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Drinks are on Warner again as he gets hung out to dry.


ON the giant screen at Edgbaston, injured Australian captain Michael Clarke dispensed pastoral advice to patrons in the stands.

"Drink within your boundaries," counselled Clarke on the day one of his foot soldiers was hung out to dry for late-night revelry.

David Warner may not remember everything about the night he clocked Joe Root, but he will not forget his public humiliation by way of penance in a hurry.

Axed from Australia's line-up, and summoned to a disciplinary hearing nearer Old Bailey than kangaroo court in its pragmatism, Warner's punishment was to act as drinks waiter for the day.

Breaking rocks in a chain gang - once the day job of our Antipodean ancestors - would have been less demeaning.

Out he trotted, in a fluorescent bib extolling the virtues of an amber nectar who sponsor the Aussies, looking more sheepish than Little Bo Peep after she had lost her flock.

Shortly after 6.20pm, when the Anzac 'derby' was abandoned, the outfield was more irrigated than happy hour at the Walkabout bar where Warner's Saturday night out broke out in a brief demonstration of Queensberry Rules.

We can only speculate how much Warner slaked his thirst after Australia's 48-run defeat by England at the weekend. And we can only marvel at the broad imagination of Australian cricketers whose debrief after a torpid display is an Aussie-themed bar in Birmingham.

But his stand-in captain tain George Bailey (right), impossibly fair dinkum and cheerful in adversity, revealed Warner accepted his punishment stoically, saying: "He took it on the chin - no pun intended - and his attitude around group today was outstanding."

Bailey's genial nature cannot, however, disguise the mess swirling around a once-great cricket team.

Clarke is struggling with a long-term back injury.

They were bowled out for 65 in a warm-up match, lost wimpishly against England and they had to rely on a washout yesterday to save them from an early exit in the Champions Trophy.


SOBER DUTY Warner with drinks
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 13, 2013
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