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Why We Drink: The anthropological roots of humanity's love of booze. Gulliver, Katrina Oct 22, 2021 1217
Booze a major factor in breast cancer risk; 7 in 100 cases due to 'toxic' alcohol. SEAN MURPHY Oct 21, 2021 221
TIGER King star who worked for Joe Exotic died of 'acute and chronic alcohol use'. Oct 19, 2021 511
Lucy: Booze Gazz really taken its toll on ex-soccer star; Gascoigne tells Living With Lucy of his battle with bottle. EXCLUSIVE BY SIOBHAN O'CONNOR Oct 18, 2021 433
Woman died in hot tub at home after drinking alcohol. EMILY WITHERS Reporter Oct 15, 2021 528
Woman died in hot tub after drinking alcohol. EMILY WITHERS Reporter Oct 15, 2021 505
'Highly respected' Baroness investigating Met after Sarah Everard murder once made jokes about 'binge drinking' and 'drinking at work'; She was a senior adviser to Tony Blair when he was prime-minister. By, Sam Ormiston Oct 14, 2021 675
What type of drinker are you? THURSDAY 14.10.2021 THURSDAY 14.10.2021 LIFE live it well Edited by MERnIE GILMORE Statistics show we're boozing more since lockdown - but could the way you drink influence what you need to do to cut down? Hannah Britt finds out. MERnIE GILMORE Oct 14, 2021 746
What type of drinker are you? LIFE live it well Edited by MeRnIe GILMORe Statistics show we're boozing more since lockdown - but could the way you drink influence what you need to do to cut down? Hannah Britt finds out. MeRnIe GILMORe Oct 14, 2021 752
What type of drinker are you? LIFE live it well Statistics show we're boozing more since lockdown - but could the way you drink influence what you need to do to cut down? Hannah Britt finds out. Edited by MERNIE GILMORE , Hannah Britt Oct 14, 2021 749
What type of drinker are you? Statistics show we're boozing more since lockdown - but could the way you drink influence what you need to do to cut down? Hannah Britt finds out. Hannah Britt Oct 14, 2021 543
Woman spikes own drink by mistake, arrested. Oct 11, 2021 213
Russians offered food for booze after bootleg liquor kills 34. Oct 11, 2021 373
Street boozing concern over late licence plans. NICK TYRRELL Local Democracy Reporter @NCTYRRELL Oct 11, 2021 301
Five children orphaned as parents among 24 killed after drinking methanol-laced vodka; Murat Berekeshov and his wife Aislu died five hours apart after drinking the fake alcohol to celebrate getting new furniture for their family home in Orsk, Russia. By, Lorraine King Oct 10, 2021 504
Overturning booze ban would be an own goal; Rule change will encourage fans to drink more. Jean Johansson TV PRESENTER AND GIRL ABOUT TOWNI Jeanon TwitterFollow @Jean Johansson Oct 10, 2021 747
'Teetotal' school worker caught drink-driving was 'pressured' into downing wine; Ilayda Tomes, 27, was driving her new Mercedes at 4am after drinking wine in a restaurant when she was spotted clipping a kerb near her home in Wilmslow, Cheshire. By, Alec Whitaker Oct 8, 2021 622
Dozens dead or hospitalised after drinking vodka containing highly toxic ingredient; Three people have been arrested as police said it is "a miracle" more people weren't killed by the dodgy alcohol in Orsk, Orenburg region, Russia, where bootleg vodka has been a scourge for years. By, Will Stewart & Leigh Mcmanus Oct 8, 2021 503
Kay Holcroft banned from for 15 months 'A taxi would have been much cheaper than losing your licence' MAGISTRATE'S ADVICE FOR DRINK-DRIVE BAN SOCIALITE. LOUISA GREGSON Oct 7, 2021 524
News Fears over 8am licence in booze-plagued area; residents raise concerns due to ongoing street drinking issues. NICK TYRRELL Local Democracy Reporter @NCTYRRELL Oct 6, 2021 233
'Treatment for rare skin condition affecting fingers lies in the palm of your hand'; Miriam Stoppard looks into exciting and radical treatments for a disease that pulls in the fingers, and has been linked to smoking and drinking alcohol. By, Miriam Stoppard Oct 4, 2021 450
Welsh drink more 'due to virus, Brexit and climate'. BRONWEN WEATHERBY Press Association reporter Oct 2, 2021 418
Dad kicked off over wife's plea to quit alcohol. RON MOORE Oct 1, 2021 450
High cholesterol: the small change on your face that might mean you have it; The NHS says it is mainly caused by eating fatty food, not exercising enough, being overweight, smoking and drinking alcohol. By, Adam Chapman & Morgan Johnson Sep 29, 2021 510
Jon Jones breaks silence and vows to give up alcohol after latest arrest; Jones has vowed to improve his lifestyle and give up alcohol after his latest arrest on charges of alleged domestic violence and vehicle damage. By, Ben Davies Sep 29, 2021 512
Fan-led review could lead to return of alcohol in football stands. Press Association Sep 24, 2021 408
Alcohol warning given to pregnant mums. LEONA GREENAN Sep 22, 2021 309
My parents would take the kids and I'd drink for days on end. . MUM TELLS OF NEW START AFER REHAB Sian's booze battle ordeal. ORLAITH CLINTON Sep 20, 2021 1137
MEC Albert Fritz calls on citizens to be mindful of alcohol-related harms. Sep 17, 2021 240
Lawyer smashed Porsche into wall while over limit; DRINK-DRIVE SOLICITOR BANNED FROM ROADS. DOUGLAS WHITBREAD and STEPHEN TOPPING @MENNEWSDESK Sep 15, 2021 682
Boozing Thais and foreigners face charges of violating emergency restrictions. Sep 11, 2021 244
Claus Lundekvam ordered alcohol, pills and cocaine every day and attempted suicide twice; An ankle injury forced Claus Lundekvam to retire from football in 2008 and the Southampton hero fell into a vicious cycle of drug and alcohol abuse due to his declining mental health. By, Freddie Keighley Sep 8, 2021 487
