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Dressed for defense. (Exercising the Right).

Robert Gresham operates his business, Clothes Line, in Nashville, Tennessee. Shortly before 11 a.m. on December 15, 2001, John D. Buchanan, 19, attempted to rob the clothing vendor. As the youth began pulling a gun from his waistband, Gresham, who has a state-issued permit to carry a firearm, drew his own .44-caliber revolver and opened fire. As reported by the Nashville Tennessean for December 18th, the seriously wounded Buchanan fled, and Gresham "saw him drive away when he went outside in the parking lot.... Gresham told police that a second man fired at him. Gresham returned the fire, but neither man was hit...."

Shortly thereafter, several young men arrived at the emergency room of a local hospital, helped take Buchanan inside, then drove away. Gresham subsequently identified Buchanan (who died) as the man who had attempted to rob him.

According to The Tennessean, "The Metro Police Department has ruled that a clothing vendor who shot and killed an alleged would-be robber Saturday acted within his rights to self-defense. The department is calling the death a justifiable homicide."
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Title Annotation:justifiable homicide case, Tennessee
Author:Lee, Robert W.
Publication:The New American
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Date:Feb 11, 2002
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