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Michelle Keegan goes make-up free as she heads for a gym session in West Hollywood; The actress showcased her natural beauty. Mar 17, 2018 346
What your urine colour says about your health. Mar 13, 2018 348
Nestle Pure Life launches its Hero Bottles. Feb 28, 2018 182
The Importance of Hydration: Being dehydrated can affect the function of your heart, brain, joints, and digestive system. Feb 28, 2018 844
Nestle Pure Life launches Hero Bottles. Feb 24, 2018 251
Boost your health in less than 5 minutes per day. Jan 25, 2018 439
Slimming after winter holidays. Jan 5, 2018 469
Legends aside, moon's health impact more of a myth. Jan 3, 2018 593
Try these skin care tips before, during and after a flight Skin: Stay hydrated, sleep and apply moisturizer. Dec 25, 2017 495
Drink water, say nutrition experts in survival guide to Christmas. Dec 16, 2017 239
Isla Fisher is fine with looking her age. Dec 6, 2017 236
Believe it or Not: The latest claims: good science or scams? Dow, Caitlin Dec 1, 2017 491
Of the 'unsafe' bottled water. Nov 30, 2017 858
Wake-up calls to fight fatigue; Healthy YOU. Nov 19, 2017 558
Wake-up calls to fight fatigue; Healthy YOU. Nov 19, 2017 561
Kids' water programme to make a splash. Nov 11, 2017 371
Fluid and Electrolyte Management Across the Age Continuum. Kear, Tamara M. Nov 1, 2017 3959
Wee and WD40 among 'remedies' used for back pain. Sep 28, 2017 175
Procurement Of Low Cost Security Equipments.anti Ballistic Goggle,one Day Pack With Hydration System,black Hawk Riggers Belt,carabineer (cong),full Body Harness pezl. Sep 11, 2017 145
Construction Of Community Latrine With Drink Water Plant And Submersible At Baroduari Masjid Under Mahadipur Gp Under. Aug 29, 2017 146
POST-SUMMER SKIN DILEMMAS and how to fix them; Holidays relax, refresh and revitalise, so why is it when we come back from a holiday in the sunshine our skin often starts playing up? Dryness, dullness or spots - we have the products to fix your problems. Interview Aug 27, 2017 814
Take precautions in the heat. Aug 5, 2017 390
Arsenic and obesity: a comparison of urine dilution adjustment methods. Bulka, Catherine M.; Mabila, Sithembile L.; Lash, James P.; Turyk, Mary E.; Argos, Maria Report Aug 1, 2017 7753
What does your wee say about your health? Take a peek before pulling the chain because there's a lot of useful information right there in the toilet bowl. Jul 30, 2017 873
UAE residents not drinking enough water, say experts. Jul 20, 2017 770
Healthcare experts develop tablets for workers to counter dehydration. Jul 16, 2017 338
Balanced diet, drinking enough water can help to cure water-borne disease: Study. Jul 13, 2017 312
Healthy through history. Stahl, Jennifer Jul 1, 2017 656
EcoStar advises to stay hydrated! Jun 30, 2017 232
Supply Of Cold Drink For Blood Bank At Mbs Hospital Kota Rate Contract Two Years. Jun 27, 2017 144
THE FIT FACTOR. Jun 24, 2017 779
Hydration and Your Skin. Jun 22, 2017 542
Oman wellness: Protect yourself from dehydration. Jun 10, 2017 496
Oman wellness: Healthy fasting for children. Jun 3, 2017 797
9 Tips To Stay Safe At Music Festivals. May 13, 2017 902
Purchase Of Coffee And Drink Water Machines As A Service. May 8, 2017 121
10 tips to survive a long-haul flight. May 2, 2017 897
Staying hydrated: 9 best balms & creams. Bemis, Mary May 1, 2017 454
Natural energy it lasts way longer than five hours. Oz, Mehmet; Roizen, Michael May 1, 2017 538
Rhabdomyolysis and Influenza A (H3N2) infection--a case report/ Rabdomioliza i influenza a (H3N2) infekcija--prikaz slucaja. Stojsin, Anja; Petric, Vedrana; Canak, Grozdana; Turkulov, Vesna; Sevic, Sinisa; Ruzic, Maja May 1, 2017 1980
Philippines : DOH: Drink plenty of water to beat the summer heat, learn first aid for heatstroke. Apr 24, 2017 272
DOH tells young athletes: Drink lots of water. Apr 24, 2017 197
Most Popular Beer And Booze To Drink For St. Patrick's Day. Mar 17, 2017 491
Brady Maintains Secret Diet. Jan 4, 2017 567