Horrified woman found violent ex sitting in her home drinking wine; he was banned from contacting her. PETER CRAIG @GTPETERCRAIG Sep 4, 2021 322
Death for drinking. Sep 3, 2021 156
Area covered by drinking ban extended. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Sep 1, 2021 402
Bogopane-Zulu to launch Foetal Alcohol Syndrome campaign. Sep 1, 2021 267
Ridesharing's Effect on Alcohol-Related US Traffic Fatalities. Belsie, Laurent Sep 1, 2021 370
OCCUPATIONAL POSITION AND ALCOHOL USE DISORDERS IN POLAND. Bujalski, Michal; Moskalewicz, Jacek; Stokwiszewski, Jakub Report Sep 1, 2021 6029
Deputy Minister Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu launches 999 Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Campaign in Groblersdal, 01-09 Sept. Aug 31, 2021 311
Stats show impact of heavy drinking during pandemic. TOMMY LUMBY Aug 31, 2021 651
The Law Applicable To Alcohol Consumption in the UAE. Aug 31, 2021 1233
Kinnov-Therapeutics Completes Recruitment of KT-110 Phase 2 Clinical Trial in Alcohol Dependence Disorders. Aug 30, 2021 358
'One-in-a-million' uni student in booze tragedy; lad downed bottle of vodka in one and couldn't be revived by paramedics. OLIVIA DEVEREUX-EVANS @oliviadjourno Aug 28, 2021 505
Keano's booze in Green.. LEGEND ROY ON DRUNK ANTICS, B S, BUST-UPS, HIS DAD & INSTA Skipper told Fergie lies & cajoled Big Jack into letting team out 'Idiot'players aside, he yearns for another shot at management. SEAN MURPHY Aug 27, 2021 1273
Keano's booze in Green.. LEGEND ROY ON DRUNK ANTICS, BUST-UPS, HIS DAD & INSTA Skipper told Fergie lies & cajoled Big Jack into letting team out 'Idiot'players aside, he yearns for another shot at management. SEAN MURPHY Aug 27, 2021 1270
'I was drinking a litre of vodka in the morning, lager through the day and then a bottle of vodka at night' ex-alcoholic and drug addict details the depths he once decended to. LUKE GREEN @LUKEGREENGT1 Aug 27, 2021 598
Woman drank and vaped, refused mask on flight to Charlotte is fined $17,000. Aug 25, 2021 401
Woman drank and vaped, refused mask on flight to Charlotte is fined $17,000. Aug 25, 2021 401
Year-long ban for bus driver caught drinking vodka at wheel of his car. RORY CASSIDY Aug 23, 2021 344
Summer health mistakes... and how to avoid them; From eating and drinking too much to wearing the wrong sunglasses, Natasha Holt reveals how to swerve common holiday hiccups. Aug 21, 2021 523
Scientists have identified a brain switch that triggers binge drinking; Alcohol killed more people in 2020 in England and Wales than in any of the previous 20 years. By, Bradley Stokes & Amelia Shaw Aug 21, 2021 813
Summer health mistakes... and how to avoid them; From eating and drinking too much to wearing the wrong sunglasses, Natasha Holt reveals how to swerve common holiday hiccups. Natasha Holt Aug 18, 2021 526
Alcohol-related deaths at highest since 2008; 21 fatalities due to alcohol in Stirling over last year. STUART MCFARLANE Aug 18, 2021 311
Summer health mistakes... and how to avoid them; From eating and drinking too much to wearing the wrong sunglasses, Natasha Holt reveals how to swerve common holiday hiccups. Natasha Holt Aug 18, 2021 526
Summer health mistakes... and how to avoid them; From eating and drinking too much to wearing the wrong sunglasses, Natasha Holt reveals how to swerve common holiday hiccups. Natasha Holt Aug 18, 2021 526
Summer health mistakes... and how to avoid them; From eating and drinking too much to wearing the wrong sunglasses, Natasha Holt reveals how to swerve common holiday hiccups. Natasha Holt Aug 17, 2021 526
Summer health mistakes and how to avoid them; From eating and drinking too much to wearing the wrong sunglasses, Natasha Holt reveals how to swerve common holiday hiccups. Aug 17, 2021 560
Summer health mistakes... and how to avoid them; From eating and drinking too much to wearing the wrong sunglasses, Natasha Holt reveals how to swerve common holiday hiccups. Natasha Holt Aug 17, 2021 526
Summer health mistakes... and how to avoid them; From eating and drinking too much to wearing the wrong sunglasses, Natasha Holt reveals how to swerve common holiday hiccups. Natasha Holt Aug 17, 2021 526
Summer health mistakes.. how to avoid them; From drinking too much to wearing the wrong sunglasses, Natasha Holt reveals how to swerve common hols hiccups. Natasha Holt Aug 17, 2021 560
DOH poll: 4 in 10 Filipino adults drink alcohol, 15% smoke tobacco products. Aug 17, 2021 543
Conor McGregor branded "a snitch" for comments about "drunk" Daniel Cormier; Conor McGregor and Daniel Cormier have been exchanging the words for the past two weeks, but Chael Sonnen is insistent that Cormier was not drunk for UFC 264 commentary duties. By, Harry Davies Aug 16, 2021 507
'I drank 100 glasses of wine a week before liver failure at 37 in cheap booze UK'; Tammy has spoken out and called for a cheap tax on booze after figures by Public Health England found alcohol-related deaths rose 21% during lockdown. By, Emily Hall Aug 14, 2021 663
Conor McGregor brutally unloads again on Daniel Cormier in deleted Twitter storm; The former two-weight UFC champion Conor McGregor is irate with Daniel Cormier, this time slamming him for drinking alcohol after the UFC 264 weigh ins. By, Harry Davies Aug 12, 2021 464
Binge-drinking brute jailed for trashing his ex-girlfriend's home; Terrified woman called the cops after lout kicked off. RON MOORE Aug 12, 2021 481
Binge drinking not a Cyprus thing. fm Aug 9, 2021 282
Violence, drugs & underage drinking... the sad decline | Whitechapel; Shop owners tell of misery caused by youth gangs. JONATHAN HUMPHRIES ECHO reporter @JHumphriesEcho Aug 8, 2021 1862
