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Driven to succeed.

Summary: Waleed Al-Basheer, Intelligent Network Solutions Manager at GBM

Waleed Al-Basheer, Intelligent Network Solutions Manager at GBM, has an almost sagely advice to his peers: "Life offers many opportunities and one should always make the right use of it."

Al-Basheer, who is a young achiever, describes himself as a very straightforward, level headed person, who has learned to take challenges head-on and use it as a fuel to push ahead. "I am adventurous by nature and like to take up new challenges, which give me the zeal and impetus to work towards excellence. One thing I firmly believe in is that one should always strive towards individual betterment. I am never scared of beginning where other end," he says in an impassioned tone.

Probably, Al-Basheer's unique style and personality stems from his attitude towards challenges and his innate ability to embrace change. He says he has been motivated and inspired by a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.--"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

He adds that in today's fast growing global and business world, the possibility of change sits constantly on our shoulders. "Truly, nothing is certain and constant except change. I enjoy adapting to new technological advancements, which have changed the shape of our lives over the past couple of decades."

Al-Basheer, who has been in the IT industry for 10 years, is fascinated by the pace of change and has witnessed the rapid evolution of IT trends that have a far-reaching impact on our everyday lives. "Computational power rises exponentially, not linearly, and so does the rate of change. Adapting to these changes has polished and enriched my experience in IT," he says.

He adds that the most interesting aspect of his work is being able to interact with different kind of people through his role in the channel and exposure to different market segments. "However, the most challenging part of my professional life is ensuring customer satisfaction. In the competitive marketplace, customer satisfaction is a key performance indicator and is seen as a key differentiator against competitors."

This led to his firm conviction that it is an imperative for businesses to provide more than just products and services. "Businesses are also responsible for helping customers with technical issues, even small ones, because they can have an enormous impact on the customer experience. Understanding the customer's needs, enhancing service delivery and providing quality assurance will help not only to meet but to surpass customer expectations," Al-Basheer says.

Since Joining GBM in 2007, Al-Basheer says he has become more assertive, even in situations outside of comfort zone. Working at GBM has also honed his interpersonal skills, be it with colleagues or customers. Though Al-Basheer spends most of his time at work, like many in the industry, he has been able to strike a fine balance between work and personal life. "It has been a conscious decision, and I am always mindful of drawling lines between them. Whether I am at work or at home, I do my best to stay fully invested in that place at that time. If I am at home with the family, I set aside work and enjoy them to the fullest," he says.

By force of habit, Al-Basheer starts his day with reading email and organizing his calendar, and feels hapless without his mobile, laptop and iPad, even if he is on a holiday. "Multitasking and fairly balancing between my personal and work life is key. The trick is to detach from one or the other, depending on the situation and the priority.

Al-Basheer, who is passionate about learning, says he is particularly interested in learning new disciplines in math, physics and fringe science. He also likes to watch documentaries during his spare time.

Married with twins, Al-Basheer is a doting dad and says he always finds the time to spend with his children. And his ultimate dream in life? "I like the academic path. My lifelong ambition has always been to get a PhD in a science, such as math or physics. I am also interested in eventually volunteering to teach courses at a university, while completing research and theses," he says.

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Date:Dec 4, 2012
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