Are your eyes constantly dry? Chronic dry eyes can be painful, and may affect your vision quality. Report Jan 1, 2017 758
HIDRATACAO COM ISOTONICO AFETA MARCADORES DA MODULACAO AUTONOMICA CARDIACA E TAXA DE SUDORESE NO EXERCICIO AEROBIO: UM ESTUDO DE CASO/Hydration with isotonic affects markers of autonomic cardiac modulation and rate of sweating without aerobic exercise: a case study. Alves, Charles Phillipe de Lucena; Soares, Fabiano Henrique; de Medeiros, Jason Azevedo Case study Jan 1, 2017 5520
Relationship between autonomic markers of heart rate and subjective indicators of recovery status in male, elite badminton players. Bisschoff, Christo A.; Coetzee, Ben; Esco, Michael R. Report Dec 1, 2016 9702
Kidney stone 'epidemic' fear. Nov 2, 2016 175
Water isn't the best way to stay hydrated. Oct 11, 2016 456
Do You Really Need Eight Glasses a Day? Oct 8, 2016 423
Oman Health: Diet in urinary stone disease. Sep 24, 2016 1880
Dehydration can lead to serious complications. Sep 18, 2016 392
Supply Food And Drink For Municipale. Sep 16, 2016 121
Canada : Challenge aimed at drinking water for better health. Sep 7, 2016 263
Annual Contract Electrolyte Replacement Drink For Various Departments. Aug 12, 2016 101
Sparkling water for hydration. Etingin Jul 1, 2016 263
Quench your thirst: the lowdown on staying hydrated. Oz, Mehmet; Roizen, Michael Jul 1, 2016 664
Nutrition advice - STAYING HYDRATED. Jun 30, 2016 372
HMC expert advises to stay hydrated during Ramadan. Jun 12, 2016 401
Make sure you drink enough water. Apr 28, 2016 157
Water hydration stations. Apr 9, 2016 118
WE'VE GOT NO FEAR; Foxes star Drink water fires a defiant message to the chasing title pack; LEICESTER v SOUTHAMPTON; BATTLE FOR PREMIER LEAGUE CROWN. Apr 3, 2016 482
Water is vital for wellbeing so top up regularly; Dehydration can lead to a whole range of mental and physical problems. It tends to occur more frequently in elderly people who find themselves in hospital for long periods of time. Here, Public Health Wales explains how its new campaign encourages patients to stay hydrated. Mar 23, 2016 860
Water is vital for wellbeing so top up regularly; Dehydration can lead to a whole range of mental and physical problems. It tends to occur more frequently in elderly people who find themselves in hospital for long periods of time. Here, Public Health Wales explains how its new campaign encourages patients to stay hydrated. Mar 21, 2016 860
Purchase Of Lime Based Cold Drink For The Consumption Period From 16 Apr 16 To 30 Apr 16. Mar 19, 2016 139
Purchase Of Carbonated Soft Drink For The Consumption Period From 16 Apr 16 To 30 Apr 16. Mar 19, 2016 132
Rating the hydraters. Brief article Mar 1, 2016 209
Why you CAN eat egg yolks, cheese and dark meat... The healthy eating rules that are just plain wrong Think cheese and eggs are bad for you but eight glasses of water a day are OK? Research shows some healthy eating advice we've swallowed is out of date. Nutritionist JULIETTE KELLOW sets the record straight. Feb 15, 2016 1122
Why you CAN eat potatones eggs dark meat and chese... CHECK RULES T K OUT THE HEALTHY EATING THAT ARE JUST PLAIN WRONG!Think cheese and eggs are bad for you but eight glasses of water a day is a must? We've been given the same healthy eating advice for years, but new research reveals some of it is totally out of date. Nutritionist Juliette Kellow sets the record straight. Feb 15, 2016 1500
Why you CAN eat potatoes, eggs, dark meat and cheese... CHECK RULES T K OUT THE HEALTHY EATING THAT ARE JUST PLAIN WRONG!Think cheese and eggs are bad for you but eight glasses of water a day is a must? We've been given the same healthy eating advice for years, but new research reveals some of it is totally out of date. Nutritionist Juliette Kellow sets the record straight. Feb 15, 2016 1500
Water Hydration System. Feb 10, 2016 147
Compact Wide Frequency Range Fractional-Order Models of Human Body Impedance against Contact Currents. Freeborn, Todd J.; Elwakil, Ahmed S.; Maundy, Brent Jan 1, 2016 6304