Councils want to block new pubs in areas where heavy drinking is harming health; The Local Government Association wants to make it a legal requirement to consider health issues before granting alcohol licences. By, Chris McLaughlin Aug 7, 2021 254
17 in court over curfew violations and drink-driving. Aug 6, 2021 165
FAA urges airports to help stop alcohol to go amid unruly passenger spike. Aug 5, 2021 722
Motorist was drinking beer at the wheel. Aug 2, 2021 166
Worried about our stressed son-in-law's heavy drinking. Dear Coleen.. THE STRAIGHT-TALKING PROBLEM PAGE email dearcoleen@dailyrecord Aug 2, 2021 438
Worried about our stressed son-in-law's heavy drinking; DMEEIR 28 IRISH DAILY MIRROR MONDAY 02.08.2021 DEAR COLEEN your problems solved. COLEEN NOLAN Aug 2, 2021 430
Worried about our stressed son-in-law's heavy drinking; DM1ST 36 DAILY MIRROR MONDAY 02.08.2021 DEAR COLEEN your problems solved. Coleen Nolan Aug 2, 2021 430
Worried about our stressed son-in-law's heavy drinking; DEAR COLEEN your problems solved. Coleen Nolan Aug 2, 2021 425
US FDA Clears Investigational New Drug Application for DCR-AUD for the Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder. Aug 2, 2021 625
Organisers investigating after athletes drinking violates Covid-19 curbs. Reuters News Service Aug 1, 2021 267
Probe launched after athletes drinking violates Covid-19 curbs. Aug 1, 2021 257
stoke is the binge drink capital of uk; in 2 adults in city think boozing is out of control. ADAM GILLHAM Jul 31, 2021 214
Motorcyclist admitted to cops he had six cans of lager before bike crash; Drink-driver hit car after fishing and boozing session. CARLA TALBOT Jul 31, 2021 363
UK's top binge-drinking spots revealed -as 31% of Brits admit they have too much; The poll by found 12% of adults admitted having to apologise to people for their behaviour after a session, and 11% had deleted drunken social media posts. By, mirror Jul 30, 2021 247
MEC Albert Fritz calls for responsible alcohol consumption. Jul 30, 2021 284
Drowning tragedy of Jack, 26; family's 'mad scientist' fell into canal after drugs and booze session. CHRIS SLATER @MENNEWSDESK Jul 27, 2021 379
It's worth giving this a Gose.. DRINK. MAURICE FITZMAURICE Jul 24, 2021 471
Gilligan parties in Spain with on-the-run murder suspect; Boozing with Sanambar 'gunman' EXCLUSIVE. JOHN HAND Chief Reporter Jul 22, 2021 310
Heavy drinking of alcohol linked to 740,000 cancer cases. Jul 21, 2021 330
Car crash mum was four times over drink drive limit; she left boozy party with daughter in passenger seat after being 'unsettled by violent incident'. LAUREN WISE ECHO Reporter @Laurenwise Jul 21, 2021 473
Alcohol Use Linked To Over 740,000 Cancer Cases Last Year, New Study Says. Jul 18, 2021 955
Lockdown drinking deaths up. MARTIN BAGOT Jul 16, 2021 154
Study links cancer with alcohol use. Jul 14, 2021 341
Alcohol blamed for rise in cancer cases; Alcohol associated with rise in cancer cases of up to 4pc. By, Steve Houghton Jul 14, 2021 763
740,000 Cancer Cases Worldwide Connected To Alcohol Consumption - Researchers. Jul 14, 2021 457
Airlines' inflight boozing is just plane bonkers.. @jasonotoolereal JASON o'toole The voice of treason. JASON o'toole Jul 11, 2021 660
Jada Pinkett Smith Opens Up On Alcohol Use. Jul 10, 2021 273
Morning, noon, night: Here is why we now drink more booze. Jul 10, 2021 1850
Tragic student died after drinking bottle of vodka; DEVASTATED MUM'S WARNING OVER DANGERS OF ALCOHOL. JOSIE LE VAY @MENNEWSDESK Jul 8, 2021 318
Airline passenger could be fined $13K for drinking, face mask violations on flights. Jul 6, 2021 549
1 in 7 Irish 'have a drink problem' Study reveals nation's relationship with alcohol. AILBHE DALY Jul 2, 2021 392
Stroke risk in new-onset atrial fib goes up with greater alcohol intake. Stiles, Steve Jul 1, 2021 1091
Excessive Drinking of Alcohol and its Effects. Van Dyke, Knox Jul 1, 2021 701
Three die after drinking tainted liquor. Jun 28, 2021 259
Drinking: Is it time to take control? Lockdown saw a surge in the nation's alcohol consumption. Here two women tell Lucy Benyon how teaming up allowed them to cut back for good. Lucy Benyon Jun 25, 2021 878
No more 'chimaek' at parks? Seoul city seeks drinking ban at public places. Jun 25, 2021 582
Tokyo 2020 bans booze, high-fives and autograph hunting for fans. Reuters News Service Jun 23, 2021 657
Troops battle booze binges; 1,500 soldiers get medical help for drinking. Sean Rayment Jun 20, 2021 510
Army's 'chronic' alcohol problem laid bare with 8,000 needing help in last six years; The shocking figures reveal some of the brave members of the Army, RAF and Navy have developed serious drink-related illness like paranoia, cirrhosis and chronic alcoholic brain syndrome. By, Sean Rayment Jun 19, 2021 572
Two brothers deny beating a man to death in South Yorkshire after an alleged vodka night; Two brothers have denied murder after they have been accused of attacking two men and killing one of them after they had allegedly been boozing together. Jon Cooper Jun 14, 2021 700
Booze restrictions were hard to swallow; thirsty times. Jun 12, 2021 419
Mum who drank 10 bottles of wine a week sheds 4 stone after becoming 'the worst wife'; Claire of Stakeford, Northumberland, knew she needed to do something about her alcohol consumption after her friend lost her life to alcohol last year aged just 52. By, Graeme Murray Jun 12, 2021 657
I WAS DRINKING; Court hears socialite suspect told police she'd been boozing before cop gun death. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor Jun 11, 2021 352
'This cannot continue' - more support needed for families affected by drug and alcohol use, charities say; Charities have called for more funding and promotion of support services for people affected by a family member's drug and alcohol use. Elsa Maishman Jun 10, 2021 589
