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Drilling, boring, tapping machines.

Drilling, boring, tapping machines

This section contains horizontal and vertical drilling and boring machines, tapping centers, gundrills, and other holemaking equipment.

Save old taps

Drill-O-Matic DOM-85 CNC drilling and tapping machines are capable of using old taps. Machines rapid-feed cutting tools to touch the workpiece before shifting into cutting feed, eliminating time losses in cutting air.

A user-friendly four-axis CNC control is standard, and AC servomotors with encoders control all axes movements. A 20-hp spindle motor can drill up to 2 1/2" dia holes and handle counterbores, reams, and taps. Spindle tapers of 5 MT or 40 ISO with automatic drawbar are available.

Jacobson Tool & Mfg Corp, Skokie, IL.

Drill and tap feed unit

MQ-6 drill and tap feed unit is a ballscrew fed unit for stand-alone, work-cell, or FMS applications. Less than 3" wide, the MQ-6 offers a 6" stroke and thrust to 800 lb. Feed rate, thrust, spindle speed, and torque are monitored at the tool point and controlled by an IBM PC.

Model MQ-140 is the largest of the MQ drill and tap feed units. It has programmable controls for multiple functions which drill, tap, mill, bore, and ream holes up to 14" deep with thrust up to 4000 lb. The multiple-spindle drill and tap head consists of 76 spindles in a 26 [in.sup.2] space.

Zagar Inc, Cleveland, OH.

High-speed drilling

Drill Mate Model T, equipped with Fanuc OM series controls, is designed for high-speed drilling and tapping, high-speed finishing of light alloys, and multipiece machining of small parts.

Model T offers a maximum drilling capacity of 0.787" dia and 0.629" dia tapping. Spindle speed ranges from 60 to 6000 rpm minimum, and 100 to 10,000 rpm as an option. Toolchanger holds ten tools.

Table size is 25.60" x 14.96" with a machining area of 19.68" x 11.81" x 11.81". Rapid traverse is 0.944" in the X and Y axes, and 0.787" Z axis. Both Drill Mate Model T and its larger counterpart, Drill Mate Senior Model T, will be displayed.

Pratt & Whitney Co Inc, West Hartford, CT.

NC gundrilling machines

NC three-axis knee-type gundrilling machines manufacture molds, dies, valves, and platens. Machines are equipped with Fanuc O-MC series NC units with 32-bit microprocessor, and are designed for small- to medium-size job shops. Model KSG-600 NC has a 5-hp spindle motor, 24" stroke, and 2200-lb workpiece weight capacity. Gundrills from 0.157" to 1.00" dia can be used. Maximum drill depths of 60", tool diameters from 0.055" to 2", and spindles with 10 hp are available.

Machine features quick-set tool-holders, power-operated ANSI-standard drill bushings, variable spindle speeds and feeds, and table positioning through Fanuc brushless AC servomotors. Ground ballscrews deliver positioning accuracies of [+ or -] 0.0003" in both the X- and Y-axis.

Unisig, Elgin, IL.

CNC boring and milling

AFX Production CNC boring and milling machine has spindle speeds to 6000 rpm without loss of power and geometric accuracy, and resolution of 0.1 micrometer. The AFX bores and mills to jig-boring accuracies. Machine has a GE Fanuc 15-MF CNC control. Its working range is 28" X-axis table travel, 20" Y-axis spindle-head travel, and 25" Z-axis cross-rail travel. The 10- to 15-hp unit has capacity of 2200 lb.

American SIP Corp, Elmsford, NY.

Drilling and tapping centers

The vertical model self-center provides an economical alternative to machining centers for mass production efficiency of precision small parts requiring six tools or less.

The vertical and horizontal drilling and tapping centers are capable of high-production output for drilling, tapping, facing, reaming, chamfering, and other machining functions in ferrous and nonferrous metals.

The V6 features a six-station, automatic tool changer mounted on a traveling column. Using a fixed-position worktable, all movements of the X, Y, and Z axes are performed on the column to permit interference-free access to loading and unloading of parts.

The machine is powered by a 3-hp AC servomotor. A 6000-rpm spindle speed offers versatility.

Synchronous tapping is 3000 rpm maximum, with Class 3 thread accuracy. Cutting feed is 0.033 ipr at 6000 rpm. Feedrate is 11.83 ips X and Y, and 9.81 ips Z-axis. Length of X-travel is 11.8", and Y and Z travel is 9.8".

Table size for the V6 is 12" x 20" with table-loading weight at 550 lb. The machine is available with a 180-deg turntable, index table, splash guards, chip conveyor, magnetic chip separator, work counter, and coolant unit.

