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Dreamteam: Final chance to turn your lot into winners; TRANSFER WINDOW.

THIS is it, Dream Team bosses, your last chance to change your line-up and make a final push for the big prizes.

It's time for the third and final transfer window of the season where you can bin up to three under-performing players but only if you act by noon on Saturday, April 24, 2004.

That's the Daily Record transfer period deadline and if you haven't plunged into the market by then you'll have to play through to the end of the season with the players you have already picked.

If you're top boss in May you'll scoop our star prize pounds 10,000.

And there's more in the pot for the rest of our top 10 scorers.

The runner-up will net pounds 3000, the person in third place will receive pounds 2000 and fourth pounds 1000.

The bosses who finish between fifth and 10th will each get a cheque for pounds 500.

Rebuilding your Dream Team couldn't be simpler. You can trade up to three players from our list but you only get one shot at it, so make sure you choose carefully.

If you have lost your PIN number you will be unable to transfer any players. The Daily Record is unable to retrieve lost PINs.

You must buy and sell the same number of players and their positions must match. If you sell a defender, for example, you must buy a defender to replace him.

First, make a note of the players you want to sell with their code numbers, teams, positions and values. Now do the same for the players you want to buy.

Make sure your new team consists of the correct players to fit the team formation you originally selected a keeper, four defenders, three midfielders and three strikers.

And check the total value of your new team has not exceeded the original pounds 20million Dream Team budget.

Remember, your team must include no more than two players from any one club.

For the purposes of the Dream Team game, our players shall remain with the teams they were playing with when they were first entered on our 2003-2004 Dream Team list.

Now you're ready to go into the transfer market.

To make your transfer, have the PIN number of the team you are altering and a note of your transfers ready before you dial the Hotline. This will minimise the time of your call.

Using a touchtone phone (one that beeps when you dial), call the hotline number above then follow these instructions: Enter your PIN number and your team will be listed.

You will then be asked to enter the code number of the first player you are selling followed by the code of the first player you are buying.

This process should be repeated for any additional transfers.

You will be asked to activate your transfers at the end of the call, so do not hang up until you are told it is safe to do so otherwise your transfers will be classed as void. If this does happen for any reason, you can call back and start again.

Remember, you have only one chance to transfer and activate your new team, so please read the rules carefully.

Make sure you are happy with your choices and that your transfer details are correct before calling.

You will not score points with your amended team until after the transfer lines close at noon on Saturday, April 24, 2004.

If you transfer a new player into your team you will not receive the points he has accumulated since the start of the season. You will only receive the points he scores from Saturday, April 24, onwards.

If you're still happy with your current team you don't need to change anything. Just sit back and look forward to more top action as the competition heads towards its thrilling climax.

You can get an update on your players' current form and the race for the jackpot each week in the Record.

Or log on on to our website at Alternatively you can call the Access Line on09015607866.Calls cost60p per minute (ROI: 1550 927 635 73c per minute). You will also need your PIN number to use the Access Line service.


SHIFTING players is easy just call one of these numbers:0901 560 7838 (60p per min).RoI 1550 923 821 (73c per min).


1 Each PIN number may only be used for effective transfer once during each transfer window. 2 If a PIN number has been entered into the service before (during the 3rd transfer window) and one, two or three transfers have been successfully completed, any further attempts will be invalid.

3 Up to three players may be transferred. Each player sold must be replaced by another in the same position. The number of players sold must equal the number bought.

4 Each player's value does not need to match the value of his replacement. The total value of the players sold can be less than, equal to or more than the total value of the players bought, without exceeding the Dream Team budget of pounds 20million.

5Do not exceed the maximum allowance of two players from any one team in your line-up. The transfer hotline will close at noon on Saturday, April 24, 2004.

6New team selections will be in place for scoring purposes after the transfer lines have closed. Until this time, only the points of your current team players will contribute to your overall score. The score you accrued before transfer will not be affected. However,you will not receive points accrued by newly-transferred players in the first part of the season when they join your Dream Team.

7 Entrants must seek permission from the person who pays the phone bill before calling. 8 Calls from a mobile or pay phone will be more expensive. If transferring the maximum three players, your call should last no longer than two minutes.

9 Only entries made via the Daily Record transfer hotline will be eligible and you may only transfer players published in the official Daily Record list. All teams must consist of the original team formation.

10 All Daily Record Dream Team players have been assigned a fictional value. There will be no correspondence relating to players or their fictional value. Any transfers made cannot be altered until another transfer window is announced.

11 Inaudible, incomplete, incorrect or entries considered obscene will not be accepted.

12 The organisers cannot provide participants with a note of lost PIN numbers and are not responsible for entries/transfers which are late, lost or delayed. We cannot accept responsibility for entries lost through telegraphic transfer. Proof of magnetic transcript is not acceptable as proof of entry/transfer. Postal entries will not be accepted.

13 Under-18s must be able to provide written permission from a parent or guardian if requested. Employees of Trinity Mirror and associated agents and families are not allowed to participate. Promotional and explanatory material form part of the terms and conditions. Normal Daily Record rules apply. The Daily Record reserves the right to stop the game at any time and change the conditions.

14 Editor's decision is final in all matters. No correspondence in writing or by telephone shall be entered into.

15 Entries must comprise a keeper, four defenders, three midfielders and three strikers with a combined value of no more than pounds 20m.

16 You may only select two players from any one club and your team selection must only include players published in the official list.

17 If you enter more than one team, youmay not duplicate any more than seven players in any team. If you duplicate more than seven we will only accept your first recognised entry. The rest will be disqualified and the cost of your calls will not be refunded.

18 SPL and English Premiership matches for 2003/04 season count towards each Dream Team manager's total score and final top prize. No other matches apply.

19 All other rules and prize details are as previously published.


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