Intraocular pressure changes in different age group individuals after water ingestion. Lakshmi, Anitha; Puranik, Nagaraja; Kammar, K.F. Report Dec 1, 2015 2581
Drink water before meals to lose more weight. Nov 1, 2015 119
Get more gigs: creative networking strategies for freelancers, plus tips for staying hydrated and revamping your body image. Hamilton, Linda Nov 1, 2015 817
Offering cups helps student hydration. Wahowiak, Lindsey Brief article Nov 1, 2015 146
The importance of drinking enough water. Oct 18, 2015 404
Are you drinking enough water? Chances are you're not. Jun 4, 2015 502
Stay hydrated with food. Jun 1, 2015 236
Discovered: a simple way to prevent a stroke that will cost you nothing. Fuchs, Nan Kathryn Jun 1, 2015 609
Are you drinking enough water? Chances are you're not. Jun 1, 2015 504
Hydration and thermoregulation during a half-Ironman performed in tropical climate. Baillot, Michelle; Hue, Olivier Report Jun 1, 2015 5371
Provision of repair drink water system. May 19, 2015 116
Memory maximizers: here's the latest research to help you keep your brain sharp. May 1, 2015 437
Food Service Including; Packed Lunch and Drink for 50 People. Apr 13, 2015 113
kidney groans; Kidney stone emergencies jump 136% over failure to drink water. Mar 11, 2015 221
Pre-practice hydration status and the effects of hydration regimen on collegiate division III male athletes. Magal, Meir; Cain, Rebekah J.; Long, Josh C.; Thomas, Kathleen S. Report Mar 1, 2015 4674
Hydration status and fluid balance of elite European youth soccer players during consecutive training sessions. Phillips, Shaun M.; Sykes, Dave; Gibson, Neil Report Dec 1, 2014 5218
Finally, Bulacan will soon drink water from Angat Dam. Nov 28, 2014 247
Five reasons why you should drink plenty of water. Sep 16, 2014 169
Five reasons why you should drink plenty of water. Sep 16, 2014 169
Supply of Lab Room Temperature Controller Equipment, Water bath, Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate, Reaction Container, Heat of Hydration Apparatus with Walk. Sep 6, 2014 137
Drink enough water to avoid dehydration. Aug 27, 2014 585
Hydrate well for health: Quench your body's thirst with appropriate amounts and types of beverages every day. Hail, Mckenzie Aug 1, 2014 792
Drink water to stay healthy, DM tells public. Jun 18, 2014 524
Staying hydrated: keeping your dogs properly watered afield. Carty, Dave Jun 1, 2014 401
Dubai residents urged to drink enough water. May 23, 2014 399
Dubai Health Authority urges to drink water for all reasons. May 22, 2014 770
Here's Why Not Drinking Enough Water Makes You Dumber. May 11, 2014 390
This Mobile App Scans a Menu, Analyses and Chooses a Drink for You. May 5, 2014 355
Does the color of hummingbird feeders affect hummingbirds' feeding patterns in terms of amount of sugar water consumed and relative number of feeding episodes? Author abstract Apr 1, 2014 284
A drink to that! Feb 8, 2014 720
Paranoid' Serena admits waking up at night to 'keep hydrated' in 'hot' Australian Open. Jan 16, 2014 168
Skip the juice: drink water and eat fruit. Manzi, Ann Nov 1, 2013 384
Now 'Smart' water bottle that tells you when to drink to stay hydrated! Sep 28, 2013 168
Holy crap! Austria church-goers told not to drink water. Sep 18, 2013 295
Children in hospitals. Monaco, John E Column Jul 1, 2013 856
Hydration prevents complications in E. coil HUS. Otto, M. Alexander Jul 1, 2013 513
Only 22 percent drink enough water. Currie, Donya Jun 29, 2013 139
HIT THE HIGH SPOTS; BEAUTY SCOTTISH HAIR AND BEAUTY AWARDS MAKE-UP SPECIALIST OF THE YEAR; Flying can leave your skin dry, tired and thirsty. Stay hydrated and save skin from skydiving with my in-flight refreshment menu. Jun 23, 2013 1172
Thirst aid; Why 75% of us need to drink more water. May 26, 2013 289
Thirst aid; Health; Why 75% of us need to drink more water. May 26, 2013 289
Optimizing metabolism: rocking the boat and making a splash about hydration. Kohlstadt, Ingrid May 1, 2013 1331
