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Driver wins his two-year battle against string of parking offences.

Byline: By TRYST WILLIAMS Western Mail

Hundreds of parking tickets may have been wrongly issued to drivers in Cardiff, a man whose parking ticket case was withdrawn from court has claimed.

In the past two years, Rhys Morgan, 22, amassed 16 fixed penalty notices for parking in the shadow of the Millennium Stadium, close to his former job at BT's Stadium House.

The IT worker, who is originally from Pencoed, contested the 13 charges he faced for 'no waiting' and 'unnecessary obstruction' offences and gradually saw them dropped, one-by-one.

They could have cost him more than pounds 1,000 in fines.

But on Friday, Mr Morgan saw the final four charges dropped by the prosecution.

He said, 'If I hadn't done put up a fight against traffic wardens or the council or whoever's responsible for this, I would be in debt of pounds 1,000.

'And, if not just me, who else has been affected by this?'

He said that between March 2001 and July 2003 he was regularly parking his Citroen Saxo VTR in Scott Road and Park Street, at the back of the Ster Century cinema, when he started receiving fixed penalty notices.

'Being a bit stubborn, I thought that I would carry on parking there and, if I had to, I would go to court,' he said.

'This carried on for quite a while and they said they would take me to court.'

Six of the 13 charges were withdrawn at pre-trial review because they had exceeded a six-month time limit.

Meanwhile, Mr Morgan said a further three unnecessary obstruction charges for Scott Road were dropped because he had been told by a traffic warden that he could park there.

And the final four charges relating to Park Street were apparently dropped at the 11th hour on Friday because it was unclear whether there should be double yellow lines there or not.

A police spokeswoman said, 'There are double yellow lines there but it's the council who are the people responsible for deciding whether yellow lines should be there.

'The question is whether it is an adopted highway.'

If Cardiff County Council decides there should not be double yellow lines there then it will be up to the central ticket office to decide what action to take in relation to people who have been booked there.

Mr Morgan's family believes the highway order was rescinded two years ago and the yellow lines should have been burnt off.

A council spokeswoman said last night that officials were looking into the matter.
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 6, 2004
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