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Dredging Works In Administered Areas by Ur From Morski In Slupsk ".

Tenders are invited for Dredging works in administered areas

by Ur from Morski in Slupsk "

A detailed description of the subject of the contract:

Tasks include dredging works on waterways and approach tracks in the ports of Leba, Ustka, Darlowo and Kolobrzeg - harvesting and removal of spoil with a total estimated quantity of 50,000 m 3 :

2.3.1. TASK 1 - fairway and approach at the Port of Leba - deriving and exporting spoil to a dump in the sea for distances up to 2 Mm with a total estimated value of 10 . 000 m 3 ;

2.3.2. TASK 2 - fairway and approach route of the Ustka Port - drawing and transfer of spoil to the dump in the sea to a distance of 3 Mm with a total estimated quantity of 10,000 m 3 ;

2.3.3. TASK 3 - water track of the Darlowo Port - drawing and exporting spoil to the sea dump at a distance of 3.5 Mm with a total estimated value of 15 . 000 m 3 ;

2.3.4. TASK 4 - fairway of the Port of Kolobrzeg - drawing and exporting the goods to the flap in the sea at a distance of up to 4.0 Mm with a total estimated value of 15 . 000 m 3 . The implementation of the task was divided into two stages: Stage I - 8,000 m and Stage II - 7,000 m 3 .

2.4. In the scope of the subject of the order of each task The contractor is also obliged to:

2.4.1. collecting and examining samples of spoil - necessary to obtain the permission described in point 2.4.2. :

- Leba - 4 samples,

- Ustka - 4 samples,

- Darlowo - 4 samples,

- Kolobrzeg - 4 samples;

2.4.2. submitting the application and obtaining a permit to remove dredging spoil into the sea in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of the Regulation of the Minister of Transport and Construction dated 26 January 2006 on the procedure for issuing permits for dredging spoil to the sea and dump in the sea of waste or another substance (Journal of Laws from 2006, No. 22, item 166).

2.5. The planned scope of works (location, size, technical conditions of works) in individual ports has been presented in the draft implementation plans attached to the SIWZ for dredging works for ports in Leba, Ustce , Darlowo and Kolobrzeg in 2019 r. ( Annexes 8 to 11 to the Terms of Reference ). Project documentation for individual ports includes the estimated quantity of extracted ore. A detailed scope will be agreed between the parties after the pre-execution surveys are conducted by the Employer.

2.6. During July and August does not provide for the implementation of dredging works, but in exceptional situations that may arise from a sudden deterioration of navigational depth , the Employermay call the Contractor to perform dredging works in ports and on the redards. Eligibility Criteria : Data on infrastructure providing access to ports are as follows:

2.7.1. Port of Leba:

- approach route from the high seas to the head of the western breakwater with a real direction 203 o (towards the white light approach sector) with the parameters: length 890 m, width at the bottom 40 m , depth 3.5 m at the length of 300 m from the head of the western breakwater towards the sea and 5 m on the remaining length of the track;

- waterway from the head of the western breakwater to the turntable with parameters: length 1000 m, width 20 m in the channel axis, depth 3.5 m ;

- turntable "in the fork of the canal and the fishing basin": diameter - 50 m , depth - 3.5 m.

2.7.2. Port of Ustka:

- approach route from the high seas to a point located at the distance of 1.2 cable from the entrance to the port whose axis is marked by the 153 bearing line for the Ustka lighthouse, then from this point to the point located in the middle of the line con

Major organization : URZAD MORSKI W SLUPSKU

Address : 76-200 Slupsk, al. Sienkiewicza 18

Country :Poland

Email :

Url :

Tender notice number : ZP 3510/I/09/19

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2019-05-08

Tender documents : T443692327.htm

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Apr 21, 2019
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