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Drift. (Film reviews: needing anchor: the love story in Drift is not compelling enough for one reality--let alone three).

Drift * Written and directed by Quentin Lee * Starring R.T. Lee, Greyson Dayne, Jonathon Roessler * Margin Films

What if? That's the question that Ryan, a struggling Los Angeles screenwriter, asks himself in the drama Drift. What if Ryan (R.T. Lee) ends his stable but unfulfilling relationship with Joel (Greyson Dayne) right before their third anniversary? What if the earnest, virginal college student Leo (an amusing Jonathon Roessler) is actually Ryan's soul mate? What if Ryan's hunky straight best friend would fool around with him to cheer his buddy up?

Quentin Lee's third film--following the shorts compilation Flow and the feature Shopping for Fangs (codirected with Justin Lin)--has a solid cast that answers the question "What if?." three times, in three different ways. A la Sliding Doors, we keep returning to the moment when Ryan leaves Joel. In one case, he and Leo become ecstatic lovers. In another, Ryan realizes he still loves Joel, who magically turns into a top, making their reunion all the more special. In the third version, everyone ends up alone.

Drift was shot on digital video, and like most such movies, it has a fiat, dull look. Just as dull is the prospect of watching several endings to a relationship we don't care about in the first place. Instead of clever spins on the possibility of love, the three roads that Drift explores seem like random variations, none of them more likely or more interesting than the next.

Giltz also writes for the New York Post and Entertainment Weekly.
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Author:Giltz, Michael
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Article Type:Movie Review
Date:Mar 5, 2002
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