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Dress down to have it large; Clubs in Ibiza are bigger and better than ever. First, we check out Scottish residencies - for the best of the rest, turn the page ...

Glam @ Eden IF truth be known I'm no clubber. I have been known to spend the odd Saturday night holed up in some dodgy club in York but, as far as dancing goes, it's mostly done in my living room at 5am on a Sunday after a session on the sauce.

I'm the sort of girl who likes nothing more than a good old boogie down at O'Neills any night of the week.

It's a bit like a student night - YMCA, The Weather Girls, and a touch of Let Me Entertain You.

I am rarely found listening to anything that goes bang bang bang - unless it's my head.

On holiday, however, it's a different story altogether. I'm all for a good night out and trying something and somewhere completey new.

That's the great thing about a place like Ibiza - it caters for everyone.

And if the truth be known, it's the clubs themselves more than anything which enticed me in.

Glam was a strange breed for me although I'd heard about it and read about it in my trusty Saturday Magazine.

I am now standing drinking vodka and Red Bull at 3am and have written this piece once already tonight but, looking back, didn't feel I had really done Glam justice. So here goes ...

Glam is my sort of night and boasts my sort of people.

I've never had the fortune of visiting it in Scotland - not yet anyway - but then I never really knew what I was missing.

As I said, holidays are a great place to get to know something or somewhere new and this year I have discovered Glam.

Eden owner Javier is a very important man. So when he invites you to bring your Scottish clubnight to Ibiza for summer 99, you just don't refuse.

Scots club entrepreneur Shy is the man behind the mighty Glam and the man chosen by Javier to fill his newly refurbished San Antonio club every Wednesday night.

Now there is no denying that since Glam was born three years ago, its popularity has spread like wildfire throughout Scotland.

But pitting itself against the likes of the Ibiza crowd, Manumission, Miss Moneypenny's and Cream, was some challenge for the pint sized man known simply as Shy.

It is, he admits, one of the hardest things he has ever done.

"It's like going up 100 stairs all at once," says one half of the siblings formerly known as The Shy Brothers. Clockwork Orange is Glam's main competitor at Es Paradis directly over the road.

The queue for the established club runs as far as the eye can see most Wednesday nights but Shy is not perturbed.

"I'm not here to make a lot of money this year. In fact I will be pleased if I break even," says the brains behind the club.

"Being Scottish, people do give you more of their time, we're not just another English club.

"I want to get my club known and I will be back next year. Somewhere even bigger."

If you're looking for superjocks Glam is not the place to be, although close pal Judge Jules has been known to hit the decks at the Scottish night from time to time.

In fact the most famous face Scots visitors will recognise on the island is that of Tahir, otherwise known as The Shy Brother.

Eight-hour sets are nothing to the man who single-handedly is drawing the crowds ever nearer to the dancefloor. Okay, so the bikini- clad dancers on the podiums might have something to do with it.

He describes himself as a cross between Paul Oakenfold and Jules, although he professes he doesn't want to be known for any particular style.

And when the music's too loud he is the first to say.

"People can have a bad night if the music's too loud," he said, having significantly lowered the pumping sound from the elevated DJ stand.

Playing to a 2,100 crowd in one room is an ego boost for this man. No club in Scotland can hold that number in one room.

The pounds 1 million refurbishment at the venue certainly looks to have paid off as the post- pub partygoers make straight for the dancefloor.

As has installing the Scots twosome at its Wednesday night helm.

Shy might be content to make do with Clockwork Orange's overspill for the time being, but when he says he's coming back next year - to something bigger and better - Ibiza had better believe it.

"I want every person who goes to Ibiza this year to at least hear about Glam, if not go there.

"It's all about establishing Glam as an Ibizan club which will have a knock on effect back in the UK."

That this Burnside boy never knocked on anyone's door begging for a residency brings a smile to his face.

So he's spending a small fortune: "At least I was asked to come."

If you're already acquainted with Glam in Scotland, you could well be in for a big surprise. Glam Ibiza is a different kettle of fish altogether.

Dressing up is out of the question, for example. Bikini tops, are the order of the day. Shy says all the rules go out of the window: "You've just got to open up and get the crowds in."

It's been less than a month since Glam opened its doors in San Antonio but already the crowds are filtering past the legendary Clockwork Orange and giving Glam Ibiza a chance.

Shy, meanwhile, is mastering the art of running a superclub in Ibiza - although home, he says, for Glam will always be in Scotland.

Eden - the facts Venue: Next door to Es Paradis in San Antonio Bay. For those who remember Ibiza back in the '80s, Eden used to be The Star Club before it was refitted and turned into Club Kaos. More recently, however, the club underwent a million pound refit - and now comes complete with a new terrace at the back and the Star Bar cafe next door which actually adjoins the club.

Capacity: 3,000

Price on door: 4,000-5,000 pesetas

DJs: Scots club entrepeneur Shy (the man behind the mighty Glam at The Tunnel, The Temple, Universal and The Waterfront back home), has Shy-ed away from the so-called superjocks and turned his attentions to some of the lesser known, but equally admired, DJs on the island.

Trivia: The new DJ booth was designed by Judge Jules (no less).

Colours @ Es Paradis

Go green at Colours in Ibiza - fresh from Edinburgh CHARLIE DIMMOCK would have a field day.

Colours in Ibiza is as green as they come.

Plants, shrubs, foliage - the lot. The Edinburgh based club which last week descended on the sunny isle of Ibiza is positively blooming.

Es Paradis, the home of Colours for the rest of the summer season, is more like a garden centre than a night club. And you certainly won't have seen anything like it in Scotland.

It may be indoors, but I'm sure the weather in Ibiza helps.

Not that the punters need to be greenfingered, mind, they are here to dance in the dug out dancefloor which has, in the club's distinguished history, been known to transform itself into a water party pool every now and then.

On a personal level, Es Paradis brings back many many memories of Airtours parties back in summer '95. The heat was on and the party in the pool was a must.

Back to '99 and you can still smell the remnants of last week's water parties as soon as you walk in. Not that that should put you off, far from it. The extravagance that is Es Paradis is simply paradise.

If only they had clubs like this back home.

Colours has been going since 1995 when it made its debut performance in Ibiza. In its first year it was a guest at the infamous Manumission, which no doubt helped to establish subsequent links with the other large established clubs on the island whi

ch ithas had the fortune to guest at in previous years.

With so many big names out on the golden isle, it's no wonder Colours is a teeny bit apprehensive about going solo this summer.

Still it's confident of putting itself firmly on the clubbers map - and of giving holidaymakers a real Scottish treat.

The grass, as they say, is always greener on the other side. I honestly don't believe it could get any greener than Colours at Es Paradis.

Just don't let the poodle at the front door put you off - his minder is significantly more scary.

Or the clubbers who, just like the tourists, take pictures of each other dancing in the pit.

And the last piece of advice, don't buy a vodka and Red Bull unless you are feeling flash. It will set you back 1,800 pesetas, that's nearly pounds 8.

Es Paradis - the facts Venue: Get there by foot - after all, it's only 500 yards from most hotels in San An. A new sound and light system - plus beautiful decor - have recently been installed, and there's the spectacular, and legendary, water show.

Capacity: 3000

Price on door: 5000 pesetas

DJs: Expect to catch the likes of John Digweed (one of the few genuinely internationally-recognised UK superjocks who is likely to be massively in demand on the island this season), Danny Rampling, Boy George and - wait for it - Jon Mancini.

Trivia: This is Colours' first year going solo. In the past they've been guests of Manumission and other large, established clubs since then.
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