Sugino Corp, Schaumburg, IL.

Geared-head drill press

Heavy-duty production operations requiring long-term, continuous cutting capability can be performed on the 25" geared-head drill press.

A two-speed motor provides eight spindle speeds. Drilling capacity can reach 1 1/2" in cast iron with hand feed; 1 1/4" with power-feed option. Motor delivers 3 hp in high-speed range, with 2.5 hp when using lower speeds. Power-feed model is equipped with an electromagnetic clutch that allows maximum force to be applied and protects against overloading.

Standard features include head and table raisers, T-slotted machine base, 18" x 25" T-slotted production table, extra-fine hand feed, reversing switch, and #3 Morse taper.

Wilton Corp, Palatine, IL.

Vertical tapping center

Mycenter[R] -O vertical tapping center features a chip-free, 12-tool ATC system that incorporates a single arm with a tool magazine located outside the machining environment. Toolchange time is 4.5 sec.

A 3-hp main motor delivers spindle speeds ranging from 50 to 8000 rpm, and synchronized-feed tapping speeds to 4000 rpm, without the use of floating tap holders, reducing time between holes.

Table size is 12.4" x 20" with a load capacity of 220 lb. The X, Y, and Z travels are 12" x 10" x 12". Distance from the table surface to the spindle nose ranges from 4.9" to 16.9", and the spindle nose taper is NT #30. Standard accessories include automatic toolchanger, synchronized tapping function, and coolant tank. Kitamura Machinery USA Inc, Wheeling, IL.

Magnetic drilling machines

Slugger[R] portable magnetic drilling machines produce 2 1/16"-dia holes through 2" carbon steel in seconds. No predrilling or reaming is necessary. Drills can be easily converted for use with twist drills to 3/4" dia. Tooling is available to adapt Slugger[R] cutters to conventional and CNC equipment.

Jancy Eng Co, Davenport, IA.

Radial-arm drill press

Jet JRD-939 radial-arm drillpress features single-action lever that controls both head and arm motions. Hydraulically controlled spindle-speed clutch gives the operator greater control. Radial drill is equipped with a coolant system and extra-large T-slotted worktable with work lamp.

Jet Equipment & Tools, Tacoma, WA.

Boring bars and counterbores

Indexable, adjustable boring bars can be used for finishing, semi-finishing, and roughing. A practical substitute for microadjustable boring bars over a wide range of applications, the Waukesha/Pinzbohr is available in single-point models from 0.3125" to 20" and in dual-point models from 0.945" to 20".

Indexable counterbores have a positive geometry that improves boring productivity. Available in standard sizes, tool features include straight shank, flat-bottom insert placement, and longer flute length for easy chip removal.

Waukesha Cutting Tools Inc, Waukesha, WI.

CNC drilling machine

Bergo FCN 40 CNC drilling machine is used for programmable drilling and tapping. FCN 40 has 40" x 40" X-Y travel and 2" drill capacity in cast iron, enabling it to machine large holes.

The X-axis movement is performed by the head horizontally moving on the arm, the Y-axis by table movement, and Z-axis by spindle travel. Vertical positioning of the head is achieved by an arm-raising motor.

A 4.5-hp motor drives four Morse-taper spindles, and the three axes are powered by servomotors. Twelve spindle speeds range from 54 to 1980 rpm; Z-axis feed is 0 to 79 ipm.

Machine is equipped with automatic lubrication of guideways, ballscrews, and column.

Willis Machinery and Tools Co, Toledo, OH.

Horizontal boring mill

The MNU-105 4 1/8" manual horizontal boring mill includes ballscrews for increased positioning accuracy and rigidity, automatic clamping of all axes, centralized handwheel at the headstock for full manual control, automatic power-tool lock, DC feedmotor for variable feedrates, and built-in rotary table.

The machine has a 12-hp spindle, and spindle diameter is 4 1/8". Spindle taper is #50 NMBTA. Travel rate is 40" for Y-axis, 55" for X-axis, 24" for Z-axis, and 40" for W-axis. Table is 33" x 39" with a load capacity of 4400 lb.

Morey Machinery Inc, Middletown, NY.

Drilling and tapping machines

Line of multiple-spindle drilling and tapping machinery includes Model T-1000, which offers a broad range of machining capabilities including drilling, tapping, reaming, spotfacing, and counterboring. Model T-1500 is available with sequential drilling and tapping in one handling.

The T-2000 is powered by 15-hp spindle drive with a maximum spindle speed of 2000 rpm, and the T-5000 is computer controlled with a numerical control unit for setups.

Belden Inc, Broadview, IL.
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