Drunken Derbyshire man set fire to curtains during domestic row; A drunk Derbyshire man set fire to a pair of curtains in his family home after assaulting his partner, a court heard. Ben McVay Jun 10, 2021 299
Wine-drinking driver caught after three-car crash at the Nook in South Shields; A wine-drinking driver involved in a three-car smash has been banned from the roads. Gareth Crickmer Jun 8, 2021 400
Neighbours sound off over late-night partying; GROUP PLANS TO USE CAR PARK FOR BOOZING AND MUSIC UNTIL 2AM. NICK TYRRELL Local Democracy Reporter @NCTYRRELL Jun 8, 2021 257
Aussie study finds cancer compelling reason to cut alcohol. Jun 8, 2021 330
Binge drinking and insomnia in students from health sciences at one university in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. da Silva-Fonseca, V.A.; Vasquez, F.B.; Seixas, A.; Jean-Louis, G.; da Silva-Fonseca, M.S.; Sladek, L Jun 8, 2021 3196
Popular Scarborough Mere Cafe's alcohol application set to be decided this week; A hearing will be held this week to decide if a popular cafe which serves food and drink to visitors to Scarborough Mere will be able to provide alcohol to its customers. Carl Gavaghan, Local Democracy Reporting Service Jun 7, 2021 288
Class ban for Miss drunk in school for a second time. MARK BRANAGAN Jun 6, 2021 179
Fear of Covid infection has reduced alcohol consumption in Thailand, study shows. Jun 4, 2021 154
DRUNK ELEPHANTS' 300-MILE RAMPAGE; Herd broke into alcohol factory in 7-week spree. NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor Jun 4, 2021 397
Fear of Covid infection has reduced alcohol consumption in Thailand, study shows. Jun 4, 2021 282
Kelly opens up on drink & drugs battles. Jun 2, 2021 254
CCF tells Cambodians to stop drinking adulterated rice wine. Jun 2, 2021 426
Lucban, Quezon's healing priest contracts COVID-19 after drinking leftover church wine. Jun 2, 2021 390
Jealous 'monster' threatened to have ex killed by drug addicts; A jealous man described as being a 'monster' while drunk has been jailed after threatening to have his ex partner murdered by drug addicts. Nick Frame May 28, 2021 454
What level is Glasgow in? Is the city still in level 3 after Nicola Sturgeon update - and what the rules mean; The city is the only area in Scotland still in level three - with a ban on drinking alcohol inside. Chelsea Rocks May 28, 2021 791
Chelsea and Man City fans party in Portugal before 'Battle of Britain' Champions League; Manchester City and Chelsea fans are delighted to be in a foreign country drinking beer and enjoying the 'normality' -but one angry fan slammed the ticket allocation as 'a joke'. By, Andy Lines May 28, 2021 424
Drunk woman 'attacked four police officers'. May 26, 2021 352
Charlie: Giving up the drink was one of the best things I ever did; BARMOUTH STAR ON GOING SOBER - AND MENTORING NEXT GENERATION. SEAMUS DUFF and STEVE BAGNALL May 24, 2021 514
NHS worker kicks booze addiction during lockdown; Mum drinking three bottles of wine a night EXCLUSIVE. SHERON BOYLE May 23, 2021 712
I used drink and drugs mask hurt mum's death nk s to of th; PRINCE HARRY: SHOCKING NEW OPRAH INTERVIEW. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN May 22, 2021 2150
Party-loving mum, 30, banned from drinking after kicking female paramedic in head; Danielle Williams, 30, attacked the female ambulance worker before then turning on a police officer who tried to help her. By, Kirstin Tait & Kara O'Neill May 22, 2021 211
NHS worker embraces sobriety after spending £150 a week on booze during lockdown; EXCLUSIVE: The mental health support worker was drinking three bottles of wine a day, she would wake up vomiting bile and ashamed for abusing her husband during her nightly binge. By, Sheron Boyle May 22, 2021 689
Locals and foreigners caught partying with alcohol and drugs. May 20, 2021 303
Drunk man goes berserk in public. May 20, 2021 339
11 dead from drinking adulterated rice wine at funeral. May 19, 2021 151
Head struck off for drinking vodka at work. STEPHEN TOPPING May 19, 2021 387
Drink-driver almost four times limit in BMW after she downed white wine; spared jail after court told she had been 'coerced' into car. DOUGLAS WHITBREAD May 18, 2021 580
Drink in >> t the freedom; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: MORE E LOCKDOWN CURBS LIFTED >>>> Indoor pub boozing back, foreign trips, cinemas open >>>> But Indian variant sparks fears the fun may not last. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor and JEREMY ARMSTRONG May 17, 2021 836
He's showing off and acting like he's a big man. It's deplorable and disgusting; HIT-AND-RUN SUSPECT BOOZES AT THE WHEEL Dead man's friend hits out over video clip. Gordon Blackstock May 16, 2021 1237
Charlie Brooks candidly reveals why she gave up alcohol after hitting rock bottom; The EastEnders star -- who is soon to return to Albert Square for the first time since 2014 in a huge new storyline -- has quit the drink after struggling with low confidence. By, Seamus Duff May 16, 2021 416
T'Pau Carol: I needed help to curb boozing; 80s star had psychotherapy after getting lockdown blues. MARK JEFFERIES Showbiz Editor May 13, 2021 511
Outdoor booze rule proposals go to Holyrood; Next stage after endorsement by council. Kaiya Marjoribanks May 12, 2021 326
The Scotsman Sessions #234: Ray Bradshaw; Welcome to the award-winning Scotsman Sessions. With performing arts activity curtailed for the foreseeable future, we are commissioning a series of short video performances from artists all around the country and releasing them on, with introductions from our critics. Here, comedian Ray Bradshaw outlines the perils of mixing heavy drinking and pre-school singalongs. Jay Richardson May 12, 2021 408
