower tragedy that claimed the lives of 71 people, thousands of tower block tenants are now fearing that they are living in death traps.

Since 1948 some 10,000 cyclists have been killed on UK roads, and many thousands more have suffered debilitating injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. So if anyone is living in a death trap then it is surely cyclists.

If all tower blocks are going to be re-clad, then shouldn't all drivers who are caught speeding and using mobile phones etc, be banned from driving also? Shouldn't equal rights dictate that this is the way forward before we allow driverless cars to invade our roads? Allan Ramsay, by email

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Mar 24, 2018
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