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Dreaming On/Dream-Makers IV: Imagination.

Dream-Makers IV: Imagination is the fourth in a series of educational resource kits developed by Binney & Smith, Inc. to encourage and expand art instruction in elementary and middle schools. Its purpose is clear: to encourage the creative behavior of children through art activities; to emphasize the value of the visual arts in school curricula; to call attention to the creative works of children; and to provide direct support for classroom teachers, art teachers, school administrators and art advocates.

Imagination, the theme of the Dream-Makers IV teacher's guide, focuses on a child's need to record, wonder and dare. Through three theme units, the guide encourages teachers to develop students' knowledge about art, their expressive skills and technical competencies. Accompanying these units is an annotated list of children's books supporting the study units and tips for managing art activities. This program also includes three unique study print folders containing twenty four postcard-size reproductions of artworks on heavy card stock, exhibition and advocacy guidelines to build community support for art education, and information about regional recognition exhibits of student artwork on university campuses.

This resource is available for only a $2.00 shipping and handling fee. It is a beautifully produced program, substantive in content and highly innovative in format. It is a must for anyone teaching children at the elementary or middle school level and highly recommended for secondary teachers. To order Dream-Makers IV: Imagination, send a check to: Crayola Dream-Makers, P.O. Box 1077, Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55745-1077.
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Date:Dec 1, 1990
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