Barrington campaign tackles underage drinking. Submitted by Rachel Tuerck May 12, 2021 412
Drunk jailed for spraying beer at police officer and racial abuse. May 11, 2021 193
Drunk jailed for spraying beer at police officer and being racially abusive; The incidents occurred in Rugby town centre and at Nuneaton Justice Centre. By, Danny Thompson May 8, 2021 250
Prison for Rugby man who sprayed beer over police officer before being racially abusive in custody; He had been caught in a no-drinking zone in the town centre. Reporter May 7, 2021 213
Alcohol-related deaths jumped to highest level ever in 2020 amid Covid pandemic; The surge in fatalities relating to drinking in 2020 comes in a year dominated by the Covid pandemic with England and Wales spending much of the year in a form of lockdown. By, Kelly-Ann Mills May 6, 2021 387
Firestarters had been 'experimenting' with alcohol. May 6, 2021 158
Pupils excluded for drinking game stunt. NICK HUMPHREYS May 5, 2021 361
Regulator responds to claim alcohol interferes with Covid vaccine; Advisers to the alcohol education charity Drinkaware said there was evidence that drinking could interfere with the body's ability to build immunity in response to some vaccines. By, Neil Shaw May 4, 2021 164
Pandemic Alcohol Sales Trends: Comparing tax receipts for March 2019-February 2020, before the pandemic hit, to the corresponding months in 2020-21. May 3, 2021 386
WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT... alcohol induced anxiety; YOU Healthy y With Amy Packer. Amy Packer May 2, 2021 165
WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT... alcohol induced anxiety; SMEEIR SUNDAY With AMY PACKER LIVE WELL time to. AMY PACKER May 2, 2021 165
WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT... alcohol induced anxiety; time to LIVE WELL. With AMY PACKER May 2, 2021 166
WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT... alcohol induced anxiety; SMUULS SUNDAY With AMY PACKER LIVE WELL time to. AMY PACKER May 2, 2021 165
England's 10 underage drinking 'hotspots' revealed -- is your area on the list? Most of the places with the highest rates of hospitalisation for underage alcohol consumption are in the north, while the five lowest rates were all in London, Public Health England found; Most of the places with the highest rates of hospitalisation for underage alcohol consumption are in the north, while the five lowest rates were all in London, Public Health England found. By, Chris Kitching May 2, 2021 388
Darts star Trina Gulliver was secret alcoholic downing four bottles of wine a night; EXCLUSIVE: Britain's top female darts player and ten-time world champion Trina Gulliver said she struggled to throw a dart after two decades of heavy drinking took their toll. By, Phil Cardy May 1, 2021 681
Why is it important to know about the implications of alcohol consumption and psoriasis--a mini-review. Bejan, Gabriel Cristian; Grajdeanu, Ioana Veronica; Nicolescu, Oana; Simionescu, Anca Angela; Nitesc May 1, 2021 2610
Characterization of alcohol consumption and related problems in university students from Mexico City. Cordero-Oropeza, Roberto; Garcia-Mendez, Mirna; Cordero-Oropeza, Martha; Corona-Maldonado, Julio Jav May 1, 2021 6572
Four saved by RNLI - then carried on drinking. CHRISTIE BANNON Reporter Apr 29, 2021 421
Gamer was three times drink drive limit after boozing all night. RON MOORE Apr 26, 2021 444
MI5 launches Instagram account to break 'Martini-drinking stereotypes'; The Secret Service is now on the photo-sharing platform @mi5official. By, Erin Santillo & Jamie Harris (PA) & Benjamin Cooper (PA) Apr 22, 2021 432
MI5 joins Instagram in bid to bust 'Martini-drinking stereotypes' and 'keep country safe'; MI5 wants to come out of the shadows and be more transparent about its work - so the (not-so) secret service has joined Instagram. Gary Flockhart Apr 22, 2021 404
'It was deplorable' - Tenby businesses shut early so they are not linked to mass crowds drinking alcohol on the beach. LUCY JOHN Reporter Apr 20, 2021 1231
Police seize alcohol from Hoe drinkers; arrests after 'drunk and disorderly' behaviour. KATIE TIMMS @katietimms94 Apr 20, 2021 446
Massive crowd of maskless boozing youngsters cram together outside Harrods; Metropolitan Police officers were called when a large group gathered outside Harrods in Knightsbridge, central London on Saturday, with many not wearing face coverings. By, Milo Boyd Apr 19, 2021 372
Dangerous driver crashed into van while on wrong side of A46; 23-year-old over the limit after a night on the booze. SUZY GIBSON Court Reporter Apr 14, 2021 684
The new party-goers; A generation of revellers has ditched booze, and low & no brands of all sizes are cashing in. How will they keep the party pumping? Rob Brown Apr 10, 2021 2894
Popular Scarborough Mere Cafe applies for permanent alcohol licence; The popular cafe which serves food and drink to visitors to Scarborough Mere has applied for a licence to serve alcohol. Carl Gavaghan, Local Democracy Reporting Service Apr 9, 2021 218
Volunteers left to clear up rubbish after campers trash beauty spot in Scotland with cans of booze, broken glass and camping equipment; Volunteers were left to clear up a South Ayrshire beauty spot after campers drinking alcohol left the place a mess with cans and broken glass strewn everywhere. Hannah Brown Apr 8, 2021 426
Health experts share advice to drink safely this summer. HEATHER LARGE Apr 7, 2021 925