Effect of the volume of fluid ingested on urine concentrating ability during prolonged heavy exercise in a hot environment. Otani, Hidenori; Kaya, Mitsuharu; Tsujita, Junzo Report Mar 1, 2013 6435
Children in hospitals: preventing heat stroke. Monaco, John E. Mar 1, 2013 930
Turn to old remedies against today's lifestyle disorders. Jan 10, 2013 250
PediaCare[R] Cold & Flu Hydration Helps Keep Kids Hydrated When They Get Sick. Dec 20, 2012 451
Coping with unexpected loss of water supply among regular exercisers. Devonport, Tracey J.; Lane, Andrew M.; Crone, Diane Report Dec 1, 2012 8406
M40A1 mask water source. Dec 1, 2012 161
Diet Chef: The Importance of Staying Hydrated During Weight Loss. Nov 15, 2012 581
Drink plenty of water to keep stones at bay. Nov 10, 2012 456
STAY healthy Ashley James, Welsh Rugby Union physio. Oct 15, 2012 469
STAY healthy. Oct 15, 2012 476
Saudi Arabia Calls for Supporting Right of Access to Safe Drink Water. Sep 20, 2012 161
'Respect local customs and drink plenty of water to be safe'. Aug 19, 2012 325
Best thirst-quenching drinks: whether you exercise just 30 minutes a day or run 10 miles a day, adequate hydration is critical for optimal health. Turn to water and unsweetened, plant-based drinks as your first choice to quench thirst. Palmer, Sharon Aug 1, 2012 1259
Parts keep water flowing. Aug 1, 2012 177
People not drinking enough water, doctors say. Jul 5, 2012 544
We don't drink enough water. Jul 5, 2012 208
Impact of race pace on development of hyponatraemia in full- and half-marathoners. Maynard, Jennifer R.; Taylor, Walter C., III; McNeil, Rebecca B.; Shapiro, Shane A.; Mohseni, Michae Report Jul 1, 2012 5122
Stay hydrated, but not with these drinks that can give you a heart attack or stroke. Jul 1, 2012 804
Stay cool this summer and drink plenty of water. Jun 30, 2012 507
Organisations come forward to educate workers on staying hydrated. Jun 26, 2012 334
Arizona Radio Station Has Mark Kia in Scottsdale Be a Water Drop Location for "Operation Hydration". Jun 6, 2012 265
Kids 'don't drink enough water'. May 3, 2012 101
Children need to drink more, UK study shows; MORE THAN 60% DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH FLUID BEFORE SCHOOL. May 3, 2012 603
The Drink Tryptich. Ostriker, Alicia Poem May 1, 2012 183
Improving blood pressure control in end stage renal disease through a supportive educative nursing intervention. Kauric-Klein, Zorica Report May 1, 2012 8633
Potential water retention capacity as a factor in silage effluent control: experiments with high moisture by-product feedstuffs. Razak, Okine Abdul; Masaaki, Hanada; Yimamu, Aibibula; Meiji, Okamoto Report Apr 1, 2012 4746
Drink water, coffee, and tea instead of sugary beverages. Apr 1, 2012 405
Drink water, save your kidneys. Mar 9, 2012 343
Drink water, save your kidneys. Mar 8, 2012 313
Stay hydrated to see off the winter vomiting bug; Chief medical officer Dr Tony Jewell urges people with symptoms of norovirus to stay away from hospitals and A&E departments. But what can you do to protect yourself? Feb 20, 2012 637
Body composition, rate of sweating and hydration in handball players/Composicao corporal, taxa de sudorese e hidratacao de jogadores de handebol. Ferigollo, Maira Cristina; Trentin, Micheli Mayara; Confortin, Fernanda Grison Jan 1, 2012 5791
CaffeinAll[TM] Energizes Everything You Eat and Drink for 12 Cents. Dec 6, 2011 389
EU bureaucrats question 'hydration' claims for water. Dec 5, 2011 230
Body's level of hydration determines how intoxicated you get later at night. Dec 3, 2011 225
Water temperature, voluntary drinking and fluid balance in dehydrated Taekwondo athletes. Khamnei, Saeed; Hosseinlou, Abdollah; Zamanlu, Masumeh Report Dec 1, 2011 5380
Hydration status and sweating responses of boys playing soccer and futsal. Perrone, Claudia A.; Sehl, Paulo L.; Martins, Jocelito B.; Meyer, Flavia Dec 1, 2011 4437
Drink up! Help students stay hydrated. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 290
SPORT DRINK DEAL FOR CITY MARATHON; 18,000 bottles ordered for run. Sep 20, 2011 331
Is drinking lots of water actually bad for you? Aug 15, 2011 448