Health experts share tips to drink safely this summer. HEATHER LARGE Apr 7, 2021 925
Gross misconduct for officer caught drinking alcohol on duty. Apr 7, 2021 168
Avoid alcohol use during Covid-19 third wave. Apr 7, 2021 626
Eleven die in India after drinking bootleg alcohol. Apr 2, 2021 279
Alcohol-Related Cause of Spinal Cord Injury and the Impact on Service Recommendations. Sprong, Matthew E.; Brinck, Emily A.; Hollender, Heaven; Buono, Frank D.; Nerlich, Andrea Perkins Report Apr 1, 2021 5765
Ankle tag booze alarm; Device will monitor offenders' sweat to check alcohol abuse. mikey smith Political Correspondent Mar 31, 2021 231
Alcohol consumption a growing health concern during pandemic. Delta Dental of Illinois Mar 30, 2021 631
Drinking alcohol won't impact COVID-19 vaccine efficacy, says NITAG. Mar 27, 2021 440
Ulster's 48% increase in alcohol-related deaths. MAURICE FITZMAURICE Mar 26, 2021 168
Water is for fighting, whiskey is for drinking. Mar 24, 2021 1499
Autopsy report: Bobby Brown's son died from drugs, alcohol. Associated Press Mar 23, 2021 208
Avoid Tobacco, Reduce Alcohol Intake For Good Oral Health - Coker. Mar 22, 2021 161
Not Your Grandparents' Fundamentalism: Fundamentalist Millennial and Gen Z Attitudes Toward Alcohol. Coker, Joe Mar 22, 2021 6025
'Sweet Home' star Go Min-si apologizes for past underage drinking. Mar 21, 2021 240
Alcohol usage among the youth. Mar 20, 2021 159
Hungry Erin calls time on boozing; Instagram star prefers 'a big cake'. EXCLUSIVE BY SIOBHAN O'CONNOR Mar 20, 2021 289
Have a say on booze law. Mar 19, 2021 229
We're pretty drunk; Most Irish men and women admit having 'beer goggles sex'... but there are regrets. SARAH SLATER Mar 18, 2021 353
Alcohol and Your Health: Know Your Risks and Limits: Your age, medical condition and other factors determine what, if any, level of alcohol consumption is safe for you. Mar 17, 2021 1150
Public consultation on boozing in public. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Mar 12, 2021 565
Thug spat in officer's face while drunk; attack happened at start of first lockdown. ROB KENNEDY Court reporter @ChronicleCourt Mar 9, 2021 443
Kids in the best of health; Fewerare now smoking and boozing ...But rise in children 'feeling low'. CATE MCCURRY Mar 9, 2021 485
Booze lost its fizz for youngsters; COMMENT 2nd floor, 9A Beckett Way, Park West Industrial Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 12 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626, Mar 9, 2021 221
Call for cigarette-style warnings on alcohol to highlight dangers; Cigarette-style health warnings for alcohol could raise awareness about the dangers of consumption among younger drinkers, according to a new study. Conor Riordan Mar 3, 2021 271
Big alcohol bottles equally dangerous. Mar 3, 2021 213
LOCKDOWN BOOZING MAKES SEX BORING; DEAR COLEEN your problems solved. coleen nolean Mar 2, 2021 268
Alcohol and Your Health: Watch out for the hidden dangers in your glass. Mar 1, 2021 531
Middle Cerebral Artery Infarction Associated with Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra) Use. Sipahioglu, Hilal; Bulut, Kadir; Esmaoglu, Aliye Clinical report Mar 1, 2021 1387
Alcohol use during pregnancy: prevalence and patterns in selected Buffalo City areas, South Africa. Macleod, Catriona I.; Young, Charles; Molokoe, Katlego Mar 1, 2021 4777
Relationship Between Alcohol Type and Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome: A Case Report/Alkol Tipi ve Posterior Reverzibl Ensefalopati Sendromu Arasindaki Iliski: Olgu Sunumu. Gemici, Yagmur Inalkac; Celebi, Canan Clinical report Mar 1, 2021 1431
Back on the booze... but Gazza 'in control' SOCCER ACE INSISTS HE'S ON TOP OF THINGS. MikeKelly Reporter Feb 28, 2021 409
Tragic teen died after taking drug and alcohol cocktail to celebrate his very first wage packet; APPRENTICE BRICKLAYER DIED AT FRIEND'S HOUSE IN VILLAGE. GREGORY FORD @FordWrit Feb 23, 2021 563
'Parental alcohol and drug abuse soaring in lockdown' Reports of parental drug and alcohol abuse soar in lockdown - NSPCC. ROBERT LLOYD Print content editor Feb 17, 2021 759
Coronavirus in Scotland: Alcohol sales drop during pandemic but concerns over increase in 'home alone' drinking; Alcohol consumption in Scotland during the Covid-19 pandemic has been lower than expected but lone drinking at home has increased, a new report has shown. Elsa Maishman Feb 16, 2021 571
Student drinking fears after bid to extend hours. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Feb 12, 2021 624
drink drive crash after PS19,000 win; Phone-in winner is hit with PS1500 fine. JOHN JEFFAY Feb 11, 2021 273
Bacolod City curfew won' be lifted, but alcohol consumption in restaurants, hotels to be allowed. Feb 8, 2021 290
Drunken thug slashed peacekeeper in pub row. THOMAS MOLLOY @MENNEWSDESK Feb 3, 2021 382
Mass Covid outbreak at Sandhurst with 50 officer cadets catching virus; Officer cadets at the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst are said to have held a boozy party on the grounds, sparking a ban on using the gym, smoking breaks, and drinking alcohol. By, Talia Shadwell Feb 3, 2021 517
Heavy drinking by teens may affect white-matter integrity. Anderson, Pauline Feb 1, 2021 1232
Anticonvulsants for alcohol withdrawal: A review of the evidence: Several agents may be useful for treating mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. Farheen, Syeda Arshiya; Chhatlani, Aarti; Tampi, Rajesh R. Feb 1, 2021 6824
Two soldiers fighting for life and 9 others hurt after mistaking antifreeze for alcohol; The US soldiers from Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, were completing a 10-day field training exercise when the incident occurred on Thursday, the Army's public affairs office said. By, Rich McKay & Georgia Diebelius Jan 30, 2021 243
Boozing politicians 'may have broken the lockdown rules' says report. Jan 23, 2021 227
Boozing politicians 'may have breached virus guidelines' says report. Jan 23, 2021 227
Welsh Tory leader Paul Davies quits after drinking despite lockdown alcohol ban; Paul Davies apologised as he stepped down as leader of the Welsh Conservatives, but insisted he didn't break any "actual Covid-19 regulations" when he drank wine and beer on the Senedd estate. By, Gavin Cordon & Chris Kitching Jan 23, 2021 655
Covid 19 And Alcohol. Jan 23, 2021 204
Lodger who burst landlady's heart is facing life; Murderer launched fatal attack on Jadwiga, 77, after drinking vodka. DAVE FINLAY & ALAN MCEWEN Jan 22, 2021 400
Man sentenced for his drunken acts on flight. ASHLIE BLAKEY Jan 21, 2021 814
Wine-drinking group in Senedd under fire. Jan 21, 2021 245
Driving ban for lout caught having booze session in seat of van; Aggressive yob told cops he had 'been on a bender'. CARLA TALBOT Jan 20, 2021 682
Members 'drank wine at Senedd despite ban on alcohol' Labour MS suspended after drinking at Senedd. FFION LEWIS Reporter Jan 20, 2021 615
N.WALES AM IN POS SENEDD 'DRINKING SESSION; CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: LA ANDEMIC: LATEST FROM WALES Four politicians insist they didn't breach Covid alcohol rules vid. STEVE BAGNALL Daily Post Reporter Jan 20, 2021 676
The weight is over for new-look dad; dad swaps booze for tea to shed more than three stone. ANDREW ROBINSON Jan 16, 2021 469
Coronavirus in Scotland: No prosecco drinking with neighbours in gardens; Scottish ministers have warned people not to drink in a neighbour's garden after new Covid regulations came into force banning outdoor alcohol consumption. Gina Davidson Jan 15, 2021 604
Drunk man caused mayhem on plane then fell down steps; PASSENGER TRIED TO 'CHAT UP' STEWARDESS AND THREW CRISPS AT FELLOW TRAVELLERS. ASHLIE BLAKEY @ashlieblakey Jan 14, 2021 430
TAKEN A EN AWAY; 6 DAILY RECORD MORE AT DAILYRECORD.CO.UK Thursday, January 14, 2021 DAILY RECORD Thursday, January 14, 2021 MORE AT DAILYRECORD.CO.UK PAGE STURGEON UNVEILS SIX MORE TOUGH RESTRICTIONS Outdoor booze ban and all takeaways closed as lockdown tightens in bid to curb Covid. ANDY PHILIP Political Correspondent Jan 14, 2021 921
Coronavirus in Scotland: What are the six new covid restrictions, what time will they be approved by parliament? Yesterday Nicola Sturgeon announced a raft of changes to coronavirus restrictions in Scotland, rules which affect click and collect services as well as food and drink takeaways. Conor Marlborough Jan 14, 2021 571
Scots business owners react to new food and drink takeaway restrictions; New restrictions to help stop the spread of Covid-19 have been announced. Rosalind Erskine Jan 13, 2021 791
Tea room allowed to sell alcohol despite 'drinking den' fears; owner: 'it won't be about selling cheap booze you can get in the supermarket'. GREGORY FORD @FordWrit Jan 11, 2021 774
Beer without alcohol? This beer brand offers that and more. Jan 8, 2021 282
Isabela town cop sacked, face raps along with 3 relatives for drinking inside police station. Jan 8, 2021 239
Lea Salonga, John Lapus, fellow celebs slam police saying drunk gays turn straight: 'Gay is always gay'. Jan 7, 2021 1057
Cutting back on booze this month can have lasting effect. Jan 4, 2021 322
'I gave up alcohol for a year and felt so many benefits' Grace Arthur decided to stop drinking alcohol last Christmas. Here she tells Julia Bryce how she did it and why she would encourage others struggling with their mental health to do the same. Jan 4, 2021 720
Dry January: what is to be gained from drinking less? It seems for Scotland, alcohol is a hard habit to break. Here, Clare Johnston explores the cultural norms, the slowly changing attitudes and the benefits of cutting back. Jan 4, 2021 864
Drinking alcohol could 'reduce effectiveness' of coronavirus vaccine, experts warn; An experiment as part of a new BBC programme found drinking three glasses of Prosecco could reduce the effectiveness of white blood cells -which release anti-bodies -by half. By, Ryan Merrifield Jan 4, 2021 335
Drunk woman's homophobic abuse on flight; Captain of jet to Canary Islands forced to land in Ireland because of 'highly intoxicated' passenger. ADAM MAIDMENT @MENNEWSDESK Jan 3, 2021 485
3 die drinking toxic liquor in Rajshahi. Jan 2, 2021 200
I'm done with alcohol -Nazareth Jesse. Jan 2, 2021 240
A GOOD TIME TO LAY OFF THE BOOZE; HEALTH Many of us have been drinking more during the pandemic - and the festive period - but too much alcohol is bad news for our health. Lisa Salmon finds out more. Lisa Salmon Jan 2, 2021 921
Experts reveal what one week of quitting drinking does to your body and mental health; Experts have said that within just a few days of Dry January you can expect to see the positive physical and mental impacts on your mind and body of giving up alcohol. By, Liam Coleman Jan 1, 2021 1423
Pharmacotherapy for alcohol use disorder in patients with hepatic impairment. Eatmon, Courtney V.; Trent, Kelley Jan 1, 2021 2522
One-in-four drinkers believe they should cut alcohol consumption ahead of Dry January; A poll of more than 4,000 adults revealed that 31 per cent believed they were drinking at increasing or "high risk" levels. By, Mike Bedigan, PA & Brett Gibbons Dec 31, 2020 306
Binge drinking. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Dec 28, 2020 231
Binge drinking; 2 MINUTES ON... DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Dec 28, 2020 231