Keep your cool ... Leipzig, Rosanne M. Aug 1, 2011 518
Advice to drink 8 glasses of water a day 'thoroughly debunked nonsense'. Jul 14, 2011 267
Help quench my thirst; Man Moment. Jul 10, 2011 167
Tea as good as water. Jun 30, 2011 390
Fresenius Medical Care Offers Dialysis Patients Tips on How to Quench Thirst During Hot Summer Months. Jun 29, 2011 592
Why hydration is important for losing weight. Petrello, Crystal Brief article Jun 22, 2011 348
As Temperatures Heat Up, Tennessee American Water Reminds Customers To Stay Hydrated. Jun 2, 2011 461
Comparison of outcomes before and after implementation of a water protocol for patients with cerebrovascular accident and dysphagia. Frey, Kimberly L.; Ramsberger, Gail Report Jun 1, 2011 4763
Report finds dangers not benefits of sports, energy drinks. Sullivan, Michele G. Jun 1, 2011 543
The next-best thing to ice. Jun 1, 2011 168
A New Solution for Your Health: Chanson Miracle Max Alkaline Water Ionizer! May 23, 2011 410
Drink enough water or risk kidney stones. May 18, 2011 247
As Temperatures Rise, Arizona American Water Reminds Customers to Stay Hydrated. May 16, 2011 562
TriedAndTested; BODY LOTIONS. Mar 14, 2011 200
TRIED & TESTED. Mar 6, 2011 196
Keep kidney stones from rolling with proper diet and treatments: follow your doctor's advice on food and fluid intake, and weigh your treatment options to ease the burden of this painful urinary condition. Mar 1, 2011 1419
Diagnosis: Cushing's disease: excessive fluid consumption and urination are two of the key signs of this serious glandular disorder. Disease/Disorder overview Mar 1, 2011 1209
How cats drink water. Feb 1, 2011 143
HTI HydroPack to Be Centerpiece of Kenya Water Disaster-Relief Demonstration. Jan 13, 2011 1044
Health WatchHave a happy and healthy new year. Jan 6, 2011 967
Three "Power"-ful must-do's: good nutrition, plenty of sleep, and lots of the right kinds of liquids are prime ingredients for good health. Gillian P. Jan 1, 2011 2080
Drinking during marathon running in extreme heat: a video analysis study of the top finishers in the 2004 Athens Olympic marathons. van Rooyen, Michelle; Hew-Butler, Tamara; Noakes, Timothy D. Report Sep 1, 2010 4740
Influence of surface area, water level and adjacent vegetation on bat use of artificial water sources. Jackrel, Sara L.; Matlack, Raymond S. Report Jul 1, 2010 2897
Positive exercise: by YMCA fitness training expert and nutritionist Clare Canning. Wells, Rhona Jul 1, 2009 531
An essay on the evidence base of vocal hygiene. Bhavsar, Vishar Jan 1, 2009 7476
Ask Doctor Cory. SerVaas, Cory Jul 1, 2008 727
Hydration: living water as a nutrient for health and wellness. Crocker, Susan Vorce Jul 1, 2008 937
In the drink: do we really need 8 glasses of water a day? Valtin, Heinz Jun 1, 2008 1678
Eight glasses a day--the perils of pseudoscience? Khumalo, Nonhlanhla P. Aug 1, 2007 851
Hydration in adolescent athletes--habits and level of knowledge/Hidratacao em atletas adolescentes--habitos e nivel de conhecimento. Drumond, Maria Goes; de Carvalho, Franciane R.; Guimaraes, Eliana M.A. Mar 1, 2007 5962
The different types of substrates used in athlete's hydration for improvement of the performance/Os diferentes tipos de substratos utilizados na hidratacao do atleta para melhora do desempenho. De Lima, Carina; Michels, Michele Fontana; Amorim, Rafaela Jan 1, 2007 5943
Got thirst? Jun 1, 2005 700
Is "drink plenty of fluids" good advice? Harder, Ben Brief Article Mar 27, 2004 195
Alcohol can induce fainting spells. N.S. Brief Article Mar 11, 2000 148
Drink up. Welch, Gregory L. Jul 1, 1998 836
The quest for water. Stewart, Doug Jun 1, 1995 2178
Drink to your health. SerVaas, Cory Apr 1, 1995 111
Lifting the presurgery drinking ban. Mar 22, 1994 358
Sometimes when I run a lot in gym, I feel like throwing up. Is this normal? SerVaas, Cory Jan 1, 1994 311
Fluid intake tied to bladder cancer. Brief Article Jul 24, 1993 328
Drink to win. Aug 1, 1989 591

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