Revellers in Tier 2 brave Storm Bella's torrential rain for boozy Boxing Day night out; Young Brits were pictured boozing in Tier 2 areas such as York and Liverpool last night as they braved stormy weather to have some Boxing Day fun, despite much of the country being under tough coronavirus lockdown rules. By, Matthew Dresch Dec 27, 2020 623
More people drinking alone at home amid pandemic. Dec 25, 2020 248
Drug farm man 'lived in fear' ... as he drank, shopped and gambled; JUDGE QUESTIONS 'COERCION' DEFENCE. DAVID POWELL Daily Post Reporter Dec 22, 2020 536
Eating cheese and drinking red wine can reduce your risk of Alzheimer's, study claims; Researchers from Iowa State University have revealed that drinking red wine and eating cheese can help to reduce cognitive decline. By, Shivali Best Dec 14, 2020 360
DEADLY MENACE OF LOCKDOWN DRUNKS BEHIND THE WHEEL; BOOZING AT HOME LEADS TO MORE OFFENCES Drink and drug driving rises by 45%. Jennifer Hyland Dec 13, 2020 664
DOH: Shun alcohol before and after the vaccine shots. Dec 13, 2020 239
Tobacco and Alcohol need to be restricted to curb COVID-19. Dec 11, 2020 441
Young people now 'prefer protein shakes to boozing' as Generation Z gets healthy; A new report claims that the vast majority of 18-24 year-olds take daily vitamin supplements, and nearly have are teetotal. By, Gemma Francis Dec 5, 2020 391
Drinking alcohol at three key ages can damage the brain, report warns; A new report, led by researchers from the University of New South Wales, warned that these neurological effects can occur with moderate levels of alcohol. By, Shivali Best Dec 4, 2020 459
Should you be avoiding alcohol if you are trying for a baby? Dec 2, 2020 514
Should you be avoiding alcohol if you are trying for a baby? Dec 2, 2020 514
Spot checks for menace drivers; Police promise Christmas blitz on drink and drug motorists. DAYNA FARRINGTON Dec 2, 2020 443
Mum-of-four died after drinking bottle of red wine on family camping holiday; After her husband found her unresponsive in the middle of the night, Maxine Bainton, a mum-of-four, is ruled to have died of alcohol poisoning when out on a family camping holiday, an inquest heard. By, Amelia Shaw & Kieren Williams Dec 1, 2020 566
Treating alcohol withdrawal syndrome: Going beyond 'benzos'. Baqir, Huma; Naveed, Sadiq; Ahmed, Saeed Dec 1, 2020 646
ALCOHOL IN THE AGE OF COVID. Dowling, Melissa Dec 1, 2020 386
Association Between Alcohol Consumption and Metabolic Syndrome. Lakhan, Ram Report Dec 1, 2020 8769
The Most Widely Viewed YouTube Videos Associated with Alcohol Consumption. Wong, Linnette Report Dec 1, 2020 1717
1 dead, 33 hospitalized after drinking tainted wine in Cambodia. Nov 29, 2020 235
Premier League To Restrict Alcohol Consumption When Fans Resume. Nov 24, 2020 451
Seven Die After Drinking Hand Sanitiser When Alcohol Ran Out At Party. Nov 22, 2020 431
Seven die after drinking hand sanitiser when alcohol ran out at party in Russia. By, Will & Kelly-Ann Mills Nov 21, 2020 176
Drunk yobs break every Covid rule in flight from hell. AILBHE DALY Nov 20, 2020 423
Fears at rise in drinking during virus lockdown. SUE AUSTIN CHIEF Reporter Nov 19, 2020 466
Work to bring down alcohol-related hospital admissions 'not good enough', warns charity, after 36,000 in a year; There has been no significant decrease in the rate of people being admitted to hospital because of alcohol, a leading charity has warned. Elsa Maishman Nov 18, 2020 455
Alcohol is now banned on ScotRail trains and in stations to tighten up coronavirus measures; Drinking alcohol on all ScotRail trains has been banned from Monday in an effort to increase mask wearing and social distancing. Rachel Mackie Nov 16, 2020 235
STREET PARTY SHOCK; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: REVELLERS IGNORE PANDEMIC RESTRICTIONS Outrage at crowds boozing in city centre Publican says open bars to stop breaches. MARK O'BRIEN Nov 16, 2020 550
Americans say they're drinking more often. The Washington Post Nov 16, 2020 220
No vaping, boozing or even singing on the buses! BYELAWS SOUGHT TO DRIVE OUT 'NUISANCE' ACTIVITIES. MARK CARDWELL Local Democracy Reporter Nov 14, 2020 409
Irish stars & their battle with booze; CELEBS LIVES AND CAREERS HIT BY DESTRUCTIVE ALCOHOL CURSERhys Meyers arrest joins list of scandals. PAT FLANAGAN Nov 14, 2020 1098
Why You Must Avoid Excessive Drinking During The Pandemic. Nov 14, 2020 801
Drink-drive OAP reversed into car. JADE MCELWEE Reporter @JADEMREPORTER Nov 11, 2020 335
Doctors warn against excessive drinking during the pandemic. Nov 11, 2020 178
Stress of Covid-19 sees unhealthy boozing levels soar in North East; Campaign is launched after worrying figures reveal 400,000 people in the region are drinking more since coronavirus outbreak began. By, Mike Kelly Nov 11, 2020 753
Joho raid: Case of preaching water but drinking wine? Nov 9, 2020 807
Maradona sedated to help ease recovery from alcohol dependency. Nov 7, 2020 392
Alarming increase in boozing, says charity. LISA O'BRIEN Nov 5, 2020 330
Tanked-up yob drove car after boozing at party then turned on cops for arresting him; Lout's vile outburst at officers after he was caught out. CARLA TALBOT Nov 5, 2020 448
Charity advice on how to discuss drugs and alcohol with children; KEEPING KIDS S FE JAMIE MURRAY - ABERDEEN CHILDLINE BASE SUPERVISOR. Nov 4, 2020 431
Alcohol makers ask Kagwe to issue drinking rules for bars. Nov 3, 2020 464
PAS MP finally says sorry for alcohol and Bible remarks, insists only defending 'original form' as revealed to Jesus. Nov 3, 2020 509
Botswana needs alcohol regulation policies - official. Nov 1, 2020 350

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